[TUT] How To Use a Roller Coaster as a Track Ride/Multiple Trains On Same Block

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How To Use a Roller Coaster as a Track Ride (Have Multiple Trains on The Same Block Section)
So I know what you're thinking, they are two separate things, with completely different mechanics, how could one be used as the other?
It's all focused on tricking the game into having multiple coaster trains within one block section.
Now you're probably thinking, that's simple, just use a really long station.
Well, you don't have to.
It's relatively simple, you trick the game into pulling the coaster train into an already full block section, now this doesn't work with all coaster types, it's a bit of a guess and check there and there are some places where it doesn't work either even on a supported coaster type (like after changes in elevation).

So how do you do it?
The concept is pretty straight forward and it's focused around how chain-lifts work as a block brake and how they interact with wheels.
A wheel section that immediately follows a chain-lift will pull the train off the chain-lift, therefore you follow a chain-lift in the track immediately with a wheel section. I've found that this works best at 5mph, but feel free to try with other speeds. This also works best with shorter train lengths (1-2 cars) but again feel free to try with different lengths.
But the coaster isn't entertaining/isn't attracting people!
Again, a relatively simple fix! Just like a track ride, you have to up the scenery rating on the ride substantially as well as make sure to have the ride set as an advertisement destination on a lot of signs (I'd recommend at least 20).

If this didn't answer all of your questions, or you'd like to see it in action, I recorded a little video tutorial:
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Feel free to check out my work on YouTube:


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Oh, wow. This is such a cool breakthrough! Here's hoping Frontier doesn't fix it  :-\


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Very cool find!


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What a great find. I've added a link to this thread in the official PC Tutorials and Guides topic.
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