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I can't seem to get CoasterJoe's spline connectors to line up with the supports in either CPcisco's Steel Chaos or Moby's Steel Jungle.  The straight pieces are okay, but I can't get the splines on curves to line up with the supports for Cisco or MSJ.

Should I use a different supports set, or can somebody give me some advice on getting this to work? 

When I download somebody's CS set, is there a way to determine or estimate the poly counts of individual CS pieces (without having to ask the original creator for the counts)?  Is there any kind of relation between the file size of the OVL file and the poly count (i.e., is it true that CS pieces with larger file sizes also generally have larger poly counts and smaller file sizes have smaller poly counts)?

RCT3 Help & Unofficial Tech Support / Trying to Reduce Lag
« on: January 22, 2012, 01:13 PM »
I am building a big park and am getting a lot of lag.  I’m trying to use in-game scenery and CS sets that I know are low poly, yet the lag is still a problem. 

So, if I want to construct buildings that have walls with a height of, let’s say “3H”, does it make a difference in the lag if I stack three “1H” walls on top of each other vs. placing one “3H” wall?

I’m assuming that using three “1H” walls stacked on top of each other means that I have three times more “polys” being placed in the game.  But I’m not exactly sure how it all works.

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