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RCT Community Board / Re: Can RCT3 load faster on SSDs?
« Last post by francescoaster on Today at 06:19 AM »
Well, I just copied my full RCT3 game folder to the hard drive and did some test to find out.

Spoiler (hover to show)

First I took note of the time needed to start the game to the main menu (skipping the intros as soon as possible).
Then I tried loading the "new sandbox game" empty park, and a "normal" park with rides, cfrs, custom scenery and custom tracks.
Here's the result.


32 sec to main menu
16 sec loading empty park
47 sec loading test park


39 sec to main menu
18 sec loading empty park
57 sec loading test park

Keep on mind that I'm using a 2.5' SATA SSD. Using a NVME should get much better results.
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: PIRATES!
« Last post by iEddiez on Today at 01:52 AM »
Part spooky, part pirate; I like it. :)  The ride is actually longer than I was expecting (always a good thing). Lots of variety with the dark thrillride rollercoaster segments in between the splashes and tableaus.

Thanks JB!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Coming in Six Months - Maybe!
« Last post by JPAlmighT on Yesterday at 08:21 AM »
That house!   The scale is perfect

Love the snow on the road in the top shot, I'm going to make a suggestion of using the snow pieces to add a few heaps on the sidewalks where maybe they shoveled up against the buildings and around the lightposts and stuff... ?

You guys must use NASA suoercomputers or something! Took over 25 minutes just to load the park, and it was very difficult to maneuver around. A lot of stutter and freezes. I do have a pretty hefty desktop. I have a feeling you are going to hit a wall one of these days!

*only* 25 minutes?   You are one of the lucky ones :P

Aww... Thank you, JB! I'm so glad you appreciate all our hard work.

And thanks, citytrader! I can assure you that most of what you see now will survive.  ;)
First of all, I'd like to re-state how much I like your opening sequences for these Rose Lake videos. Starting with the sepia tones, the shift to color and the gradual zooming in of the image to fill the entire screen. The music sets the scene and puts us in the mood for the video.

Haha, in the opening shot, the "Come Again" sign; at first it looked like it said "Gone Again". I thought "Oh no, what sort of calamity has fallen upon the park now?" In my defense, the flowering vine on the archway did sort of conceal part of the text. So... yeah.

Haha again, for the lovey-dovey hearts drifting across the screen as you describe how Matt joined your team. And while describing the garbage truck we could see where the trolley tracks and road come to an end. It looked like something from a Twilight Zone episode: "They just disappear! There's nothing beyond it! The world just ends there!" And, oh my, the billboard with the baby in the plastic bag... and it's a real ad! Geez.

I love the 'unusual' taxidermied heads on the Cavern gift shop wall. Also the displays of stuff found in the caverns. And yes, I read the info on the cave bats (all 7 of 'em) and cave fish. It seems that tourists play a major role in the cave bats' lives.

I like the steel bars and gate at the entrance of the caverns, just like a real cave, and the electrical cables strung all over the place, like a real cave. The cave tour was great. The tour guide's spiel is worthy of a Jungle Cruise skipper from a Disney park. I like where the cavern lights are switched off, so the guests can experience "Total Darkness". I think all the touristy caves do that bit.

As always, your (the Rose Lake team's) jokey back-and-forth made the 1 hour and 1 minute and 30 seconds (!) go by swiftly. Excellent video.
Had a chance to open the park and look around. Love some of the changes. That ballroom is just gorgeous! Loved the new boathouse as well.

I wonder how many of the older attractions are going to survive until the present day? So many have already bit the dust.

Have to say the Pretzel was great. Nice facade, Simple wooden walls, pop up scares, just like it would have been back in the day. Well done.

You guys must use NASA suoercomputers or something! Took over 25 minutes just to load the park, and it was very difficult to maneuver around. A lot of stutter and freezes. I do have a pretty hefty desktop. I have a feeling you are going to hit a wall one of these days!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Coming in Six Months - Maybe!
« Last post by citytrader on July 31, 2021, 02:47 PM »
The Bijou and the Music Store;

One of the many residences on the roads out of town;

Rose Lake Park 1930 - 1939 is here!

This park map represents the fifth chapter of the journey chronicling the life of Rose Lake Park from its humble beginnings as a picnic grove at the end of a trolley line near Peepsburgh in the heart of Plancovania, to the world renown destination amusement park it is today. The 1930s proved to be a challenging decade for Rose Lake, with the Great Depression ravaging the country, and the Rose River valley flood of 1935 severely damaging much of the low-lying areas of the park. But, as Rose Lake always does, it overcame and emerged stronger and more successful than before. The discovery of a massive cave system beneath the southwest corner of the park brought the park back from near financial ruin when the founders began charging a small fee for cavern tours. By 1939, Rose Lake Caverns had become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northeastern United States. With its subterranean lake stocked with blind fish (which can be explored via glass-bottom boat tours), and innovative underground funicular ride to bring guests from the end of the tour back up to the surface, the Caverns remain a truly fascinating attraction to this day. Also added during this decade were the pleasurable Auto Rally ride from Traver Engineering, the brand-new Flying Eagles, and the first-generation Eyerly Octopus (built for the project by RedLine682). A glorious new Art Deco boathouse was built on Rose Lake, where guests could rent elegant wooden speedboats and have a drink on the upper deck at the swanky Sir Montague’s Boathouse Bar. Guests could stay the night at the new Rose Lake Cabins, offering breathtaking views of the lake. Transportation from the park improved with all new trolley cars and city buses from Peepsburgh. And the crown jewel of the decade was the truly magnificent Rose Lake Ballroom, occupying the former Bruin Auditorium show space, turning the building into a destination in its own right. Explore the park to find all of these exciting additions plus many more surprises!  Be sure to grab the billboard images and sound files.  Links are on the workshop page.

Episode 5, part 2 video: 

Cave Tour instructions: The tour begins in the Caverns gift shop. Follow the path down. Along the path are several rooms. Each room contains a plaque with a hidden sequencer in it. Click on the sequencer to hear the tour spiel for that room (voiced by our own WolfTenor). Note that the sequencer in the Aubergine room needs to be cycled through once before it will work correctly because of the lighting effects in that room (Planco is weird).

Note: Peeps will walk through the cave tour if you open the park, as long as you open the ride called "Rose Lake Caverns Tour." The tour path is actually its queue path.
Looks great!

^ Thank you Citytrader!

The tree trunks/supports really add a lot to this ride. Along with the shadiness, it looks a lot more jungle-y now. Just what the doctor ordered.

^ Thanks JB! I agree as well, it adds a new depth to the ride now and feels even more appropriate.

Its been quite a busy summer for me, I have been out and doing a lot with my girl friend. [Relationships do take up a lot of your time haha.] We actually went to Knoebels last weekend which was a blast. The last time I was there was 18 years ago! Not much changed, but some newer rides as well! Now onwards to the update gang...

1968 Opening Day Part 8

After the thrilling journey on Jungle Land we give new attention to the rest of the attractions that Pirate Reef Pier has to offer!

^ Such as The Shooting Gallery, where you can try to shoot some bank robbers and other mid west props. Along with, I don't know? The brand new Log Flume!

^ This year's newest ride sits on the back nearby Mine Ride. Log Flume is considered one of the longer of its type in the country!

^ Speaking of Mine Ride, another thrilling family ride for those looking for some western fun on the south side of the Pier...

^ Going up to 75 feet, Log Flume offers some excellent views of the surroundings...

^ It is amazing how they even managed to fit this ride on the pier, but they did! The drop looks even more fun! Guaranteed to make you soaked...

Tune in for more!
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