Legoland - Coast Cruise

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Legoland - Coast Cruise
« on: June 12, 2018, 01:59 PM »
Coast Cruise

Located right before the entrance to Miniland USA is the Coast Cruise, a picturesque boat ride featuring views of lots of cute Lego figures, animals, and structures. You'll also get a lakeside view of Miniland USA.

As you leave the dock, you'll glide past this Lego water buffalo.

A pair of Lego turtles on the shore.

One of the largest Lego structures in the park is this colorful dinosaur.

Cruising past a Lego elephant and various waterfowl on the outskirts of Explorer Island.

The elephant sprays water out of its trunk. (when it's working)

The little Lego worker hangs on. Don't worry, he won't fall. As long as he doesn't lego.

The new London Eye and Big Ben replaces the original Sydney Opera House.

The boat quietly glides beneath Liongate Bridge.

The Taj Mahal, made completely out of Lego blocks, is quite impressive.

The Eiffel Tower

Mount Rushmore

New York

Gulliver being resuscitated by a brigade of mini Lego people.

A small, New England harbor.

This fishy band plays "Octopus's Garden" by the Beatles.

A POV of the Coast Cruise.

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