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[Movie] ''The Lost World'' - The Beginning of the madness...
Post #1     : November 16, 2013, 09:08:42 PM

Welcome to Oakerville, a rather small villagine, in the northern America. It is pretty boring here, nothing specials to do. People complain, and people don't. There are barely any financial problems here, barely.

We are going to follow the family Giorgio. They're from Italy, and moved to the United States, due financial problems. The family, 1 kid, Stephano, the Dad, Dario, and the wife, Maria, are in financial problems. Dario hasn't got a job, Wife is a receptionist in a small motel, and Stephano goes to primary school.

As previously said, life can, and sometimes is boring here. There are 3 motels here, and one small themepark,including a single coaster, and to be suprised, it is a Dragonfly. It is not even high or fast at all.

There are barely any tourists here, and if there are, then it is for the themepark. Oakervilles population is approxiamely 3000 citizens. There are only typical American houses. Once life gets to boring, people'll move.

Don't go to far, and don't do dangerous stuff.

Nature is a thing people want to visit, well the most people.

Welcome to Oakerville. This is a street in the village. There is not much to see yet, but I think it looks cultural, I mean, there aren't much of these sort.

Our first place to stop is the family Giorgio itself. They live in an olive-green house. Basic/standard, with a small garage. They have 1 car, wich is a small Opel. This is a picture took in the mid-time. Stephano is at school, Maria at work, and Dario is on a walk.

Even though they're not having it very wide, they have a quite big backyard. Dario is creative, and decided to build a small coaster! The neighbours visit it allot. Their kid, or should I say toddler, loves the ride!
They also got a small swing. Dario has bought it from another guy, and it was very cheap! Yes, there is growing some vegetation...

Let's move on to the fellow citizens! This is the family Churchill. They're from England, and decided to move to the States because of their ages. It is quiet here. Olivia Churchill, wich allready is 73 years 'young', and Oyanugo Sinsiku-Churchill, born in Japan, and allready is 75 years 'young'. *cough*

On the next street live some young people. Suprisingly they don't party at all. The people that live in the yellow, on the left side, house, has got a new baby!

Back to the Giorgo's,
Their house is not very big and luxury, but they don't complain at all. They're happy with it. There is a small bed, another bed (not shown in the picture), they do have a good TV, there're also a few chairs, with some books and music on it.


Interested? These are small previews of what is about to come next!

Please read:
[spoiler]Yes, I know. I have to much to work on. I'll finish SAW as soon as possible, and I'll work on this more. Than I want to finish Blizzard B. I think I'll leave the Liege park...[/spoiler]
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Re: [Movie] ''The Lost World'' - The Beginning of the madness...
Post #2     : November 17, 2013, 02:08:01 PM
The last two shots are awesome, the landscape looks fantastic. The little lake is perfectly integrated into the surrounding. If you change the colour of the mountains and add some more plants in the background, it will be even more fantastic. Great job!
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Re: [Movie] ''The Lost World'' - The Beginning of the madness...
Post #3     : November 19, 2013, 12:22:17 PM
The last two shots are nice, but I feel you should work on your buildings, both interior and exterior.  Right now, in my opinion, they literally look too bland to be realistic. 

Keep working at it!

(Where's the movie?)
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Re: [Movie] ''The Lost World'' - The Beginning of the madness...
Post #4     : December 04, 2013, 02:06:35 AM
As mentioned, maybe the buildings do need some sprucing up.
But those scenes of the lake are soooo decent.

Look forward to seeing updates.
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