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RCT3 Other Creations / SketchUp 2013 files available.
« on: August 12, 2015, 02:52:23 AM »
Did you d-load either the 2014, or 2015, version of SketchUp, and wish you had not?
If you wished to retrograde, but found out you no longer had the older 2013 version
then you might be in luck. If you wanted the non-Pro version.
Please read the entire post before clicking any enclosed links.  As always, only you are
responsible for what you download and/or install to your computer or devices.

                                                             SketchUp 2013
                                                  ( Build/Version: 13.0.4812.0 )

Some Legals:
     If you download this archive, be aware that you are still bound by the original agreement
(rules, regulations, & conditions) of the authors and distributors. Trimble, is now the owner
of SketchUp. Not Google. Be sure to read important information found at:
                         The changes page:

     The above being said... I hope you did review the changes.  Having done so, you should
have noted that you will not be able to access the 3D-Warehouse via the in-program link.
So... you may want to bookmark the following 2 links, for future refference.

The RCT3 CS-Tools are still available. If you were unsure where to obtain them... here you are:
       (!__cs-tools-page )


     On my primary hdd I have a folder labled "Utilities". That is where I try to (temporarly ?)
store all of my original downloaded programs, of this nature.
     Useing borrowed space, I've temporarely made this old version available at:
This is the Windows, English, non-Pro version. The rar is 71.9mb and the title/lable of the archive
is " SketchUpWEN(2013) ".  In the archive is a single file, exactly as I originally downloaded it
on 10/14/2013. That being the 72.2mb " SketchUpWEN.exe ". Hopefully it will function exactly as
it would have, had you dl'd it from the author/distributor page. This I can not promise nor guarentee.
If you do not understand nor agree with this fact... then DO NOT download the archive file.

RCT3 General Discussion / Possible back-lot scenery images
« on: November 27, 2014, 03:37:12 AM »
Hey Y'all;
     Wanted to share these interesting pictures with you. Not sure about
them fitting into the "Inspirational" pictures thread. So I just started a
new thread (for such pictures). Hope you like these images. Just a small
warning about the last picture (and web page). That is about a dig, or
excavation site, of an ancient burial grounds. Located in the Chinese city
of Kucha.
     Some of these would make for some good ride (back lot) type scenery.
Although, maybe, a bit hard to re-produce. More-so, because we do not
have shots from all angles. If you discount/ignor the auditorium area in
the Bosra picture... it sort-of reminds me of the front of a place known as
"The Temple of the Sun". Yes, the "Canyon of the Cresent Moon" (Hatay) one.
 Yes, the one simulated in an Indiana Jones movie. ***}
The Bosra, is more elaborate. But I could imagine it set back into a canyon
wall as a facade or scenery. Maybe even as a walk-thru (or ride-thru)
attraction. Have I ignited the flame of your imagination?

7 Stunning Archaeological Sites in Syria

Bosra City
 An ancient Arabian caravan supply city.

Damascus, the capital of Syria
 Umayyad Mosque

Krak Des Chevalier castle
Built by the Hospitalier Knights between 1142 and 1170.

In Photos: Ancient Silk Road Cemetery
 The 8th picture on the page. A large brick tomb dubbed M1.

I have not saved any of these images. But, they would make great reference pictures.
Happy Gaming


Just today, I updated SU-2013, for SU-2014. Only just a few minutes ago.

Got a bit of a problem. The rct3 Walls plugin, is not showing up. The ASE-Exported displays where it did before. Most likely my error... but who knows for sure. The "file tree" is not quite the same as it was with SU-2013. Any-one else experiencing this same problem?

Please assist if you can.
Thank you.

RCT3 Other Creations / Gravquian's Generics: added Mudly's Keep
« on: December 06, 2013, 05:15:42 AM »
Hello Community.

   Doubt very many of you actually follow much of my postings.
Unless you were bored, or just curious. Or actually were a bit
interested in the links, or help I have tried to give. As I am no wiz
at producing cs/cso. And, deffinitly no artist. So if I can be of
service, and give help by performing searches, so be it. It may be
"nearly all" I can offer. But, at least I am attempting to give a little
back, to a community that has shared so much with me.
   There is no good deed, or act of kindness... that should not be
paid forward. And several members here are so good at sharing
their knowledge (and skills) with others. Or at least attempt to do so.
Some, such as myself (  :-[ ), may be slower at understanding some
things (if at all...). You deserve many Thanks for your efforts. And
tons more for your contributions. Shyguy, this goes double for you.
   Sorry if this sounds sad, or sappy. That is not my intent. Just wanted
to give a little credit, where credit was due.

