Lakewood Park - Work In Progress - River Rapids and Park Overview so far!

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Thank you everyone! Checked the height it's in the 200ft markers, just looks a lot higher due to the lower buildings surrounding it!

Real life has got in the way the last few weeks (To say the least) But I've had some time to work on the park again recently so without further ado...

La Grill is the perfect woodland quick service restaurant offering a mixture of Pizza's, Chips and Mexican. I'm sure there'll be some deocrations around those shop windows soon enough.

How about the main event then? I've been working on the back half of the Hyper Coaster area, and as a result felt the area needed some form of water ride. Welcome to Splash Falls Rapids!

If anyone has an idea of how to get the in game water to track level please do let me know! Not a massive fan of the blue as it stands.

The park's tilt-n-whirl finally has a location.

And a full park overview! The more eager eyed of you may spot several new rides. More on those soon! Enjoy! :)


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I really like that neon porch roof at La Grill.  However, you might want to dress up the actual shop fronts below it a bit, using some of the surround parts and/or the awnings for those types of shops.

AFAIK, the only way to get water up to track level is to build the water first, which is always a problem due to its finickiness with the surrounding land, providing which can screw up anything else built there already.  That's why you build the pond first, then anything around it.  Then you just build the track down into the water, although this requires turning off most restrictions on building track in the main settings menu (not the per-park settings menu).  You have to do it in this order, water first, then track, because the water doesn't have any adjustable settings so will always balk at immersing track if not already there.  It's similar with tracks crossing paths at ground level.  You have to build the path first, then the track on top of it with most restrictions off.  You can't build the track first, then cross it with a ground-level path.
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