Flying Eagle - A launched wingcoaster

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Flying Eagle - A launched wingcoaster
« on: June 11, 2021, 07:36 AM »
Dear all,

Finally I can present you my newest Planet Coaster project 'Flying Eagle' a launched wingcoaster based on the style of Austrian landscaping (with some own input).
I worked for about 30 months on this project (not everyday ofcourse ;) ).
I chose this kind of landscaping, because I love the landscape of Austria.
The story about the Flying Eagle, goes about an eagle who is around everywhere, he will see you, wherever you are!

The Flying Eagle area consists of a rollercoaster (the main attraction) and some Flatrides.

My partner Supernovae78 helped me to build the rollecoaster and gave me some advices for building the theming, so thanks to him  :up:

ASAP, I will upload the rollercoaster on steam.

I also used some toolkits items, hereby I want to thank the following persons:

Special thanks to:
Toolkit creators:
xDaddyPoe for the:
-   Cat
-   Eagle
-   Dog
Luna Delcilo for the cow
Gab for the frog
Ray for the goat
Ms. Rednebula for the wolf

Now I will show you some pictures.

At first some overview pictures

Let's have some food!


Lovely little houses

Please take me out!

Let's sit on the terrace

Beautiful castle (based on Schloss Neuschwanstein)

Beautiful sunrise

Take me to church

The frog is chilling in the water

The station from outside

Honey I'm home!

Every teardrop is a waterfall

Where are you waiting for?

The goat has climbed to the top

Watch out for the bats...

.... and for the wolves

Entry hall one side

The other side

Time for some picnic



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Re: Flying Eagle - A launched wingcoaster
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 05:59 PM »
Beautifully themed and landscaped. :)  In the "Lovely little houses" photo, I especially like the decorative trim around the doors and windows. A really nice variety of lighting in the screenshots: some dawn, some sunset, some nighttime, some brilliant daytime. I enjoyed riding the ride from the different camera angles in the video. Thank you for showing us your creation. :)