[FM-Rides] Forly World | Update 1| 6-29

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[FM-Rides] Forly World | Update 1| 6-29
« on: June 29, 2020, 05:17 PM »
Hey guys!

After a long period we, MaxMagnus and Kevin :), came back to Planet Coaster and now present our newest park. It’s called “Forly World” and is a remastered (because we lack originality  :whistling:) version from our old (2011) RCT3 park named “Forlystelsespark Sønderborg”. Much love to Cheetah, who did all coaster-layouts for this Park! (you will get the first glimpse of his talent today).

As the old park said by its name, the park is located in Sønderborg, in south-denmark, close to the german border. We started to plan and build it in 2018, had nearly 2 years of a break, and thanks to the corona-situation, we’re back on the grind. The first update will show you the entry, mainstreet and “Scandinavia” (you see the lack of originality  :D)

The park is split into different themed areas, representing one part of the earth. From the shown one you can get to Africa, China, the Wild West, the medieval Europe and the tropical South-America. The goal of the park is not a hyper-realistic style, like NoNameLandia for example, but rather a detailed theming and a dense atmosphere.

Overview of attractions located in Scandinavia:

  • Pariserhjul: a small ferris-wheel for little visitors
  • Oles Køreprøve: an oldtimer-course through the danish woods
  • Christians jungle eventyr: a boat-ride through the mainstreet towards Africa
  • Fyrtårn: an observation-deck in the lighthouse (at 50m)
  • Jyyland: a traditional swing boat
  • Idas Klatrepark: a climbing park on a stone-wall .
  • Lighthouse Keepers Boatride: a 1970 ft. long rafting which crosses multiple times the wing-coaster 
  • Stormsvale: A B&M Wing-coaster with 4 Inversions, 7 near-misses.and a maximum of 4,5G while reaching 63 mp/h

But it’s well known that pictures are worth thousand of words (which I meanwhile surpassed): 

You enter the park through the new main-entry

From the Copenhagen waterfront inspired mainstreet

The plaza with the passage to Africa and the station-building of the wing-coaster

The small ferris-wheel with Stormsvale in the background

The rafting queue offers a view in the upcoming new area

The lighthouse (our weenie obviously) is always in sight

With the soakers (red-blue) you can aim for the yet-dry rafting-guests

Although it’s quite a challenge to stay dry on THIS rafting

You never lose sight of Stormsvale

Jyyland in the dusk

For the children you find a playground and for more courageous adventurer you have the climbing-park

In the gloaming of the day Stormsvale shines!

We hope you like our park and welcome any kind of feedback! Because we already have some work done in other areas (as you might have spotted) it is possible that the next update will follow soon. But you never know

Stay safe and best regards

Re: [FM-Rides] Forly World | Update 1| 6-29
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nice update


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Re: [FM-Rides] Forly World | Update 1| 6-29
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Very cool.  That coaster looks SOOOO fun!


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Re: [FM-Rides] Forly World | Update 1| 6-29
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2020, 02:30 PM »
Wonderful update! The coaster does look like a good time!