We meet again, SGW

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We meet again, SGW
« on: October 02, 2020, 08:28 PM »
Hello ShyGuysWorld,

I'm Myles. I was on SGW for a period of a few years as the user TheMKGames but I rarely did anything. I had a terribly old computer (Dell Inspiron from 2005-2006) that could barely run RCT3. I started an RCT3 park called Eaglewood that used a mix of NoCS and CS. I lost the park, and the drive to do much, along with RCT3, which crashed and corrupted after I tried adding some CTRs and CTs. I recently lost that computer, and have had to get a new computer, mainly because I have to deal with online high school. I've once again got RCT3 with the Epic Games sale, and I also have Parkitect. My computer, for those interested, is merely and HP Pavilion with Ryzen 5 AMD, and a Radeon graphics card, which I've been told, is pretty good for a laptop. I've also started work on Eaglewood, but I'm a little hesitant with getting CS. I'm mainly worried about another crash/corruption with the game.

Anyways, I'll talk more, and I'll probably get some CS if someone could help me along seeing as I'm new to Complete Edition and Windows 10.

I hope to do better than I did last time,



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Re: We meet again, SGW
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2020, 02:42 AM »
HALLO! Welcome!

It's not about doing better, play for fun! It works better... trust me!