Forum Guidelines (updated 11-13-18)

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Forum Guidelines (updated 11-13-18)
« on: October 29, 2009, 10:11 PM »
Forum Guidelines

First, let me say thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. I call them guidelines, not rules, because I don't particularly care for the typical black and white rules that you see on many internet forums. That said, rules are made for a reason...mostly to help people to get along with each other. I think we all know how to do that, but none of us are perfect and we sometimes make mistakes. There must be some form of guidelines to keep things running smoothly and so nothing gets too out of hand. Most of these guidelines are just common sense, but others need to be followed for either technical or aesthetic reasons. Please take the time to read them now. Following these guidelines will help make the forums a more enjoyable place to stay.

General Posting

Freedom of speech and expression is encouraged at SGW. You can discuss almost any topic you like, as long as you keep discussions civil and respectful. There are no double post rules nor are there rules against swearing. On the other hand, too much double posting or excessive swearing can become annoying and a verbal warning may be given you are pushing the limit and being disruptive to the forums. Please refrain from posting any offensive remarks regarding an individual's race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. Posting of, or linking to, pornographic material is not allowed. In addition, harassment of any SGW member will not be tolerated. If you have a conflict of any kind with another member, take it someplace else. When posting project threads, please refrain from creating a thread consisting only of a Youtube video. This is considered advertising. You are welcome to add Youtube videos as long as they are accompanied with screenshots.


Let's keep spam to a minimum, please. There are some places on the forums where spam is tolerated, such as the Fun  and Games Board, but it is frowned upon on other boards. Hijacking threads, one word posts, nonsense posts, excessive smileys, off topic comments, and excessive postings of advertisements are all examples of spam.


A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Trolling will not be tolerated here at SGW.


You may advertise other sites on SGW, including personal sites and commercial sites. You can put a link in your signature or occasionally mention the site in a post. You may not create a thread exclusively devoted to advertising another site. This includes creating a project thread containing a single embedded Youtube video to get more subscribers and viewers to your Youtube channel. Such posts should be kept to the "Advertise Your Site Thread" within the Community Chat. You may not join the forums exclusively to advertise a commercial site. Any suspicious members whose sole purpose of joining this site is to advertise will be banned. Linking to pornographic sites is also forbidden, and will most likely lead to banishment.


Everyone has seen tracks, buildings and such that others have made in RCT and admired them. Many are inspired to try creating something similar. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't copy someone else's work and claim that it's your own. That's disrespectful to them, disrespectful to the other members here, and the Community as a whole doesn't tolerate it. Give credit when credit is due.  Remember down the road it might be nice when someone credits you for inspiring them. When posting, credit must be given to the source in your post. This includes items downloaded from Google Warehouse, even if you edit the model, and anything from No Limits, or any other game or simulation program. When creating videos, any images or soundtracks taken from other people's works must also be credited. The bottom line is, if you use content created by someone else in any way or form, always give credit to the source in which you get it from. The SGW staff does not have time to investigate accusations of plagiarism. We may intervene and require the member to give credit where credit is due, but it is not the job of the SGW staff to investigate or take disciplinary actions regarding such claims. We all borrow ideas from many sources, including other theme parks...both real and virtual, ride names, graphics, sound effects...the list goes on. The staff at SGW have decided it is much too difficult to decide what is plagiarism and what is not. The community can make their own judgement. Any accusations against members should be handled respectfully and without major disruption to a member's thread, or the staff may at that time, intervene and close a thread or issue warnings for spam, trolling, or any other disruption to the thread and/or forums.

Clone Accounts

A clone account is a second (or third) account, created by a member using a different username. Clone accounts are allowed at SGW as long as they serve a reasonable purpose or are created for entertainment purposes. Such accounts created to bypass a ban or warning, trolling, or breaking any other rule at SGW, will be deleted. The member's main account will get an official warning. You must ask permission to create a clone account from the forum Admin. You must also state the reason for the clone account. Failure to do so will usually result in the clone account being denied.

Display Names and Signatures

Display Names are not to exceed 16 characters. Having long usernames becomes an annoyance when viewing the forum, downloads, or any other sections of the site, and can create a graphically unattractive looking forum. Signatures are also limited to approximately 100 pixels high (roughly 4 lines of standard (10pt) text). There can be no more than 4 lines of text, and no images larger than 600 x 80 pixels. If a large font is used, then the amount of lines allowable will most likely need to be under 4, to keep the height from exceeding 100 pixels.  A combination of text and images is also allowable, but once again, it may not exceed the approximate height limit of 100 pixels. Members who go over these limits will be contacted and asked to make any necessary changes.

Disciplinary Action

We have done away with the complex disciplinary action system. This is a mature site and members are expected to act accordingly. Any member that breaks rules or causes any type of disruption to the site will be contacted by the administrator or global mod. If the behavior does not change, the member may be banned from the site. The ban may be temporary of permanent, depending on the circumstances.


That's about it. These guidelines may change over time as needed.  We are all part of a very special community, and we should work together to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and can be themselves, without the fear of consequences.  We're all here to have fun and share our work, our dreams, and our love for theme parks and theme park games.

Have fun.

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