[IOA/USH] (Rumor) Secret Life of Pets dark ride for 2017

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[IOA/USH] (Rumor) Secret Life of Pets dark ride for 2017
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:40 AM »
I was considering putting this in the rumors and news section, but due to it being confirmed in a way by multiple people on the OU Forums, Orlando United staff, USHForums, Parkscope and Orlando Informer; It seems logical to post a thread for this.

For the past few months, there has been rampid speculation on what is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood's Soundstage 28 Plot (which has been demolished for a while) and now, it seems we have our attraction.

From OrlandoInformers forums, it was originally claimed by a few insiders that IOA would be getting a brand new Dark ride attraction, based on the upcoming Illumination IP; The Secret Life of Pets (or TSLoP) for Toon Lagoon, at the Toon Lagoon Ampatheatre. And it was also brought then as a major headline for the site about shortly after, with added confirmation from insiders at Orlando United's forums, and Parkscopes head members.

And how we also know its coming for Hollywood is due to USHForums, a provider in Universal Studios Hollywood topics to be discussed confirmed it by several insiders as of now.

The info of the attraction has been coming in, and it seems we may want to keep an eye out if its true.

The attraction will be a two floored building, with a line, preshow and load/unload in the first and the second floor housing most of the attraction. The attraction would be a first for Universal in a long time, AA Driven attraction with a heavy reliance of Practical effects. It was also said multiple times in the rumor that the ride will be Universals first Trackless Dark Ride with a two row car housing three in the back row and two in the front row. It was also described that the attraction would be very much similar to how Poohs Hunny Hunt was done in Tokyo Disneyland aswell.

That being said..i'll leave this to the forums to either leave it alone until possibly confirmed, but it seems that Universal wants to be the first to do a Trackless dark ride justice on stateside (whereas DCA and SWO have had..more laughable uses of it).

IOAs version to be replacing Toon Lagoon Amphitheatre
USHs version to take the existing plot that housed Soundstage 28 (Phantom of the Opera Soundstage)

Re: [IOA/USH] (Rumor) Secret Life of Pets dark ride for 2017
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From Orlando Sentinel; a new article came up stating that the Theme Parks division is planning on making an attraction based off the IP of SLOP.