San Diego Zoo - Flamingo Lagoon

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San Diego Zoo - Flamingo Lagoon
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:19 PM »
Flamingo Lagoon

The American Flamingo exhibit is situated off Front Street, right at the zoo's entrance. It is the first exhibit to greet guests arriving at the zoo.

The Flamingo Lagoon first opened in 1954 and has been refurbished twice since then.

The American Flamingo is also called the Caribbean Flamingo, as it comes from the Caribbean and Galapagos. It is one of the largest species of flamingos.

Young flamingos start out grayish and slowly turn pink as they mature, due to the pigments in their natural diet of shrimp and algae, called carotenoids.

This young flamingo has yet to turn completely pink. It takes about 3 years for the process.

A nice viewing area nearby is shaded by trees and lush, tropical plants.

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree is an impressive tree, found throughout San Diego and Balboa Park. In fact, an especially impressive tree in Balboa park has its own Yelp page.

Feeding time.

Viewing the flamingos is can be a very relaxing pastime, and is very popular for bird lovers and photographers.

The casual visitor may only see the tall, colorful flamingos in the exhibit. But for those who take some extra time, there are actually quite a number of other species of waterfowl here.

The Puna Teal, from the wetlands of Andean Peru and Argentina.

The White-faced Whistling Duck, from South America and Africa.

The Rosy-billed Pochard, from central South America.

The Ashy-headed Goose, from southern Chile and Argentina.

A pair of Ashy-headed Geese.

The White-cheeked Pintail, from the Bahamas, Greater Antilles, and northern South America.

The Crested Screamer, from central South America.

The Creasted Screamer can frequently be seen nesting.

The Bronze-winged Duck, from southern Chile and Argentina.

The American Wood Duck, from southern Canada, the United States, and Cuba.

The Hooded Merganser, from Canada and southeastern United States.

A female Hooded Merganser.

A pair of Chiloe Wigeons, from South America.

Panoramic view of Flamingo Lagoon. (Right click and select "View Image" to enlarge.)
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Re: San Diego Zoo - Flamingo Lagoon
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Baby Flamingos

It's that time of the year, when the baby Flamingos are hatching right and left. This mother is still waiting for hers to hatch.

A sign at the exhibit documents the baby Flamingo's growth.

The babies are born white, and then soon turn a light grey. It takes years for them to turn pink from the pigments in their diet.

The chick on the left is wondering when its legs will grow.

Flamingos aren't the only birds having babies. Baby Mallards like these can be found throughout the zoo.

Feeding time for a new hatchling.

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