SeaWorld - Otter Outlook

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SeaWorld - Otter Outlook
« on: August 17, 2018, 02:32 PM »
Otter Outlook

Located adjacent to Dolphin Point is Otter Outlook, home to four rescued sea otters.

Rescued otter pups are kept in the Sea Otter Nursery until they are old enough to go on exhibit.

The otters on exhibit would very likely not have survived in the wild, so they have a safe and comfortable home here at SeaWorld.

There are 13 different species of otters in the world. These are sea otters, all from the California coast.

Informative signage is prominently displayed around the exhibit.

This is Mocha. She arrived at SeaWorld when she was 2 months old after being rescued in Davenport, CA. She is the most active and photogenic of the four.

The three other otters are named Clover, Coco, and Pumpkin. I don't know which one this is, as the other three look nearly identical.

Chillin' in the tub.