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Fireworks Shows / Re: "Pirosa" Fireworks Display
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 05:09 PM »
That was extremely well synced to the music and was a very entertaining and imaginative show.  I really enjoyed it.

The only question I have is in the beginning, sometimes the St. Catherine's wheels are firing asymmetrically, like 2 on 1 side and 1 on the other, or the 2nd from the left and the 3rd on the right.  Is that intentional?  It looked a bit odd to me.
Wow! Stunning pictures from all of you guys, wish I had time to comment on all of them. JB, your pipe organ scene is ghoulishly gorgeous, with a perfect music list. Elch, I love the slightly gloomy beauty of your rain scene. I could learn a lot from you guys, not to mention the amazing Imagineer Tim! :witch-smiley:
Planet Coaster Parks / Owens Mesa - More and more walls
« Last post by johnycanon8 on Today at 02:20 PM »
Welcome to Owens Mesa!
I visited the park yesterday and what do I find? More walls. This time the whole corner from the information stall wrapped around to Pueblo del Rio, and to add to all this, Bearded Dragon is down for rehab. A team member told me its getting a new ending to the ride to help alleviate wait times, since the ride only has two trains, to help it run more efficiently. Hopefully this is not a lengthy rehab since this is the parks only family coaster. Also I was told the old Padre Springs monorail station will be turned into a giant emporium, featuring the parks largest gift shop utilizing the entire building. the park is definitely undergoing a lot of changes, and from what I can tell, for the better. No new word on the new diner going into the Red Sky area. Maybe next time I get into the park there will be vertical construction. Onto the pictures.

As you can see, the walls wrap around the length of a busy pathway and encasing where the final turn was of Bearded Dragon.

As I said, the dragon is down. I saw a lot of unhappy kids faces. Lets hope it re-opens soon!

Thanks for viewing all!

Owens Mesa


Spoiler (hover to show)
I just posted this thread in the Planet Coaster forums.
Sorry to say, but I think it will get here more response when it comes to find opinions about something.
Please take a look at this very serious feature request and let me know what you think.
If you're very supportive, do not hesitate to support this idea on the official forum :)

Dear lovely people,

First of all, many thanks for the latest update and the stream tonight. It was wonderful to see all the creations and felt flattered also my Royal Diner has been shown.
Many suggestions came in the chat, and I've personally been dreaming since RCT3 for this suggestion and hope you all will take a serious look at it.

Whenever I create a park, the crowd control is a big part of the game.
How do you get more people move over to the next area;
Why is no one riding that particular ride;
Is this shop cost-effective, why (not);

To gather this information (and more,) I do click on guests... I click on many guests... Also use the average statistics which can be found in the park management.
But... There's one thing to make crowd control even more manageable, a tool we do miss in our beloved game, a tool that could save us time but also gives nice to know information.

Ladies and gentlepeople, I proudly present: The Guest Observer.
Since words are hard to describe such an idea, I will give some visuals to explain what I'm thinking of, but in short it gathers information from selected groups of people on average:


^ This tool will be located on the multi selection mode, which can be found in the right bottom corner.
As you can see there is a new icon, the Guest Observer. This tool is the multi selection mode for guests.

^ Of course first select the tool by clicking it, and make a selection on screen. When you've done that the next screen will be the result of this wonderful tool.

^ You've selected a group of people as you see they light up.

Now let me talk you through the most important information that can be seen.
  • The amount of people selected.
    - This is giving a good indication of the popularity of certain area's and might even be the main use of this feature.
  • Most popular ride, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - The most popular ride can change in certain area's in the park. People can stick around or will be pleased to move on quickly.
  • Favorite Coaster, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - Idem for the ride.
  • Favorite shop, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - Main streets do have (lots) of shops in the beginning of the park, but are there area's which are more profitable?
  • Average guest needs.
    -This is a very interesting option. Some coasters might produce a high nausea, is there an First Aid close enough? Are toilets needed in this area? Are guest hungry in this area... And so on ;)
This feature could be as comprehensive as you want, using the other tabs like thoughts and spend money.

Personally I do see lot's of benefits in this feature and desperately want it.
But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think?
Would this be lot's of programming, or is it achievable to implement this feature into the game?

Let me know if you agree or disagree and feel free to tweak this proposed feature!

Spoiler (hover to show)
Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: LIve Stream Stardom
« Last post by Redhair on Today at 01:55 PM »
Congratulations Bullethead! Enjoyed the stream, and glad you made it. Also very proud of my first appearance in the stream :blush:
Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: LIve Stream Stardom
« Last post by Mr. Wonder on Today at 01:50 PM »
Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: LIve Stream Stardom
« Last post by Nemmie on Today at 01:40 PM »
Well done fella.
You know me. I'm always happy to have a couple of celebratory drinks....or 10. I may watch it when I  get time so I can bask in your glory

Planet Coaster Community Board / LIve Stream Stardom
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 01:19 PM »
 :laughing_skull:  Belly up to the bar, lads and lassies.  My Nepali restaurant got on today's livestream at 41:15 so I'm buying a round for the house.  I feel like I devalued the game and need to repent  :euro:

And hang around because Redhair's Royal Diner came along at 50:20 and is a proper submission, so he owes us a drink, too :)
Do I see festival booths???

Southern California Attractions / SeaWorld - Orca Encounter
« Last post by shyguy on Today at 01:05 PM »
Orca Encounter

Orca Encounter is the new orca show in what was once called the Shamu Stadium. It features a 1.7 million gallon tank and seating for 5,500 guests.

The stage has been redesigned with a Pacific Northwest theme featuring natural rock work, faux trees and man-made waterfalls surrounding a 138-foot-wide high-definition screen.

There is no interaction between the orcas and trainers in the tank. The show is more of an edutainment presentation, with the emphasis on learning about the orcas and SeaWorld's roll in its conservation efforts to benefit the species. There are now 11 orcas living at the SeaWorld park, and an end of its breeding program means that these will be the last orcas we'll see at SeaWorld San Diego. But, since the lifespan of an orca can be over 50 years, and with many of the orcas being fairly young, including one that was just born last year, you'll be able to see the orcas here for many years to come. Plans on building a larger habitat for the orcas is in the planning stages, and may replace the show completely.

One of the most entertaining parts of the show is when the orcas splash the audience. So it's up to you if you want to sit in the "Splash Zone" or not. Those with fancy high end cameras will probably want to steer clear.

These people are going to get very wet.

Now sit back and enjoy some highlights of the show...

Aerial view of the stadium from the Sky Tower.

Here's the full show.
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