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This is strictly a mood lighting facility. Floods would attract the deadly Flincker Stingers and you don't want that.
"And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!"

Perfect setup and execution! As Wowman said, a fun little dark ride.

Liked the cemetery, but maybe a couple more pop up ghosts?

Thanks, guys!  No room for any more pop-up ghosts.   :(  The cemetery scene is directly above the crooked beams room.  I hid the one pop-up ghost behind the giant lollipop.  hee hee.
NoLimits 2 Community Board / Re: NoLimits 2 Weekly Roundups - Week 227
« Last post by Ride_Op on Yesterday at 11:07 PM »
The world is a coaster, sent 228
Theme park creators, Round you up for the fame
And what do I get, for my train?
Airtime desires, and a mug with the game

Roundups are all about your creations. You make things and we show them off, it's that simple!
We are over halfway to Roundup 250!  Start your mega projects now!

I'd as soon just have some quality of life improvements:
*  FINALLY fixing the texture issue with a number of iron bits
*  adding the blueprint filters to the "save blueprint" screen
*  making it so the advanced move interface ALWAYS appears in the current field of view of the camera
*  having the building editor remember your settings for grid size between uses
*  allowing the "relative" axes on advanced move, when selecting a random wad of non-gridded parts rotated in various directions, to be parallel to the grid of the building currently being worked on.
* adding repaintability to essentially everything that currently lacks it
* having several alternative surface textures or at least specularity options for the art shapes

That sort of thing.
I would also add in the repaintability, the option for attractions to have each train of a tracked ride/coaster (doesn't have to be a car) to be recolorable by choice of the player. It'd open the doorway to a lot of exciting opportunities to make your attractions stand out, as I can see it work rather nicely, whether fantastical or realistically.
Southern California Attractions / Re: Disneyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle
« Last post by shyguy on Yesterday at 10:07 PM »

Here's a photo of the new railing on the castle drawbridge.

Now we won't have to worry about falling into the moat anymore. ::)
A nicely corny, non-self-conscious ride :).

I've never messed with this Hoax thing so had no idea it could turn on a dime like that and brush shoulders with itself ;).
"apparently, Horseshoe Crabs like to flip over and lay around on their backs."

   Ha! I never knew that about horseshoe crabs.
Well, that's what the attendant at the exhibit said. Maybe it's only these two particular crabs. :P And I did see them moving, so no, they weren't dead. I do know if they get stranded on their backs out of the water, they can die. But these two were under the water, so I assume they weren't in any danger. I hope not.

I enjoy these excursions to SoCal parks. Thanks shyguy. My first post, by the way. :up:
Thanks for posting and welcome to The Turnstile Tribune and SGW. :)
That's excellent park-type lighting in the stadium.  But, if there's night racing, shouldn't it have big floodlights on poles shining down on the track?
 "apparently, Horseshoe Crabs like to flip over and lay around on their backs."

   Ha! I never knew that about horseshoe crabs. Although, there's a lot I don't know about horseshoe crabs. I did know they were referred to as 'living fossils' though. I'm not aware of any other kinds of crabs that like to lie on their backs. (Are they working on their tans?). I would've thought they were dead as well. (Um, are you sure they're not dead?) I enjoy these excursions to SoCal parks. Thanks shyguy. My first post, by the way. :up:
^You are a lifesaver, thank you. I just realized that at one point I tried doing that, but I forgot to like refresh the coaster construction, if that makes sense.
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