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Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Rapture 1959 - A Bioshock Story
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:37 AM »
Finally I found time to write on this marvellous project again.
I know from behind the scenes how much work and passion you all put in to this project and it´s visible in every picture you have posted until now.
The interiors with all thoose custom created things out of the in game shapes shows your endless creativity and skills when it come to create. The lighting design and harmonic color schemes blending togehter in a perfect way and spreading out atmosphere to the maximum. There is so much to explore if you take a longer look on every pictures like the out-standing art designs on the walls. I think they are from real artists and were used in the original game. Brilliant!
The last update shows again like the first how big you think in scale and design. The train station is a feast for the eyes!
I am really exciting when the final video will be released. I am sure it will be a cinematographic masterpiece!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Enchanted Lake
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:28 AM »
This is like a fairytale. Totaly beautiful vibe in every scene!
I feel good looking at your pictures

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Grizzly Peaks National Park
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:26 AM »
The most natural and realistic landscape on the board. WOW! How much work you must put into the mountains!?!
Very inspiring and sooo realistic.

This is pure Disney magic until now!
The whole themes blending togehter very nice and the attention to detail is fantastic. The intergration with the nature is wonderful as well.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Discovery Islands - Teasing Time
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:21 AM »
The coaster looks like a beast! Very vivid scenes and great color schemes.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Egypt
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:19 AM »
37 pages full of wondeful magic PlanCo creativity.
It´s truely amazing how you keep on with your inspiration for this park and draw of pages for pages full of marvellous scenes.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Halton Hills Park - WIP - By Shiftzie
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:16 AM »
I love your coaster design!
It´s abolutley inspiring with a special touch and attention to realism. The whole park developed totaly great until now.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Blast Point Resort - Xuropa IV - EXTRACTOR
« Last post by zeroG on Today at 11:14 AM »
This new area is mind-blowing! The style of architecture is so special and unique...just brilliant! The entrance gate is such a wonderful created piece of art. And everything else is just perfect as well...designs, colors, pathcovers, roof shades and the integrated rock themeing is like the whole theme totaly out-standing! Wonderful work, Nemmie!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share this detailed park map as the park currently stands with both Main Street USA and The Great Outdoors being completed! I didn't add merchandise locations to the map guide as that would take up quite a bit of space.

Also, I'll be starting a YouTube channel soon with a detailed look at the various locations around the park with music, sounds, and video as well. Stay tuned
Planet Zoo / Re: BiOdôme | New Project | By Shiftzie
« Last post by Shiftzie on Today at 03:03 AM »
In the 5th from the last pic, I really like how the background image blends in with the foreground. And in the 2nd from the last image, I like that see-thru wood partition (also seen in several other images).

Thanks ^^, thanks to the billboards added in the game haha !
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