Marriott's American Adventure - 1964 is Here

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Marriott's American Adventure - 1964 is Here
« on: January 29, 2018, 10:08 PM »
Is it? Could it be? Surely not. Yes, it is yet another RCT3 port over project. :P Okay, okay, so we haven't had one of these in a while but I'm here to change all that. (And not let it die after a couple of months.) Yes folks, it is the return of Marriott's American Adventure. (You may or may not remember the RCT3 version found here:,16497) Unlike many Planet Coaster port overs, the park will remain mostly in it's RCT3ish shape for the time being. I will certainly (possibly :P ) go off grid later but for now enjoy. Before I pick up on the story where we last left off, how about I show some of the changes that had to be made.

The road is identical in it's shaping, though due to the smaller map size shrunk a tad. The big change is that big old nice arch bridge wouldn't work in PC. So a more typical bridge has been put in.

Which brings us to our second major change. The ravine next to the park. This ended up being the most frustrating part as I couldn't get that RCT3 look or feel or even the same pathing without it looking weird. In the end though it is much more realistic. (Oh, and I could put tress without crashing the game.)

Parking lot is pretty much identical to the old. Due to PC spawn points being big and obvious, I had to make an out building which the peeps come out of.

The entrance path stays as well though the edges now curve due to PC's path system. As well, the little structure that was here is gone due to lack of arch's that would work. Unfortunately the walls surround the path had to change to this brick work as I couldn't get anything to look like the original. (Though whoever mentioned I went overboard with the red, white, and blue should be happy. :P coughhethethethcough)

The ticket booth building got more of a facelift but not much. Some extra details here and there make me like this one more then the original. Also, I recreated I want to say ShyGuy's main street set for buildings. I've got to say that it is pretty spot on.

The main entrance plaza had to go under a slight modification since PC's path system is really finicky next to terrain changes. I ended up using wood planks so I could keep the crisp edges. The Ferris wheel also got a slightly modified paint scheme too.

The paratrooper sadly had to go. I couldn't find any options that looked right. You'll see how I address it in the next update.

The guest service building got re-shuffled a bit to make it fit in physical wise. I couldn't use the same wall texture due to texture bleed through.

The 1961 addition pretty much looks the same. I decided to go off grid with the slide though. Hopefully that will make someone happy. (Plus the terrain didn't work where it was originally placed.)

This is for the most part, a custom designed whip. There was no way I could explain getting rid of it so it stayed and I'm pretty happy with the result. The cars came from the workshop off a much smaller whip. Everything else was built by me.

The floral options in this game caused some heartache as I really liked the RCT3 version. However I got this to work pretty well. Also, the Ferris wheel queue cover certainly follows its RCT3 counterpart.

Bathroom building looking exactly the same. And if you haven't caught on, the fencing style is pretty much the same as it was in RCT3.

The Pacific Crawler is back with an awesome ride sign. (I'll give PC this one.)

Hurricane is pretty much a dead-on copy of the original. Obviously I tidied up a little so it looks more realistic and in style. As such the turnaround got some work done.

Not much to say about Lasso. It lost much of its themeing though.

The grille in all of its crappiness. Though for the first time it actually has windows. :P I've got to say out of any thing in the park, this looks most like the original.

Roll-a-Plane got swapped out for a similar ride.

Coming to the end, the cars had to get downgraded from the sport cars. The maintenance shed was also recreated. Again due to space, the ride got a tad smaller.

And finally at the end of the park, the plaza got a facelift or two. Oh, the the Rotor is over here now. Wait, why would the Rotor be over here...?

Hope you guys enjoy the return on this park which I started nearly four years ago. This particular version has been in the works for nearly half a year now. I have some minor stuff to finish and then it is on to 1964.
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Re: Marriott's American Adventure - The Return
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2018, 01:43 PM »
I don't remember the original park but I will check it out. Is this a recreation of an actual Marriotts's park or your own creation? I remember when they owned the Great America parks. I visited the one in Illinois.
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Re: Marriott's American Adventure - The Return
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2018, 06:11 PM »
I don't remember the original park but I will check it out. Is this a recreation of an actual Marriotts's park or your own creation? I remember when they owned the Great America parks. I visited the one in Illinois.

Ya, it has been a while. I last updated the RCT3 version about a year ago. I'm glad someone recognizes the Marriott connection to the Great America parks. I've visited the Gurnee park multiple times and the Santa Clara park once. It was fascinating to see how the parks developed after Marriott sold them. And of course to see what is left. The idea with this park is that it is a concept park by Marriott.  I don't want to spoil to too much so I hope that answers your question. :)

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Marriott's American Adventure - 1964 is Here
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2018, 12:00 PM »
As always let me express my surprise between updates. :P I guess it was kinda of worth the procrastination as several DLC and updates have further reshaped the park. But since I want to get this story back in gear I'll let you see what changed. (Also forgot to use the color filter I wanted to use so Vanilla it is this round.)

Hello everyone once again, Mr T. here and I am excited to bring to you the 5th season of Marriott's American Adventure. This year we have an major addition to the park that is bringing in record crowds.

As a matter of fact, I have not seen crowds like this since the park opened. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

So what is exactly causing these crowds? Well, looking down the main plaza, we see things have changed.

This year we are introducing our biggest investment to date in the park, the Northwest Flume.

A big investment calls for a big entrance, so big in fact that Rotor had to move across the park near Road Ralleye. You will also notice Paratrooper is gone. Despite its popularity, the ride had become expensive to operate, main due to the fact the ride had to move up and down. The ride was put into storage possibly to be added back in at a later date when the technology improves.

The Northwest Flume was built by Arrow Development and is the second and third of the example of the type after the first was built just last year down in Texas. The flume was placed between the parking lot and the '61 expansion on the hill.

The station is very open air and absolutely massive. Each "log" can fit five people. Unlike the one down in Texas, our features a single load and unload station per flume. This is made up in the fact that we have two flumes rather then the one. I'm also assuming quite a bit of cost was saved in doing this.

From the top of the first lift, you can get the best view of the layout. You can see that a lot of trees had to be cut down in order for construction to happen. A few trees were saved but not many. Due to the enormous cost new trees aren't planted quite yet but are due to by next Spring. I did here they may use seeds from the trees left as well. Regardless, this view I'm sure will be quite different in the following decades.

This view is from the main drop looking back towards the station and the park. You can see the splashdown zone below. Needless to say you will get wet, a welcome reprieve from the heat of Summer.

A lot of dirt was moved to build the splashdown pool. It is lined in concrete for durability.

At the end of the ride, we have made a scene. The idea is that you are now going through the sawmill. The buildings main purpose is to house the pumps and water filters. Overall it is just a fun little scene.

As the day comes to a close, here is a fantastic shot from American Wheel looking at the Northwest Flume.

And since we have mainly focused on Northwest Flume, here is a photograph of the other side of the park.

Speaking of which, Hurricane is really starting to draw a crowd. With the crowds the log flume has been bringing in, everything is getting busy.

We will see you soon!

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