Darlton Manor

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Darlton Manor
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:37 PM »
Hustled in the heart of the UK is Darlton Manor, a stately home that has served earls, survived world wars and is now a shadow of its former self serving as garden tours and tea time experiences.

It's current owners, The Thompsons have been at the helm since the 60s and time has moved on, so has the park.

The Manor is known for its Tea excursions and Blissful gardens aswell as heritage tours through the manor itself. Replicating different time eras. Admission is very competitive for the tours that are available and if your feeling adventurous you can also have a trek around the lake.

However, it seems something else is on the horizon for the park...

During a recent tour Tom, whos the managing director of the park said he had been toying with the idea of adding a ride to see what the guests reaction would be. More like a hobby, he went onto saying that if there is no demand then it would just be open weekends to earn extra cash. Being a keeno, I asked him if I could go and take a look, which he was more than happy to do so, or to show off his "baby" as he called it.

"Shockwave" he called it. A wooden out & back rollercoaster nestled in the heart of the park and also running out over the lake. Costing around 2 Million, I asked why now? and why this?
Quite simply, as much as I adore the Manor itself, its not always going to bring home the bread. Experimenting although could have its consequences is also very exciting. If this takes off just think of what the next few years could bring to the park. We chose a wooden rollercoaster as they are a firm staple of theme park heritage aswell as a firm favourite within the UK. For example see Pleasure Beach Blackpool. The formula they have works.

This thing looks insane. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to test it yet however Tom mentioned about a special ticketed event he would be holding costing around £10pp for unlimited rides for "X" amount of time. You bet I'm going to be there!

Catch you real soon!

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The day finally came when this wooden beast opened to the press & general public. The event cost £10PP and was 3 hours to enjoy the attraction itself. I managed a couple of rides with the media but then the crowds started pouring in. At one point it had a 2 hour line!

Overall I think the publics opinion was positive apart from the media scrutinising that the only food and beverage location was at the Manor itself.

Today Darlton Manor revealed they're brand new roller-coaster "Shockwave" to the general public, and shockwaves it did. With ques reaching up to 2 hours for this ticketed event you might want to bring a packed lunch as the nearest facilities are located at the ENTRANCE to the park. Thomas, the managing director said these things are trial and error, and we would be looking into catering options for the next season.

The calm before the storm, The queline for the ride. It has sort of a western feel to it. 

Drone footage before the mass crowds gathered. Here you can also see the out & back motion it does.

Another drone shot showing the station and queline aswell as various themeing dotted around. The que is compact and does it's job, but boy when summer hits they're going to need shelter or shade!

That's all for now, back to work for me! I'll check back soon!

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Yay for storytelling!  Great looking park, and I love having it all grounded around a charming manor house.