Landry Point Amusement Park - My Experimental Mess

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Landry Point Amusement Park - My Experimental Mess
« on: March 06, 2017, 12:39 PM »
Well since Planet Coaster came out I've been struggling to get a good foothold on a good park layout. The problem I've had is that zoning and scale is so strange with the game. So I basically decided to scrap my usual methods and just go for it. The result is a total mess of a park layout with some cool stuff dotted between it. I didn't really go into this park with any idea of what I wanted to do so it's really all over the place as you'll see. I basically just ended up using the map as a learning sandbox for different things I wanted to tinker with in the game. The park is heavy on fluff and rides and light on architecture and infrastructure considerations.

It's been a while since I've posted a park so I'll try my best to put together a believable narrative. You'll notice that it's all nighttime shots. That's cause I study lighting at school and I sort of obsess over the lighting in my parks and want to show it off, haha.
Landry Point Amusement Park

The park was opened in 1909 as a small gathering spot with a few fair rides and a coaster. (The entrance building was the first thing I built for the park and as things grew around it I've come to find it as extremely ugly and nonfunctional. I like the coaster over it but the rest.. doesn't work.)

Flying outside the park is the park's 1997 B&M, Forge. (As the park grew this ride sort of totally constricts the layout of the park as you'll see more later.)

As you enter the park you're greeted by a Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride. (I believe I initially had a carousel here but I changed it out with a larger space to fit the space. It's very unpopular but I like the lighting I put on it.)

The park's original coaster was a side friction ride that was demolished in the 20's to make room for Wildcat, which sits in its original spot. It is one of the most popular rides in the park and features a very standard out and back layout. (When I initially planned the park I had hoped to make a small sized park with a few fair rides but as the scope grew, this ride is sort of dwarfed by everything else and doesn't exactly fit in with the theme of the rest of the park.)

Right across the path from Wildcat is the parks newest coaster, a B&M hyper called Dragon's Rage. It was by far the most expensive addition in the park's history. (This ride was my first foray into themeing with the game and like everything else in the park, its scope again grew out of control. The result is a bloated, overpowering attraction that looks cool but is just way too much to be right at the center of the park.)

Here you see the massive lift hill and entrance for the attraction. It has a medieval theme.

The queue has been extravagantly themed. (I had a lot of fun doing the queue and lighting for it, but it certainly doesn't belong in the park. It's just too much stuff.)

Moving towards the back of the park, we have the 1983 Arrow corkscrew, Arbiter. (I'm not sure exactly what drove me to add this, but the spot I chose puts an absolute stranglehold on the park layout. It blocks any expansion into the back of the park. I basically just copied the layout from Darien Lake's Viper and adapted it to fit the park. It was a good excercise in coaster creation, but meh.. The lighting was fun, but the beam angle on all the PC lights is 90 degrees, which is so woefully inefficient at lighting anything.)

Rounding the corner at the back of the park we come across the Wild Mouse plaza. Here there are various shops and the Wild Mouse coaster. (This was my first exercise at creating some sort of food plaza or 'land' and it's alright.. The circulation here is pretty poor. I put the mouse in to fill the spot and I like it but I feel like here could be something better here.)

Moving over the hill you come across the parks prized CCI woodie, Nighmare. It weaves through terrain, navigating two tunnels and two lift hills over its layout. (I like this woodie a lot. I did struggle at creating an entrance plaza for it and just kind of added some food buildings that don't really make any sense. The composition here is ok, I wish you could see more of the station building from the path.)

The two lifts intersect here.

The coaster makes two interactions with the water here. One is a dive over the water followed by a deep dive into a tunnel. The second interaction is a large fan turn leading to the midcourse right before the rides finale, which features another deep dive into a tunnel.

Here is a nighttime POV for the ride.

And the daytime POV.

Looking up the hill you see the B&M diving over. Just to the left is the CCI woodie and at the top of the hill is the Wild Mouse. Over the hill is the Arrow Corkscrew. Directly to the right is the entrance for the Invert. (My god are those in game streetlights ugly. Realistically you'd need about 1/4 the actual lights here in the real world to achieve this same effect but PC doesn't understand lighting ugh. I've started trying to place event lights higher up and aiming them at the path for lighting and that seems to be a better solution.)

Here is the B&M Invert. It traverses the edges of the park and the looming lift flies right over the park entrance. (Another example of an early park decision that ruined the layout of the park. It takes over prime real estate and makes any expansion through it impossible. I enjoy the actual layout, but it really needs moved.)


That's all I have for now, I'm considering moving these rides and layouts to a totally different park and getting a fresh start with an actual good park layout. The park has basically already been filled out. Comments are appreciated!
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Re: Landry Point Amusement Park - My Experimental Mess
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 08:30 PM »
I was about to demand some daytime pictures because I despise night time pictures.... but I read carefully and saw that the lighting was so important to you... Revisited the pictures and was able to appreciate your lighting. The second to last picture reminds me of a mosquito infested theme park at night. Nice atmosphere. I do hope to see some daytime pictures, and an overview of, what I expect to be, a messy layout.


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Re: Landry Point Amusement Park - My Experimental Mess
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2017, 12:53 AM »
Cluttered parks can have their charm too, so take it along that route, lol! Think of Waldameer Park, you're from Pennsylvania, so you might have already been there. It doesn't have that many roller coasters but the overall layout of the park just feels random with flat rides placed in close proximity to one another or to other structures without much thought put into cohesiveness.

I really enjoyed Nightmare, btw. Realistic pacing throughout, with thrilling tunnel elements & a very unpredictable layout but still grounded in reality. I'm very good at creating standard out-and-back woodies, or double out-and-back but twisted layouts are my weakness and I might have to take some pointers from here.

I also think you underestimate some of your creations, e.g. the theme-ing on Dragon's Rage, with the coaster disappearing into the horizon. It makes for a very nice sight for the onlookers.

Thank you for sharing your process throughout this whole thing, and I'm looking forward to where you'll take us from this strong start.
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