ALT Goes to Lagoon

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ALT Goes to Lagoon
« on: July 29, 2016, 08:52 PM »
Hey guys, thought I may as well share this TR that I also posted on TPR. :)

For those who don't know I live in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and just happen to work at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. In terms of parks and coasters, we are the only thing in this part of the state. The parks down in Denver are meh at best. The next nearest major park? Lagoon north of Salt Lake City at nearly six hours away. I've thought of doing this park several times recently and after putting it off several times I finally decided to do the long day trip on a Tuesday.

How early do we have to get up?

That early.

Full of gas and ready to go.

A preview of the next couple of hours.

Leaving Colorado...

...and saying hello to Utah.

Did I mention the speed limit?

Some odd hours later we arrive in the Salt Lake City area.

And an hour after that, this.

Our first ride of the day is Cannibal, that has this bizzare mural which sets the tone quite nicely.

Thanks to the single rider line I did it three times in a row in about 15 minutes or so. But for now lets visit the other side of the park.

The sky ride is the perfect way to get there and includes great views.

Watch your feet!

I see loops.

Well at least what gives the park its name is here.

The next order of the day is Colossus.

The queue line offers great interaction opportunities.

Final Thoughts:

What a fun coaster. The first drop if you sit in the back slams you to the left for a great out of control experience. There is a bad transition at the bottom of the drop leading into the loops but other then that this coaster is butter smooth. The loops really aren't that forceful for a Schwarzkopf which I didn't mind. The ops that day were one train but with the fast dispatches (a huge theme at Lagoon) there was usually no wait. The one really weird thing I found about this coaster is that will in the station the train is moved into position to engage the chain. Now I saw the signs warning of this I just wasn't expecting to be so noticeable. (The train moves a couple feet.)

Rating: 4/5

Next up was Colossus's next door neighbor, Wicked.

For those control panel enthusiast.

One of the more bizarre zero g rolls out there.

Final Thoughts:

I rode Wicked three times, two in front and one in back. With short trains that makes very little difference. The launch is excellent especially as you go vertical. There is a really, and I mean really bad transition at the pullout of the first drop. That combined with the fact you restraint tightens due to the g forces make that part up to the turn around really nasty. From the turnaround to the mid-course is a fun wacky ride. The second half the ride is slowed down so much that it is just a boring ride to the finish. I do appreciate the restraints loosen on the arrival brakes. I heard people now compare it to Cannibal which I think is unfair.

Rating: 3/5

This side of the park has quite a bunch of coasters packed in including a Maurer Söhne wild mouse. Nothing that special besides some nice pops of air near the end. 3/5

It also host on of the more bizarre top spins you'll ever see, Cliffhanger.

It may as well be called Soaked: The Ride as that is exactly what happens.

I always enjoy a good spinning coaster and sounds like I caught Spider at the right time.

Supposedly the ride previously didn't spin on the first half, but now it does.

Final Thoughts:

Obviously your spinning is determined be weight distribution and ours was not bad, but not good. The layout is a nice change from traditional spinners. The end though when the car is to be straightened got a nasty jolt. Other then that, a nice solid spinner.

Rating: 3/5

Alright, now it was time for something a little bit more historic.

The Roller Coaster at Lagoon is one of the oldest coasters in the world, being built in 1921. As wood is being replaced, Lagoon is forgoing the white paint leaving the natural wood color instead.

Final Thoughts:

A most excellent wooden coaster, especially for the age. The ride was very smooth, probably in the top five of wooden coasters with plenty of airtime and the perfect length. Lagoon has really taken care of this ride and it shows. This is where however Lagoon's random no single rides back row policy really irked me. Why do it on a coaster that has the same trains as dozens of other coasters world wide? That aside, I really enjoyed this coaster and would rank it high on a wooden coaster list.

Ranking: 5/5

Next I decided to head to the back of the park to the log flume.

Frontier Town is one of the older parts of the park. If I had more time I would of explored more and insist that anyone visiting take a look around. This is the real deal.

Ultimately the line for the flume was atrocious and running few logs, so it was a skip. So onto a very interesting coaster...

BomBora is Lagoon's first in house coaster. The only special about it really though is that it has a working sound track, kind of. :P 3/5

Enough credit whoring, lets move onto something more exciting.

Jet Star II is well exactly that, a Jet Star II model from Schwarzkopf.

Final Thoughts:

As you may well know, this ride has a strict no single rider policy. I happened to get lucky and one kid in a group of three needed a partner so it work out. This ride is balls out intense, period. If you want an out of control experience this is your ride. I would of rode it more but with nearly no line it would of been hard. It's good to see another classic ride running to its full potential.

Rating: 5/5

Next it was time for flat ride goodness in the form of Air Race. However issues arose and after waiting 15 minutes on maintenance I turned away. So next I headed to The Bat.

This bat was out for blood, literally.

Final Thoughts:

I've never ridden a Vekoma inverted and this reminded me why. For such a small slow coaster this was nothing but a head bang the whole time. I found this surprising since this is Arrow's inverted track which wasn't too bad. Maybe it was the fact the cars don't swing. Either way I will continue to stay away from these guys...

Rating: 1/5

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming over at Air Race.

Or not, this time while on the ride. Appeared there was an issue with the control panel recognizing the restraints being locked. There was some confusion if we could stay on the ride or not so I got off and waited. A little bit later they got it back up and running. Issues aside this is just a (mind the pun) plain fun ride. You can't help but crack a smile on it. 5/5

From the top of their dry/but it really is just a water slide you get a good view of how close this park is nestled among the mountains.

Never been a fan of drop towers but S&S ones always look like a blast. (Literally and figuratively.)

Best flyers I have ever been on. Turns out these are easy to snap as I didn't know how to snap and I did it.

And finally back to the star ride.

But seriously this ride is wacky awesome.

Final Thoughts:

What a unique, interesting, awesome coaster. There is never a dull moment in this ride. I got several rides both back (3x) and front (3x) and it is hard to compare the two. The first drop feels like it never ends and the lagoon roll, my legs were actually hurting from the hangtime. What a fantastic ride, and then you forget it is a hyper coaster as well. Lagoon really hit this out of the park.

Rating 5/5

With that in mind is was time to head home. But before I left I almost forgot the dark rides. I only found Terror Train and that was almost an accident. Tried to look for Dracula's Castle but didn't find it. (Now I know where it's at.) Anyway, it was good corny fun and there was one actually scary moment if you don't think about it.

Time to head home.

Decided to give myself a changed of scenery and avoid the traffic and took the other back. (US-40)

This reservoir may look big but it really isn't.

The sun sets as we approach the border with Colorado.

And we are back.

Thanks for taking a look. If you thought that was a lot of pictures, there are even more here:

Next time I head even further west for a lot more then coasters.

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Re: ALT Goes to Lagoon
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Damn, cannibal looks intense af :o


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Re: ALT Goes to Lagoon
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Great trip report ALT, really well written and informative. I want to visit Lagoon now!
Finally back after an unexpectedly long hiatus!