Eaglewood Resort V2 - Editor's Note and Preliminary Planning

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Hey all, I'm Myles. I used to be on here as TheMKGames. I mostly lurked, but I attempted to post some parks. Each got one update before they failed. I recently got the Complete Edition of RCT3, and I've been starting some general planning for Eaglewood, but it's not entirely ready yet. I plan on having the same storyline, the same three characters, and the same exact location. What exactly do I mean (pun intended there)?

Well, Eaglewood is set in my hometown, and I've always meant for it to be right on the banks/shore of Manistee Lake (in Manistee, MI). I've been to the location of this fictional park, many times. But today, I've mapped it out, and I've got a reference for the land and terrain I'm going to put the park and resort on.

This is a general map of the land I want to use. Since Eaglewood's timeline starts in the early 70s, none of this land (particularly the land on the riverbanks, where there is currently a chemical plant owned by Martin Marietta, and a trailer park) will be developed, although, Caberfae Highway, which is also known as M-55, will still be there. M-55 is connected to US-31, which is the major highway system in Western Michigan. It goes right down to Muskegon (where Michigan's Adventure is) and Grand Rapids, and it ends right in South Bend, Indiana. So, the park would be in a great spot. I don't believe Eastlake Road would be there in the 70s.

This is a picture of the land Eaglewood would be on in the present day. There's a slight decline and then the Martin Marietta chemical plant right on the banks of the lake.

And that's all of the preliminary work I've been doing. If you want to see the first version of Eaglewood that I started a few years ago, I'll put a link in this post. I've done some referencing to that, but not too much. There's going to be a lot of major, major changes to the resort layout.

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Re: Eaglewood Resort V2 - Editor's Note and Preliminary Planning
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I think this is a great start, im excited to see what you have in store as to what the park will look like. Personally, I wouldn't want a theme park next to a chemical plant. But im sure you can definitely make it work.