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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Luna Park
« Last post by citytrader on Today at 09:55 AM »
Clever use of the umbrellas and those vintages posters! Nicely done.
just WOW!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Wonder World (construction)
« Last post by AemJaY on Today at 09:08 AM »
@shy: in your post with the overview Pic from catfish over to story. In between is a empty space.
ok i took a closer look, there between is a river? i think? Will there be something more? or just this river?
You just broke the internet with those pics.....gorgeous!!!! Your fps at this point must be utter crap.
wait what? this is not an working Coaster? Or did i missed a coaster? o.O
This looks so epic omg wow! You SIR had a lot of work! Nice one!
Community Chat / Re: Happy Birthday wabigbear
« Last post by Fisherman on Today at 09:04 AM »
Ha ha ha ha  :n00b:
Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: FLYING TURNS MATH FOR DRUNKS
« Last post by Fisherman on Today at 07:58 AM »
According to the game, my AERO FLYER has THREE inversions.  Ha ha.  And, by the way, the Roller Coaster Tycoon versions would fly off the rails and explode into balls of if they were propelled by explosive gas.  ha ha!
Community Chat / Re: Happy Birthday wabigbear
« Last post by wabigbear on Today at 07:49 AM »
Better late than never!   Thanks to you both!  :yes:

But to soothe your deep feelings of utter remorse and overwhelming guilt for being late with the birthday wishes, might I suggest a smallish contribution to the "Wagi Retirement Fund PAC"?  Yes, it's a PAC - Political Action Committee - dedicated to making sure that I retire in the manner I so richly deserve!  I figure everyone in Washington DC is busy collecting money through PAC's, why not I as well? 

And while I can't say that your contribution is tax free...if you won't tell the IRS, neither will I!   :w00t:

We accept all major credit cards, cashier's checks, Paypal, Western Union, and/or International Traveller's Checks (or Cheques if you're of that persuasion...).   :sleeping:
What's a roller coaster? Never heard of one.
Community Chat / Re: Happy Birthday wabigbear
« Last post by Elch on Today at 07:29 AM »
Missed it too, happy belated birthday :)
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