Six Flags Carolina

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Six Flags Carolina
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:08 AM »
After years of discovering so many amazing creations in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Planet Coaster behind the scenes, I have finally decided to share some of my projects here. This park, Six Flags Carolina, is a park that continually expands and evolves whenever I want to get away from heavy details and theming in Planet Coaster.

Six Flags Carolina, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, was purchased by Premier Parks in 1995 from Funtime Parks. Once a small family park in the Carolinas, competition from Cedar Fair's Carowinds, located in Charlotte, has caused Six Flags to invest heavily in the park in recent years. The only original rides remaining from the park's Funtime days are the Carolina Skytower and Raging Bull roller coaster. Here's a small photo tour of the park in present day.

Guests arriving to Six Flags Carolina today. While summer is quickly coming to an end, the humidity lingers through early fall down in the South.

The park's main entrance has been expanded twice since opening. This modern design was the beginning of a multi-year renovation of the park's main entry plaza. Carolina Skytower can be seen in the background.

A recently expanded Panda Express located in the park's main entry plaza.

An overhead view of the entry plaza. Here, the park splits into two areas: Symphony Park to the left and Backwoods to the right.

The entrance to Symphony Park, home to the park's floorless B&M coaster Superman: Flight of Fear, and a Zierer swing ride named American Swingers.

A view of Superman: Flight of Fear and American Swingers from a small pond.

Leaving Symphony Park, you enter the loosely-themed Crossroads area. With a central location in the park, this area is home to a Huss Giant Frisbee, classic bumper cars, a Vekoma Boomerang, and a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter (a clone of the original Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags over Georgia).

Crossroads also features the park's Johnny Rockets restaurant.

This area is located at the very back of the park and is home to the park's most popular attraction, Copperhead, a 232-foot B&M hypercoaster (totally not an Intimidator clone). An Intiman freefall tower also occupies this area.

Continuing our walk around the park, you encounter Batman: The Ride, the park's newest ride and newest coaster. The coaster sits in a mostly-empty area of the park with a large Mr. Six's Emporium gift shop and a first aid center.

Nearly completing the circle around the park, we enter Bugs Bunny National Park, the children's area. This area is home to the Vekoma kids coaster, Road Runner Express.

Exiting Bugs Bunny National Park, we come to Backwoods, immediately right of the entry plaza. Raging Bull, the park's oldest coaster, resides at the back of the area. A S&S Screamin' Swing was recently added in this area near the station for Raging Bull.

Re: Six Flags Carolina
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are there supposed to be pictures with this update?


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Re: Six Flags Carolina
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Welcome to SGW, Sorashaun!  I look forward to seeing your work, including that in this first post because the pics ain't showing up :(
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