Emerald Valley Studios, A Community Project!

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Emerald Valley Studios, A Community Project!
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:56 PM »
This article recently appeared in The Register-Guard...                                                               

                                                 Abandoned Studio Purchased, To Become New Tourist Attraction
D.W. Sward announced today that he has purchased the shuttered Emerald Valley Studio, off of Highway 126, just west of Eugene, for an undisclosed amount. Emerald Valley Studio has been one of the most unique sights on 126 for the last 60 years. While it never produced it’s own films during it’s operating period from 1930 to 60, thanks to the dominance of the “Big Five” studios (Fox, RKO, Warner Bros. MGM, and Paramount) in Hollywood, the studio made a small profit renting out it’s five sound stages to smaller, independent filmmakers, and to students from the nearby University of Oregon. Unfortunately, as the era of the studio system began to wane, business Emerald Valley began to drop, and the studio eventually closed it’s doors and it’s sound stages were abandoned. “Our plan is to eventually build an entire park centered around the studio.” Said Sward, “But first we want to convert the soundstages into a flagship attraction.” “Plans have already been drawn up to convert Stage 1 into our entrance area, which will include a restaurant, facilities, and the entrance to our Studio Tour.” Pictured above is a concept drawing of the entrance facility, Sward states that various design companies have been contacted to bid on the design of the other four stages.

Be a part of the Emerald Valley Studios!

Using the links to the blueprint provided, create a scene within the soundstage that contains a 20-second sequence for a studio tour.
The scene must be large enough for a five-car long tram to enter, stop, run the sequence, and exit.
The scene must fit within the dimensions of the sound stage, please do not change the size of the stage.

(As a tip, you can add “Behind The Scenes” props that create that would be seen while filming a scene, such as cameras, stagehands, and even the “Backstage” area of the set.) You are, however, permitted to edit the location of the entrance and exit.
Be sure to include the a sign with your preferred username for credit, and directions on the tram's path through your scene.
There is no restriction of DLC, however, for my computer's sake, Items from the Thememaker's toolkit will not be permitted.
Each soundstage will be considered under one of four categories:
City Street Scene (Building Fire, Car Chase, etc.)
Fantasy Scene (Magic, Dragons,)
Weather Scene (Rain, Wind, Lightning, etc.)
Wild Card (a scene that I have not suggested, looking for that “Wow” factor.

Here is the link to the soundstage and it's roof

To Enter:
Share your Steam Workshop Link in this thread with the name of the category you are entering your scene into.
Scenes will be determined by a poll in a separate thread for each category.
Deadline Midnight PST on Tuesday, March 4th.
Got any questions? Feel free to post them to this thread.
Happy Building!

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Re: Emerald Valley Studios, A Community Project!
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2019, 02:11 AM »
I like the concept idea. Since you are talking about 'run the sequence' i assume it must have 'triggers' and such. I havent really used them yet.
And just 1 day between offering the competition and the deadline? That seems a bit short to me.

Re: Emerald Valley Studios, A Community Project!
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2019, 01:53 PM »
Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out @Forgath, got my dates mixed up, the deadline is March 4th. I'll correct it on theOriginal Post.