Le Domaine Brazier - French Amusement Park - Season 2007

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Le Domaine Brazier - French Amusement Park - Season 2007
« on: September 19, 2022, 11:36 AM »
Last weekend, for the start of the 2007 season, I went to the Domaine Brazier, the second most visited amusement park in the south of France!

Don't you know the Domaine Brazier? Well, I can't really blame you since for a long time the park didn't really shine and was just a family park. But for a short while now, the park has undergone a partial change of ownership and has a new investment strategy that could make it a very interesting place to visit in the years to come.

A little background story to start with...
The "Domaine Brazier" is first and foremost the "Chateau Brazier" (Brazier Castle). A 17th century residence, modernised over the next three centuries, which belonged to the Brazier family. A bourgeois family that had made its wealth from the resources of the Rhone-Alpes region.

But in the middle of the 20th century, the family found itself ruined. Heavily affected by the Second World War, which had caused them to lose their sources of income, the Brazier heirs found themselves with a gigantic estate that they could not maintain. Most of the outbuildings fell into disrepair and faced with this, Aude Brazier, wife of Etienne Brazier, had an idea.
Inspired by her youth spent in America she urged her husband to create an amusement area to finance the estate. A bit like the funfairs she used to go to when she was younger.

In 1962, the "Domaine Brazier" was created. At first it wasn't much. There were carnival games, food services, shooting games. Then with the growing success the domain became fifteen years later a real amusement park focused on the medieval world with "La Cité Médiévale" (The Medieval City). Finally, in 1987 the park expanded further and began to look like the one we know today and that I am about to introduce to you.

It's a new day at Domaine Brazier

The current entrance only exists since 1998! It was built following a change of approach with the desire to have a more conventional and generic central "hub". It houses the monorail station which has been in the park since 1992 (its station was not initially here).

The monorail station is clearly visible from far away, but the turnstiles are actually located under a building a little further.

On the right are the classic information points, which also allow you to pick up your ticket if you have not already bought it at the point of sale. If you look closely, from here you can also see one of the historic areas of the park below.

Once you have passed under the monorail station you will find yourself on the "Place Aude" (Aude Plaza). The park management had not forgotten what it owes to Aude, who passed away about ten years ago, so when the park created this new entrance area in 1998 it was decided to pay tribute to her.
Here we find above all a carousel ( which has been in the park since its opening as an amusement park)...

What kind of theme park are you if you don't have a caroussel?

But that's not it! The plaza, which mixes European and American inspiration, is surrounded by " Le Monorail " and also hosts the souvenir shop of a park and two food outlets " Le Café " and "Casse-croute" (Snacks).

The square is a pleasant place to spend time at the end of the day, and is large enough to accommodate people without being stuffy. Occasionally there are curiosities to discover, such as vintage cars, as is the case at the beginning of this season.

On the left there are false fronts but also the park shop.

At the far end of the plaza there is also a secondary entrance and exit towards the castle, which can be admired from the other side of the Saône (the river that runs through the park).

In the shop the classic goodies. The previous management did not see the need for merchandising but it has become a priority for the new management.

Coffee while the kids have rides?

And here is a full view of the plaza.

We saw a good part of this entrance area. What should we discover next? From here you can discover the three historical zones of the park... Tell me which one you would like to see next.

Should we see...

Mek Bazar ? Accessible directly from the square.

Or... "La Cité Médiévale" accessible from the right. Or "Lac Crétacé" the are we could see from the entrance ?

And... That's it for the first look at "Domaine Brazier". Tell me what you think of what you have seen from the park so far. There are much more to see !

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(pardon my french!)


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Re: Le Domaine Brazier - French Amusement Park - Season 2007
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2022, 12:46 PM »
It's nice to see a new park! :)  Chateau Brazier looks like an authentic French chateau/castle. As for which area to see first, any of them would be fine. We'll be seeing all of them eventually, yes? It looks like you've already completed the park(?) So tell the story in the order that pleases you best. I'll be following the progress. :)

Re: Le Domaine Brazier - French Amusement Park - Season 2007
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2022, 01:47 PM »
Great looking park. Not many people movers out there in builds and I love the way they look in game.