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Community Chat / Re: Omg Lego just announced a roller Coaster set!!
« Last post by Fonki on Today at 05:40 PM »
in the past i made something like this whit the railroad tracks, but this looks much better :drool:
Finally got to skim through the second one. Wow you have done a phenomenal job with this. I am still blown away by the fact that it's all on one map too. I'm really hoping my park can achieve this to.
Just a small station and some multiple streetlamps in Victorian style for the antique cars.  Based as closely as possible on "Gasoline Alley" at Dixie Landin', Baton Rouge, LA, USA.

NOTE:  This is just the station and a street lamp.   You must make your own track layout.

Workshop link:

Hi everyone, I can't wait to get into Parkitect again. Unfortunately all of the Steam workshop mods have been disabled in Parkitect for Mac since the last Steam update broke something. Once Steam updates and fixes the bug, I'm gonna dive back in. I just can't play the game without the mods, especially the alternative camera.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 04:40 PM »
Welcome back, Lux!

I was gone myself for most of the time you were, and I've found that PC has changed a lot since then.  There are all the DLC packs with their hundreds of new parts to get acquainted with.  Then there are several new game mechanics to come to grips with, the most annoying of which is that now you have to buy vendors separately from their shops.

Anyway, glad to see this is back alive and look forward to seeing more!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lucky Mountain 幸福山
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 03:54 PM »
Wow, in that dragon.  Looks great :)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Cheetah Hunt a recreation
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 03:53 PM »
Very nice!  I particularly like that figure-8 atop the lift hill with its supports.  Very interesting design.  So this is a real park?  Cool ;)
The rancor needs some bones to gnaw on.  How else is Luke going to escape?
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: GreenWater Lake
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 03:50 PM »
Really like that downtown area!  The architecture is gorgeous and the complexity of the layout and pathing is far beyond my imagination :)
Very impressively realistic.  With all this effort put into a backstage thing, I'm expecting the actual park to be amazing :)
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