Renewal at Oak Lake - Scenario

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Renewal at Oak Lake - Scenario
« on: March 22, 2022, 01:53 PM »
Renewal at Oak Lake - Scenario

Spring has sproinged -- good time to post a scenario about renewing an old park. This is a rework of Oak Island using the Grand Carousel from the Magnificent Rides Collection and Vintage & Studios DLCs in a customized City biome. Same objectives, but new research trees (everything either available or researchable). Please note this scenario starts with the park and the remaining facilities in it closed.  (Turned on all rides to avoid a glitch with the ride aging:  rides set to a Classic age in the Scenario Editor but closed when the scenario is first opened for play often won't retain their age past the first save, reverting to New on opening the saved game.)  As always, many thanks to the original art-devs!

This park thrilled the public for almost a century, but that was decades ago. Dangerously decaying, the city voted for restoration over bulldozing the place -- by a narrow margin. They've spruced things up a bit and allocated some funds, but you're expected to get things up and running, bringing in the crowds and the money, while preserving the site's heritage.