Mystic Springs Amusement Park - 1995

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Mystic Springs Amusement Park - 1995
« on: April 19, 2019, 05:40 PM »
Hello and welcome to Mystic Springs Amusement Park!

Mystic Springs Amusement Park opened in 1972 under the ownership of Dale Batterman. After visiting Disneyland, Dale saw the success that Walt Disney had and wanted to bring that same success and the enjoyment of others to Huntsville, Alabama. After scouting for land, Dale found a large plot of land, built a beautiful man-made lake in the middle and soon after that, rides appeared and Mystic Springs Amusement Park was born. Named, Mystic Springs Family Fun Center at the beginning, Dale was quickly growing his Family Fun Center introducing new shows, rides, and attractions almost every year. At that point, Dale dropped the Family Fun Center from the name and added Amusement Park. The amusement park was successfully growing, wrapping half way around the lake on both sides. Dale ran and operated the amusement park until 1989 when he became ill. Dale was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Even though the park was his pride and joy, he was unable to tend to the park like he once was able to. A company by the name, Gold Parameters International, wanted to jump into the growing amusement park industry bought the park and took ownership immediately. This is where it all hit the fan. Gold Parameters International wanted to make the park their own and did just that... terribly... Multiple sections of the park were removed and the park decreased in size greatly. The childrens area of the park was removed leaving the park with virtually no rides for the kids. The park started to crumble and was half of what it once was. With 2 mega coasters being introduced to the park, the park was missing something. The charismatics that it once had. Dale poured love into the park which was noticeable to the guests that visited every summer. Gold Parameters International just made the park feel corporate. Let's jump in and you'll be able to see.

It's the opening of another day at Mystic Springs Amusement Park

The park without a doubt does have a beautiful skyline to the right of the entrance. Though that observation tower hasn't operated since the new company took over.

Just a ghost of what it use to be under Dale, the entrance plaza quickly fills with guests. Though the park does draw a reasonable attendance, the plaza is just a ghost of what it use to be with signage removed throughout the park.

The center point of the park is the beautiful chair-swing named, Mystic Swings. The ride is elevated giving riders a wonderful ride.

To the right of the entrance plaza is Space Commander. An Intamin Looping Starship, Space Commander opened in 1983 and is a favorite amongst guests.

Serpent, a Schwarzkopf Looping Coaster, opened in 1975. The oldest coaster at park, it is still much loved by kids as it is generally their first looping coaster.

Debuting in the park in 1994, Time Warp was the second installment by Gold Parameters International. A fan favorite amongst guests, the wait time get up to nearly 2 hours. Time Warp began running with two trains when it opened but after the first week of operations this season, only one train was running and the second train is no where to be found.

Spill water falls is from the Dale era and is your typical Arrow Dynamics Log Flume. A great way to cool off during the summer months and the only way since it is the only water ride in the park. The park did have an Intamin Rapids Ride named Tsunami Rapids but that was closed when the new company bought the park.

Finishing up this side of the park is Twister. Notice the signage missing? This is one of the few family rides left in the park.

There are 2 other family attractions in this area of the park but they were closed...

On the left side of the park, there is a restaurant by the name, The Eatery. It is the only sit down restaurant in the park with other food locations just being a quick serve.

Just a view down the midway.... You can feel the lifelessness of the park..

Headspin, a Vekoma Boomerang opening in 1983, is another well loved coaster for it's uniqueness to the park. Lines can reach up to 2 hours as well but mostly because poor operations.

Sound Stage 5 but was a concert venue added to the park the year Golden Parameter International took over. The goal was to have big name celebrities perform at the park and attract large crowds. Only one concert has taken place there and it was a local talent contest that went under...

Invader, a wooden coaster built by Roller Coaster Corporation of America, opened in 1988 and was the last installment by Dale. When opened, it was the largest wooden coaster in the world and drew the attraction of many guests from around the world. Hidden in the trees, you never know what is going to get you.

Last but not least, we have Undertaker, a B&M Stand Up coaster opening in 1992 and the first installment by the new company. Undertaker is the fan favorite of the park with wait times reaching nearly 3 hours. It is unique and something different.

That's all for this post. We'll have to see what happens with Mystic Springs Amusement Park and Golden Parameter International. Will Golden Parameter International be able to make the park a success and grow? Or will they just flop?

Until next time,
Rodney W.
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Re: Mystic Springs Amusement Park - 1995
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 06:21 PM »
You've got quite a lot here already for the 1st post and have set up a very interesting scenario.  I tried searching for a real park of this name in Huntsville but found nothing even defunct so I'm assuming this is all a fictional story?  If so, it's quite imaginative.

To me, Huntsville is a space-age town.  It's got both a NASA testing facility and the Army's Redstone Arsenal, after which the Redstone rocket that took the 1st Mercury astronauts to space was named.  There are some excellent rocketry-related museums there.  Thus, I find the Space Commander ride especially fitting for a park in Huntsville.

I toast your new project here and wish you success with it!
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Re: Mystic Springs Amusement Park - 1995
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2019, 09:25 PM »
I like how the chair swing sits on its own island in the lake. I'm hoping some of the old rides that got removed get rebuilt again.

Interesting how the history of Mystic Springs and Dale Batterman sort of follow Walt Disney and Disneyland: Disney got lung cancer and passed away at a critical time of his park's development. And Disneyland started removing cherished attractions in the late '70s and replacing them with inferior rides or not replacing them at all. Well, they've been removing them all along, but a lot more in later years.

Looking forward to seeing what direction Mystic Springs takes.

Re: Mystic Springs Amusement Park - 1995
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2019, 05:46 AM »
Love the simple elegance of the park. Everything looks great.