Game on...

To date (last check anyway):

Cafe.Naver  File  Downloading  Tutorial,12722.0.html
Thread visits: 488
dls via 4Share: PDF; 4, Zip; 2
           MediaFire: PDF; 11, Zip; 29
Gravquian's Generic Structures,8188.msg272622.html#msg272622
Thread visits: N/A
dls via MediaFire: 7
" DaVinchi's Pigtails " a coaster (with pics and on-ride vid),8188.msg266980/topicseen.html#msg266980
Thread visits: N/A
Video: Views: 23, DLs: unknown

Coming soon: Mudly's Keep
A project I have ready to submit.

RCT3 Custom Scenery / Interactive Vending Machines (and non-interactive)
« on: November 17, 2013, 12:09:10 PM »
*** Note: This is not a request thread. ***

   There may  be a person (or two) spamming up the threads looking for items similar to these. If you are not versed in (American) English, or just unable to use the search function... I'll try  to help out a bit here. Please do not be offended, if my wording lacks a little in tactfulness.

Interactive Vending Machines (aka: Stalls)

* This listing does not include "passport" machines.
* All links were active at time of posting.
* This list may be incomplete. If you know of such, please make
  a following (follow-up) post (with references). For coin-op, or
  non-coin-operated, type units.
1-23456's (182470) _ Vending Machine 1
{ aka: "Refresh: Bottled drink machine" }
[BETA] 1-23456sStall Set
{ dl: }
This machine, is in "Shops & Facilities", under Food.
Belgabor's Really Custom Generic Stall Set
{ aka: };sa=view;down=1094
( dl:;sa=downfile&id=1094;t=1384645717 )
***Note: READ the ReadMe file !!!***
The machines and counter-top items are in "Scenery Items", look under "R"
letter listings. The machines you should find are; 2 Coke(s), 1 Japanese Buddhist
amulet, 2 Japanese drink(s), 1 Japanese Ice(s), 1 Pepsi, & 1 Pringles. While the
vendor portions (& positions) are in "Shops & Facilities", under Facilities.
Scroll down to the "R" letter listings.
Coasterfreak900's _ Snack Machine
{ dl: }
In "Shops & Facilities" under Food.
MarkMarkje's _ Efteling Automaten
{ dl: }
Look in "Stalls" under "Shops & Facilities". You should find one
each of; Frisdrank, and Snoep.
RCTLVR's _ Vending Machines
{ dl: }
The AquaFina, Coke, Gatorade. Pepsi, & Sprite machines will be
in "Shops & Facilities", under Drinks. If there is a picture of all
these machines together... I do not have a link for it.

Do use any CS/CSO items at your own risk.
Do view all ReadMe file(s), if available.

Non-Interactive Vending Machines (aka: Scenery)
There are many very nice static machines available. This list will include
cool/ice chest type non-coin-operated items.
Iceatcs's _ Make Your Own Logo
{ aka: Ice _ Billboard Shop };sa=view;down=1370
One each; drink cooler and ice-cream chest with graphics already in place.
K4C (Krankin4) _ Perk-a-Cola vending (& speaker) pack;sa=view;down=6
Picture shows 4 machines. I only find the 2nd unit from left. It is nice.
Marnetmar's _ MNM Leftoverz;sa=view;down=1501
Has one Coke machine.
(SJJr) Mr. Sion's _ Snack Shop,10267.0.html;sa=view;down=1315
Has 2 stand-up bottled soda machines (newer version, 1 Coke, 1 Pepsi), 1 wall mount
snack unit, and 2 billboard cool chest.

I hope this list has been helpful.

For some time now, I have been unable to get the custom content
boxes to display in the frames.

Am I the only one experiencing this? What is the solution?
Do I need to do another update... or, is it on the server end?
Helpful, or non-BS, input appreciated. Thank you.

