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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Carowinds 2018
« Last post by bmdavis4 on Today at 01:38 PM »
Never having been to Carrowinds even virtually, I have to ask:  Are the there no signs and other such details on the buildings there?  Or do you plan to go back and pimp them out later?  If the latter, as I've never seen the place, I don't recognize the buildings in their current state.

That said, the basic architecture is impressive and, as I'm assuming you're working from photos, getting the buildings to take the form they have isn't easy :)

Yeah they do have Signs,  I will add those later in the project

Just some other updates.

Different View of Fury Area

Fireworks Shows / Re: Planconia Festival: The Temple Of Madness
« Last post by TheClowner on Today at 12:47 PM »
That looks amazing, It still amazes me that a game about theme parks allows you to create stuff like this. Look forward to seeing it with all the lighting :)
Fireworks Shows / Re: Ethereal Watershow
« Last post by zyned on Today at 12:39 PM »
I love that show! Creating a descent show with the display sequencers takes a lot of work and effort. And you nailed it!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: PARKLAND - WIP
« Last post by AmosRiver on Today at 12:24 PM »
I started it about a month or so ago, and it's been a little slow go, had to back track and change a few things, but it should come along nicely.
Planet Coaster Parks / PARKLAND - WIP
« Last post by AmosRiver on Today at 12:23 PM »
My first real park, it will probably take upwards of a year to complete, but I wanted to document my progress.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lake Liberty Phase 1 complete
« Last post by matejakezman on Today at 12:12 PM »
The 1970's began and so the "Arrow Era" in the park started.
A few Shots of the new Arrow double loop, duoble corkscrew coaster testing.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Netflix Studios
« Last post by matejakezman on Today at 12:05 PM »
You need Bojack the Ride
Community Chat / Re: The ''What did you just do in REAL LIFE?'' Thread
« Last post by cody on Today at 09:19 AM »
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Forest Park - Family Amusement Park
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 07:41 AM »
The makeover looks quite good and the new spooky attractions look suitably intimidating.  How do the mazes work?  Are they rides or walk-throughs?
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Adventure World
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 07:34 AM »
What's path-bashing?   :P

It's the adversarial process of hammering, blasting, and cursing at the uncooperative path system until you utterly crush its resistance and end up with the complex and cool path layout you wanted.  It is a brutal war replete with atrocities but it must be done to make the park.  You're obviously quite good at it.  The path system no doubt shudders at the mention of your name  :up:

and I love how this monorail station turned out.....   
Adding path snake trim....

That station is GENIUS and flawlessly executed.  And that snake column with the long tail looks really cool :)
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