Heth vs. iEddiez PART 3: 10x10 grid dark ride challenge.

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Hey everyone.

iEddiez and I have continued our friendly challenges. Part 3 retains the same 'micro' style challenges as Part 1 and Part 2 (links below).

PART 1 - 20 x 20  park

PART 2 - 10 x 10 coaster

Challenge 3

Create the best dark ride you can in a 10x10 grid. The ride and its station and queue must all be within the 10x10 grid.

Heth's entry - House of the Invisible Man

My entry is still work in progress, but we wanted to be provide teasers for both our rides. My entry is called House of the Invisible Man, and is designed to fit in with my existing Future World steampunk style park. The ride takes guests through the house of the mad scientist Adrian Griffin as he tried to turn himself invisible.

Now it's iEddiez turn to post his entry teaser....


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Re: Heth vs. iEddiez PART 3: 10x10 grid dark ride challenge.
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iEddiez's entry - Haunted House

I wanted to make a classic. Who does not like a Haunted House?

My ride is actually done so you won't see much WIP from me!