RCT3 Tutorials / Cafe.Naver File Downloading Tutorial
« on: March 11, 2013, 01:10:49 AM »
   Please forgive any mistakes that you may note. This is my first attempt. I am not a Techie, and my experiences are extremely novice with most programs.

   Some members have asked for a tut, regarding Café.Naver file downloading. So here is my humble attempt at providing the community with one. Will supply a link for a pictorial pdf file. And a link for a rar file containing both a text and the pdf. In this first post.

   In the second post I will use the text file, and include the 11 pictures from the pdf file. If you wish to host the pdf or rar elsewhere, please freely do so. Hopefully Café.Naver, will not re-vamp their site to null this tut.
The text was an after thought. When I realized that the text I added to the pictures, would not be translatable.
Naver PDF rar (Text file & pdf file)
 Naver PDF

Cafe.Naver  File Downloading PDF
 Cafe.Naver file downloading.pdf
Added Mediafire links. 3/13/2013

RCT3 Help & Unofficial Tech Support / [hlp] How to convert animated gif's?
« on: December 23, 2012, 01:49:06 AM »
   Got some cute animated gifs. Wanted to convert them into wmv, or avi. Possibly for use with billboards (tv, drive-in) screens in game.
   Anyway, my attempt with Win-Movie-Maker, was a flop. Probly user error...  :)
Any helpful suggestion welcome. I have never made, or edited, animated gifs. So
I have no experience in this area.
   Thanks for takeing time to read this post. Hope to get some positive replies. Thank you.

   My question. Is it possible to adjust the size of a park, that another person has saved? And, offered as a download.
   Wanted to enlarge a park that I downloaded, to gain more space. Was not able to make adjustments in Sandbox mode. Tried to open it in Scenario Tool, but it wanted to create a new park. Not allowing me to change the one I wanted. Guess unable to see what I am doing wrong. Is there a Tut? Your help welcomed.
   Thank you.


    I know this is/was an ocscure park, even in it's day. And if you are not from the U.S., you have probly never even heard of it. It was born from the ideas of an "old" comic strip called "Li'l Abner". Never got to visit it, and do not have any photos of it. But following, are some links of interest for the place.
    Yup, this was really an amusement park.  :)  Like Beech Bend (Bowling Green, Ky.), it was not a large place.]http://www.[url=][/url]
{Has link at bottom of page, to links of other sites of interest.}
(*edit*^ following the links with-in that page will just sadden you. If not evoke rage. ^*edit*)

This site has links for a couple old park brochures.

A sorry thing to see, a run down park. Many pics at this link.
* Useless Triva: Beech Bend went bankrupt, and shut down (no help from Ronnie Milsap). But was re-opened 10 years later by the same founding family.

   Is it possible to create a glass sided, or bottom pool in RCT3 (platinum)?
I have tried a couple times, with no luck.
Thanks for any civil replies.
edited 8-26-2012  added (links?) example photos.
{Hope I didn't overdo it?}


   Would you (or have you) use(d) such as a theme?
examples: Phantom of the Paradise (1974); Wizards (1977, animation, Ralph Bakshi); Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988, been done); Boneyard (1990/1991); LEXX {Tales From a Parallel Universe} (1997); Tripping the Rift (2004, animation series)  {These are all USA, or UK, titles}  Parental supervision for these titles, please.
Phantom of the Opera, might have been over done. And I have seen props made of pics from Killer Klowns. And ofcourse, Saw. But what other titles have you used? Or considered for use? And if known, what country is it from?
What titles would you submit for possible themes?
{ The Warriors  (1979), R, action/thriller, gang violence }
*** No offence meant to those who have done, or are doing POTO, Saw, or any other titles. Most of the custom art, cs, and ride events (& movies) are excellent. Way beyond anything I could even attemp to do.

Hey Y'all;
   Hope this is not a repeat (of past inquiries).
   Is there an add-on, or diff version that allows (or has) the tubes to roll 180 degrees? So that the flat track survace area is to the top/upper. Allowing it to be posittioned upside down, for up-side-down lengths of track. For example... Weber's Kiddie Coaster w/ the car n track inverted on a level plane.
   Thanks for any constructive comments, or input.

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