"Walk on the wild side" Themepark [Work in Progress]

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Re: "Walk on the wild side" Themepark [Work in Progress]
« Reply #90 on: February 08, 2020, 01:15 PM »
Hello Shy friends,  :)

Short update but finally the first real result of "Judgment day" The ride. The "Heavens Coaster" has just had its soft opening and can be considered finished.

"Heavens Coaster" is both an official ride and part of the scenery of "Judgment Day" The darkride in the "heaven" section of the attraction. Through an entrance hidden in Judgment Day" visitors can walk through the "heaven". This gives the darkride an experience that the "heaven" has been populated for some time.

Images say more. Below the "soft opening"

"Judgment Day" itself is now in phase of the final points of the scenery of the ride itself. In the meantime I have also started building the central castle part on the outside. I will need a full month for this. After that, the effects and triggers can be fine-tuned and so start gently with the first recordings for the presentation.

As I now estimate, "Judgment Day" can be opened in the spring with the opening of the new season of "Walk on the wild side" Theme Park.

Until the next update!
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