DCA - Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

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DCA - Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:05 PM »
Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

The Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta is a spacious, counter service restaurant in Paradise Gardens Park. It offers a nice variety of simple Italian cuisine.

It replaced the old Pizza Oom Mow Mow in 2011.

The theme captures the turn of the century seaside park quite well.

The entrance foyer, like the rest of the interior, is decorated with displays of cheese, wine barrels, kitchenware, and other vintage Italian artifacts.

A framed flag of the Kingdom of Italy is prominently displayed in the foyer.

I love the little Pinocchio figure.

I think they did a really great job on the themeing and decor. The lighting, colors, and decor create a perfect vintage, seaside park look. The restaurant offers three stations...Pizza, Pasta, and Salads. There's something for everyone if you're in the mood for Italian. My only criticism would be that the menu is pretty plain and ordinary. The place never seems to get very busy. Perhaps if they jazzed up the menu a bit, it would get more business.

The Pizza Station

This impressive, faux brick oven dominates the pizza counter.

A pair of freshly made pizzas.

The Pizza Menu

The Pasta Station

The Pasta Menu

The Salad Station

The Salad Menu

The Beverage Bar

Beer is served here as well.

The Children's Menu

Large outdoor dining pavilions provide ample seating, which is shared with the neighboring Paradise Garden Grill.

Another side dining patio.

A couple of night shots...

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Re: DCA - Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 04:05 PM »
Like you said, the theming and décor are excellent here. Sort of a vintage 'Italy meets Coney Island' circa 1928 look and feel. The exterior is decked out in the Italian flag colors: red, white, and green; against a Naples yellow background. I like all the spindles, globes, decorated columns, finials and all the intricate details.

Interesting how (apparently) the only nod to Disney is the Pinocchio figure. (I assume that he was included deliberately.)

An example of the attention to detail on the interior is the rounding-off of the edges of the square columns, leaving the bottom (and probably top) few inches unrounded. Also, adding the stone layers with the woodwork in the same columns.

Such a shame this restaurant doesn't do more business. Like you said; maybe if they added more variety to each part of the menu... why is it that only kids get to have mac 'n cheese and meatball sandwiches? I want my mac 'n cheese! :mad:up: