Jakes Planet Coaster Thread - Saw: The Ride - Thorpe Park

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Re: Jakes Planet Coaster Thread - Saw: The Ride - Thorpe Park
« Reply #60 on: September 08, 2016, 11:25 PM »
Beside Costerfan312, you are my favourite, too. Your coasters are awesome! Not that they are just realistic and creative, they are also well implemented in a beautiful sourrounding area! I really like your work and if Silvarret is the master of scenery, you and Coasterfan312 are the masters of coasters (for me) ;)

The Mystery Mine is my favourite so far. An amazing ride and a really wonderful theming! Very well done!
After that comes Saw of course. But don´t get me wrong all of your newer stuff is great!

If i look at them i just hope really, really hard that Frontier will re-work the smoothing!
You can build with long segments very smooth coaster. But if you building a compact, realistic and dynamic coaster (like many, many are) with short segments to have the full control, the smoothing really sucks at this point.

If i imagine how the ride of Mystery Mine and Saw would be if they sort out the banking smoothing. It must be even more awesome!

I´m super excited for your next project!

Cheers :w00t: