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Custom Scenery Requests Thread

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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1830 on: December 22, 2021, 08:04 AM » .... Go to the "RCT3 tools" menu..
RIP Flash Player
I could only view the site through the Internet Archive, but even the earliest recorded archive of the site still required Flash.
Not that it would have helped, since I don't own a desktop app for SketchUp…

It'd be great if there was a plugin for other softwares such as those in the Autodesk family.
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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1831 on: June 15, 2022, 03:37 PM »
CS request: Rock n roller coaster, full scenery

I was wondering if anyone can make the entire Rock N Roller Coaster scenery for this CT here. Both WDW and paris versions cause this CT has both of the CTRs on there



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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1832 on: July 08, 2022, 01:59 PM »
hey all... i am seeking Doenerschlumpf Greenscreens cso.  i have seeked everywhere but it seems to have gone missing as a lot of great cso's jave gone  please email me at or pm me here


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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1833 on: July 08, 2022, 02:49 PM »
Hi, MASSREBEL. I'm not familiar with the set you mentioned. But here are two other sets found in the Custom Scenery Depot that have green screen pieces:

ImagineerJohn's I-Glide ride and scenery (download includes the ride and the scenery):;sa=view;down=2284

DasMatze's Background Boxes. These are extra large boxes that can serve as backgrounds. One of them is green, for green screen effects:;sa=view;down=3770


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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1834 on: January 14, 2023, 07:53 PM »
"... I am seeking Doenerschlumpf Greenscreens cso.  ( ) ..."

Hey'ya, MASSREBEL (and all others interested)

   Ok. If you are still looking for "Doenerschlumpf Greenscreens cso", it is listed in this collection
of 114 sets. Several are sets unknown to me. There are likely many you already have.
    Be advised, that the "Beaver Homes 2010" file is corrupted or not good.  And that I have not
verified to many files via B1Archiver's preview function.

Bauwerke, Wände, Böden, Dächer, Fahrzeuge (funktionslos).zip   
via Lonestar , Dec 10th 2019 , {318 mb zip} 322mb thawed , 114 sets
{other DL links on above page}

Alle Downloads aus unserer alten Downloaddatenbank.

1001Gondelbahn Set
Alpine Village Set 1 [Shyguy]
Alpine Village Set 2 [Shyguy]
Alpine Village Set 3 [Shyguy]
Am seidenen Faden
Asiawalls by PhiWie
Beaver Homes 2010   ... <<< not thawable
Beaver Homes Update
Belgabors Asia Walls
Big Black Walls 1.0 by AlexCoasters
BigBurger's Easy Pix
Bonanza- Ponyreiten - Set
Catfish Cove Set [Shyguy]
Circus Center Set 1 [Shyguy]
Circus Center Set 2 [Shyguy]
Coasterfreak Crenelation Walls
Coasterfreak Drive In Theater
Coasterfreak Gothic Walls
Coasterfreak House Spezial 2
Coasterfreaks House Special 1
Coasterfreaks Wall Set
CosterGirls Donuts trailer
CSF Rock Set
DasMatze Industry Age Non Rusty Objects 4
DasMatze Spikey Walls
DasMatze Swiss It
Diagonal Black Wall
doenerschlumpf - Greenscreens & Bluescreens V1.1
Essentials Expansion Pack 1 - Color
Essentials Expansion Pack 3 - Walls and Rails
Essentials Pack 1
Essentials Pack 2
Expo 3000 Set [Shyguy]
Finni's Darkrideset 2.0
Greece 2 Set by PhiWie
Greece Set 1 by PhiWie
Green Park Logo
Grusel Circus
Hag365s Power Plant Smoke Stack
Haunted Mansion
Im Einsatz
Karussellorgel (Kirmesorgel)
Kirmesbuden-Set das auf keinem Kirmes oder Jahrmarkt fehlen sollten
Light Set by PhiWie
Luckygirls Arabian Wall Set 1
LuckyGirls Harbour Set 1
LuckyGirls Harbour Set 2
Main Street Set 1 [Shyguy]
Main Street Set 2 [Shyguy]
Main Street Set 3 [Shyguy]
Main Street Set 4 [Shyguy]
Mattatt14's Anaheim Space Mountina Set [mattatt14]
Mediavel Tunnel Set
Mickey Mouse Walls
Nostalgie II
NYRfan85s Pool Covers
NYRfan85s Stadium Seating
NYRfan85s Stucco Roofs
Oderus BrickWallSet
OldHouse Set by disneyparkfreak
osudenny buckeye cafe set
osudenny stone wall set
osudenny wall decoration set
osudenny wall decorations 2
Osudennys Buck Eye Cafe Set
Osudennys Ride Stations Set
Osudennys Stone Wall Set
Osudennys Wall Decoration Set 1
Osudennys Walls Decorations Set 2
Osundennys House Set Extras
Pirates by MaZzer and RCTchen
Prost II
Prost III
pyrofr3eak's Black Wall Set
Ralfvieh Medieval Update
Ralfvieh's McDonut's
Ralfvieh's Medieval
Ralfvieh's New Castle
RCTManiac Amphitheatre v1 [rctmaniac]
RCTManiac Shelterz [rctmaniac]
Recolorable Modern Art Set
Safety Set
Sayter Point Production - Vekehrsschilder
Schiffschaukel ( funktionslos )
Shevek`s Wall Blast - Stucco Ver 1.1
Shyguys Water World Set 1 [Shyguy]
Snowset 01
Talocan V1.0
Vodhin City of Oz
Vodhins GirdersNGlass
Vodhins Mill Set
Vodhins Vermont Theme v1
Wendel Treppe
Wenn der Ball rollt
Wildwasserbahn Station
Xistics Office Glass Set
Xistics Pier 6 Walls
Xistics Road Cafe Italy 1

Direct link :
If you dl the collection (accumulated via Lonestar) I hope you obtain some very nice sets.
Bauwerke, Wände, Böden, Dächer, Fahrzeuge (funktionslos)
"Buildings, walls, floors, roofs, vehicles (without function)"

Die folgenden Dateien sollten auf '.jpg' statt auf '.zip' enden:
Sayter Point Production -
Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh's New

Die folgenden Dateien sollten auf '.rar' statt auf '.zip' enden:
Finni's Darkrideset
CosterGirls Donuts

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Re: Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« Reply #1835 on: March 31, 2023, 05:57 PM »
As ridiculous as it sounds, I kinda wish for the Harmonious barges.......World Of Discovery is the budget Epcot  :P

Also a Tron canopy. This might be a super early Christmas list lol  ::)