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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Coney Island 1950
« Last post by citytrader on Today at 04:25 AM »
The iconic Tornado Bobs;

After a little bit of tweaking some fine details, I'm happy to announce PHOBIA is now available for download on the Steam Workshop!  :D
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Cooper Park--White Smoke BBQ--3.24.19
« Last post by DragsterDan1987 on Yesterday at 10:41 PM »
Great atmosphere on that pic. I especially like that little dark water tower. Looks perfect! :)
I thought it added a nice touch  :)

This is fantastic, Dan! I've always enjoyed your style.
Thanks so much!

That new restaurant looks fab Dan. I can't wait to see inside.
Possibly working on it  :p

Looks good as always Dan!
Thanks man!  Always love your feedback.

I love this park. I lov ethe modern architecture of the front buildings. Nice work!
Thanks!  They are some of my favorite buildings in the park.

Another fast update tonight.  The park is focusing on the park experience as a whole instead of bits and pieces.  So here we have another Quik-Serv eatery and its a beautiful addition to the midway.  Come on over on opening weekend and get some awesome craft brews and smoked meats at White Smoke BBQ.  See everyone real soon!

RCT Custom Content / Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 05:48 PM »
I don't know of any, but I'm sure you could make a fairly realistic version of the Golden Gate Bridge using bits and pieces from various CS sets. :)
RCT Parks & Rides / New Project Coming - What Could it Be?
« Last post by disneyfanjmd on Yesterday at 05:32 PM »
Hi everyone!  I am so sorry I haven't posted in ages, but I've been still very active with various RCT3 projects.  After many fits and starts, I have a new WIP project that is almost ready to share with all of you.

While I'm not quite ready to share the park name or details, I'll drop a few hints over the next couple days.  Here's the first clue.  Think you know what the park will be?  Comment below!

RCT Custom Content / Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Last post by disneyfanjmd on Yesterday at 05:15 PM »
Hi everyone.  I was wondering if anyone has (or wants to design) a CS of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: What did you just do in Planet Coaster
« Last post by Montu. on Yesterday at 04:18 PM »
Nothing special, haven't played since they added custom supports. Felt like giving it a go.

RCT Community Board / Re: The "What did you just do in RCT3?" Thread
« Last post by Loundlim on Yesterday at 03:56 PM »
Yesterday I traveled back in time...

To the year 2008 to be exact.
I thought it was time to build one of those nostalgic hybrid coasters once again. And by that I don't mean RMCs... Those weren't around yet. ::)

I mean the high energy B&M track Vekoma corkscrew car hybrid rides that just were fast, colorful, totally other the top and often accompanied by trance or happy hardcore. :love: :love: :love:

I made a few of those back then as well and I just missed the old times. Here is a little preview of what I want this one to be. I didn't stay to the "original" formula too much and made it a bit unusual. You'll see what I mean especially if you compare it to some of Stratales' creations (The videos are still on his channel but only available via the playlists) and similar rides from 2008.

I made a quick video showing the main feature of the ride, the launch (which required some video editing magic) and parts of the layout.

Here you go:
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Africa...Harambe
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 03:24 PM »
As Redhair stated, those rockwork cliffs look amazingly lifelike, especially with the multiple tiers of foliage.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Riviera Winds
« Last post by bmdavis4 on Yesterday at 01:44 PM »
New update

Still working on the county fair area.  Finishing up the rides I want there and will add the food and drinks buildings next.  Also added a new log flume to that area.

Small updates to the entrance

New Log Flume

New bus parking area

Dont you just love trees

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