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I cannot tell you how much I've been looking forward to this. If CS creation is similar to the workflow that the game artists are familiar with (low poly -> high poly -> normal map creation -> UVing -> texturing), then I'll be extremely excited, I'm just hoping that putting the custom content into the game is easy to do.


Jack  ;)
Community Chat / Re: What are you listening to? (Music)
« Last post by JKNori on Today at 10:44 AM »
Boston Manor - Halo

The Artist's Corner / Re: JKNori's 3D Work
« Last post by JKNori on Today at 10:34 AM »
The old, beat-up trunks look fantastic! And I like how the paint is worn off of the piece of machinery.

Thank you JB!

Excellent work. What software do you use?

Cheers shy! For modelling, I use Maya. For texturing, I use Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Photoshop and for rendering, I use Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Nice! I might have to look into this because my major is in Mechanical Engineering, but I love 3D models.

Cheers cody! 3D Modelling can be scary to go into, but once you get the rhythm of it, then you can make some amazing stuff with good modelling and texturing, like this (not mine, but a friend of mine's):

OK, I'm going to showcase some more of my work

Also working on an environment that's more or so a hacker's hideout. Should be able to post a WIP of it very soon.


Jack  :sorcerer:
Fireworks Shows / Re: Ethereal Watershow
« Last post by zyned on Today at 09:54 AM »
indeed, i have an whole list of things i would like to change about the display sequencer.

Me too. Posted it at the original forums some time ago:
The possibilities would be pretty good. Yes they are weird limitations but it makes sense, annoyingly.

I am personally thinking less about the stuff and more about the textures. Think art shapes but including smaller and in various textures.

Though... I will 100% be subscribing to any good foliage/flower/tree pack!
How about we make some sort of list of things we really like to see? Then the people who create could see the list and make some.

I personally would like some easy recolorable shade covers based on 3m queue. Triangles, squares, ect. Shapes are just too thick...
And I also like some more grid size floors as path covers. Brick, stone, sandstone, lime, wood panes, wooden beams. Asphalt, concrete ect. As square, rounded square and quarter circles. Maybe even 2x2m pieces...
I started on yet another life-size coaster to custom-support.  Actually, I tried several before settling on one, this time the Super 8er Bahn at Wiener Prater Park.  This is a sort of super-Galaxi made by Pinfari.  I've got the track pretty much done so now have a forest of supports to make.

And just for fun, I lined up my previous life-size coasters just to see how they compared for size.  Damn, I make too many custom supports ;).

I'm really looking forward to seeing new mods like foliage, traditional roofs, path covers. What kind of mods do you guys want to see?

Everything useful, repeatedly used type of scenery item that's currently made of scads of individual PC parts I hope to see replaced by user-made single objects without the limitations imposed by being built of the available PC parts.

Think of what this means for entrance areas.  Turnstiles, no-reentry gates, strollers, wheelchairs, lockers, ticket windows, etc.  Then there are the interiors of restaurants and shops:  barstools, ash trays, condiment and napkin dispensers, buffet counters with stacks of plates and bowls, beer taps, shelves of merch or even just decent sets of shelves themselves.

And then all sorts of little realism touches to add around the park:  Jersey barriers, mop buckets, wet floor signs, drinking fountains of all styles, realistic fire hydrants including the wet-barrel type, FDCs and water gongs for sprinklered buildings, spiral escape stairs, port-a-johns, more useful metal ladders, loading dock bumpers, forklifts.

Other things that would be quite useful:  tubes to make water slides with, fake kiddie rides, obstacle course stuff, short straight and curved sections of coaster track to make transfer tracks with easily, a full set of power line stuff (cables, insulators, transformers, poles, etc.).

Really, the possibilities are endless.  While some might find it disappointing that TMT as described so far doesn't seem very useful for making building parts, it sounds awesome for stuff like the above, for which there is a huge need.
GOOD NEWS!!!  I fixed the Gold Rush :).  Just had Steam validate my installation and now everything is back to normal.
Those shops are really nice.
The sun looks cool and cute at the same time :P
Really enjoying the view of this pier!
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