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Excellent job here! Downloaded the park and took a quick tour, and I'm sure it won't be my last tour ;) But great job, lots of intense theming and lots of unique rides, especially the larson loop! Loved how it was dug into the ground! I'll definitely go back into the park again and take another look around because I'm sure I missed some stuff, but from what I've seen this is some excellent work!

Society Park is happy to welcome you multiple times. Thank you and have fun exploring all the little details. A small tip: there are some detailed queue's so you could check those out if you haven't already.

I can't add anything to what others have said. Wonderful park, beautifully executed! Bravo!

Thank you [insert bowing emoticon here]3

If there are any issues with the park file please let me know. I'll try to fix them asap and update the file