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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lituver Jevoli [Some progress! Finally!]
« Last post by xRBz on Today at 01:43 PM »
WOW! Those details with the struts and all... Speechless!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Universal Studio Hollywood - By Shift
« Last post by xRBz on Today at 01:42 PM »
This is a really big project! Really love where this is going. I personally really love the difference in colored paths you're doing.
Reminds me to experiment more with colored paths now...
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Star Wars Land - Galaxy's Edge (Batuu)
« Last post by xRBz on Today at 01:38 PM »
I just LOVE the atmosphese of these screenshots, it's just spot on! Those last two? Damn!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Knotts berry farm recreation series
« Last post by xRBz on Today at 01:35 PM »
Wow, these screens are amazing! Also really love the addition of POVs, more people should do these!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Manta Lake
« Last post by xRBz on Today at 01:16 PM »

Woohoo! Manta Lake now has it's first coaster. And It's right next to the parking lot.

There's also a new restaurant inbetween the coaster and TRIGGER!

Here are some more detail shots of the coaster:

The station is also filled with color :)

The queue with some refreshments

And I especially love this corkscrew + turnaround right before the brakes...

Thanks to intim305. Who noticed me the layout is looking more like a floorless coaster. I will change the coaster trains in the future.
Planet Coaster Rides / WIP: Maurer Spinning coaster
« Last post by jjbxdeath on Today at 01:10 PM »

RCT Parks & Rides / Re: RCT2 Projects Thread
« Last post by shyguy on Today at 12:27 PM »
Really nice stuff, Grey. :)
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Celestial Inn, Rideskin & 3 Shops
« Last post by shyguy on Today at 11:37 AM »
That's so colorful. Really nice.
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: SwissBob
« Last post by shyguy on Today at 11:36 AM »
Wow. That's one impressive ride layout.
The Emporium

One of the largest gift shops in Knott's Marketplace is The Emporium.

You'll find a huge selection of gifts here including hats, apparel, mugs, porcelain figurines, seasonal merchandise, and the ever popular Christmas Corner.

A large selection of western ware was on display during my visit.

Ceramic kitchenware with a nautical theme.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek figurines.

The biggest draw here has got to be the shop's Christmas Corner, featuring ornately detailed ceramic village sets and holiday decorations.

It's always fun to view the many Christmas village scenes, showcasing the mini ceramic buildings and decor.

Fans of Halloween aren't left out, as the shop also features a large selection of spooky miniature sets as well.

The Peanuts gang are also represented with miniature sets and figures.

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