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Kraken Unleashed Discussion
« on: June 24, 2017, 03:29 PM »
Hey Guys,

Recently SeaWorld Orlando opened the VR on Kraken on 16 June 2017, and I've been lucky to ride it seven times since it opened.

For the virtual queue, I have seen complaints about it (also turning into a disaster just like Volcano Bay is) as well as it being compounded by ten minute load times and there only being on train on the track currently.  It can also be a full hour in the physical line when its your time to return.

Now for the VR content - really well thought out, very immersive save it for the physical issues (more on this later), coherent storyline, much of the storyline could be achieved with special effects in the trenches and tunnels.  However, it is known for getting out of sync as well, as the ride time can have a lot of variations as well (at least they did not make the same mistakes that were made before, but they ran into more issues).

Now for the physical ride interaction on the VR headset - the headset during various point in the ride wants to come off, especially at the dive loop, zero g roll, cobra roll, and sidewinder.  This is another common complaint of guests on the ride, some are resorting to holding the headset themselves while riding due to this.  This is the main reason why I prefer this ride without the VR - no hassle and can see should a nearby headset come flying.

As for the physical and themeing updates - Those were welcome updates, the facade though not what it once was at least did not become a let down from the original attraction, the station has a lot of futuristic themeing in it where it was once a greek town, and screens were added to the queue line.  Many signs were also replaced, but some of the original signage from the original attraction is still intact.  Eggs were also removed.

Now for your thoughts - is the ride too intense for the headsets, is the virtual queue working, do they need to run more trains to fix some issues, did they waste money on the headset?  Did they waste money retheming the station and queue, do they need more trains, &c.

Post your thoughts and comments below.