Wonderland of adventure A new start.

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Wonderland of adventure A new start.
« on: October 19, 2022, 11:33 AM »
Hello all.

After my search for a park to rearrange and to expand I found a park that will work for me.
Lakewood from Karenae on the workshop was the park I found and well is the park I am gonna use.
It will be story based so I hope you guys stick with me on this journey.
Oh and just for Info Everything in this story is my own imagination some of the rides and theming I will place will be from the workshop. I have a lot of workshop items That I can't give everybody his/her own shoutout. So in advance a big thank you for all creators.

Now here we go.

The headline I read as lakewood seasonpass holder was not what I wanted to read when I opened my newspaper this morning.
I bought the pass at the end of the season so I hope that I can still go.
Let me introduce myself.
Steven is my name 25 years on the planet we call home and well fond customer of Lakewood. What is Lakewood I hear you say to yourself. That is the local family park where we went to when I was a kid and well the owners got a bit of falling out witch each other and decided to sell the place. That is what I understood from the article. The start of the season is right around the corner as that is today. so I will get the drone out and well take some shots for you all.

They build this weird wooden tunnel as you approach the park. What's going on here?

This is the only other change I could find.
They extended the que line as you can see on the overhead shot from the newspaper. I must say it is a smart move as this ride is always busy people kept standing in line on the normal pathways.

Well That's it for now. I am going back to the park soon and who knows what we will hear from the new owner. What I could read in the paper they would make a written statement for the newspaper with some of their plans. When I have seen it I will let you all know.

Re: Wonderland of adventure A new start.
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2023, 07:58 AM »
Hi All.
Since the take over of Lakewood there have been a lot of changes. So I will dive right into the changes they made so far.
First they changed the layout of the boat trip. the original trach you can see on this outtake of the overvieuw picture.

The new route you can see on the pics below. They added a curve but why?

Second we now know why we needed that tunnel. That is the place of the new entrance building that they started to build.
They have been working in a two way derection.
They started with taking apart the current entrance and the folliage.

They explaint that the new entrance is prefab and that it will be contructed in the off season. also this is a test for other constructions that they have planned. The new track layout of the boatride was also needed for those plans. The building permits have been filled but nothing has been disclosed to the public. So we need to wait for the new season before we know more. We do know that next year the re will be a new ride.so the off season will give us a new entrance and a new ride. Hope it will be a good one.