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Thank you wowmanrct for enjoying this creation. I am honoured  ;)

Hello ZéroG, I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy the video in your language. You can use the automatic translator with youtube subtitle. It is quite efficient and will allow you to better understand the attraction  ;)

Indeed, I really designed this attraction at the same time that I imagined the voices off. The voices justify what you see on the screen. One doesn’t go without the other  :)

I’m so happy to read your comment anyway, because you really seem to have enjoyed the ride. I have had very little feedback on this creation, so I am very pleased to read you. Indeed, I really like to find new things to do in the game. Like my previous projects, or I’ve always tried to design things that aren’t originally planned in planet coaster.

At the time I had already tried in RCT3, but between us, Planet coaster is an inexhaustible source of work so the game offers possibilities  ::)

Today I come back to make you discover a part of the reverse of the decor of the attraction that I made you discover last week. Below are the sets being created to simulate a cinematic, which I have embedded in my attraction (since this is a dynamic cinema, the use of videos intertwined with physical sets is quite possible 😊 )

It’s been so long that we’ve been waiting for your final video. Time doesn’t fly. Will we have the chance to see visitors in this futuristic city where your attraction is?  ;)

It took me about a year to work intermittently on this project so that I could present it to you on video. So that’s quite a lot of work on the screens 😅

Discover now the concept of a new attraction that I just realized on computer =D This is a "Dynamic motion teaser", using a mixture of curved giant screen image and real scenery. Dive into the maze of GENETICS RESEARCH for a day of immersion. At your own risk ... 😱😁

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: BioShock Infinity Coaster - Released
« on: December 07, 2022, 02:16 AM »
Everything is so realistic in your video. I really like the work done on the details of the buildings and the sound. It really feels like congratulations !   :w00t:

Hello everyone  :)

Even if the updates of this creations are at an irregular pace, it always progresses gradually. I have just done all the shots of the exterior of the building as well as the entire queue, up to the boarding gates, overlooking the platform of my dynamic motion theâter ;) This allowed me to start the video editing, the choice of sounds, sound effects, and voices off (because yes there will be all this so that the video experience transcribes correctly what we could have in real  ;) )

Good evening to you all  :D

Today I went to the room following the corridor that you saw recently. It’s a room on the ground floor of the factory. It overlooks the outside, with a huge bay window, which, if someone sounds the alarm, is able to immediately confine all the staff of the plant, thus not letting anyone leave or enter the building’s enclosure  :)

I dig up the subject and I’m sorry. I had missed this creation. And really, I am subjugated by what I saw  :scared: :o  :love: God, what a job, what patience to program all this. I’m on my ass. I tip my hat to you, it’s really beautiful. We feel the inspiration of the great festivals, and it makes you want to move even more on the music !!  :D

It’s a monstrous job !!  :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:  I don’t know the game at all. Yet I have already seen some creations on this theme, but this one detracts all those I have seen so far. What realism is striking! What did you use as a means of transport to film? A robot coaster? Did you make it invisible or hide the rail under the scenery ? = )

Glad you like it Wowmanrct. I’m trying to make up for lost time right now. And I think I’ve found a good pace to move on  ;)

Today I continued to make scenery for video. To have a fluid traveling, I used a robocoaster. The rail is hidden under the scenery. In fact, I did not manage to make invisible the system ride, so I had to proceed otherwise  :yes:

Good evening everyone  :)

1 year after the construction of this famous attraction has been put on hold and I am working on it 😊 This is the perfect start, with the creation of a large hall that will serve to illustrate what will be on the huge circular screen of the attraction 😊

A few hours later, the scene ended. Now that I have finished lighting, I will be able to move on to other rooms, either for the same-read wrinkle, or for illustration decoration   ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: ILLUSION - Horror Maze (by Zig-Zou)
« on: January 27, 2022, 03:38 PM »
wow - great looking project, but so much at once I have visual overload!!!
Hello Wowmanrct  :) Everything is possible in this game. Only time is a brake. Thank you very much  ;)

This is INCREDIBLE!  I've always wanted to try making a walk-through haunted house in Planco.  This is AWESOME!
Hey Fisherman  :D I thought I saw in your old creations a facade of attraction that strongly resembles a haunted house to do on foot. I must be wrong then. But if you ever make one I look forward to seeing  :)

Storyline :

Willkommen, welcome, welcome im cabaret, to cabaret, to cabareeet!

Congratulations! You have been selected for a selection interview with our manager and you will visit your future workplace. At the end of the 21st century, life is hard for cabarets and ours in particular. We are the target of threats and intrusions from criminal gangs who would like to organize their own shows. So we need renewal, new blood, arms and strong minds! Are you ready to go beyond the stage of illusion that makes you smile, that of the rabbit coming out of the hat or the partner properly cut in half?

The real illusion is so close to reality! We have done many experiments here and treated the dark side of magic. That’s why, we really need new blood, you can’t know how much!

As agreed I made you a little video. It contains very valuable documents because there are the original art concepts of attraction that allowed me to implement this attraction in real life =)

Good viewing 😀

Planet Coaster Parks / ILLUSION - Horror Maze (by Zig-Zou)
« on: January 25, 2022, 09:56 AM »

Hello everyone =)
Here, in parallel with my dynamic motion, is a project that has never been done on Planet coaster because it is considered useless in an amusement park management game ... And yet it requires a lot of hours of play and a lot of creativity ! =)

Je me lance dans la conception d'un maze (parcours horreur a faire à pied). Mais pas n'importe quelle conception, car je reprend une attraction que j'ai conçu et imaginée de A à Z dans la vrai vie, pour le 1er parc horreur de France, la MAISON DU TOURMENT ?

If you’re interested, in this report we see quite the attraction ILLUSION (it’s a sleazy old cabaret with a predominant theme for magic inside):
For the needs of my job (in real life) I need to conceptualize in 3D the attractions I design. I have other tools than Planet coaster obviously, but I thought it was nice to design one of my attractions in the game. Exercise all the more difficult because everything is located in a very small space. So I won’t be able to make too complex decors, I really want no decors to exceed the top :

For the facade I think I make 2 versions. The one I designed in real and the one that was initially planned on paper? To make it easier for construction, I voluntarily removed the roof so I could see what I’m doing in it?
So you will be able to follow here the re-creation of an attraction that really saw the day. I hope you will like it :

Here, the route of my attraction ILLUSION (horror maze) is finished. I was already able to design the sets of the first room (the reception of the cabaret) and part of the show room (in the form of a small coffee/theatre room) :

​Two new rooms are taking shape in my horrific cabaret (horror maze). A local garbage room/electric safe and the café/theatre room. Apart from the trash room that I have improved a little compared to the decor that I was able to build in reality, all the rest transcribes exactly the original attraction of the MAISON DU TOURMENT :

Now, it is the turn of the office of the director of the cabaret (which moreover blew the brains out because he could no longer endorse all the mess of his establishment. The second room is a sort of prop room for cabaret artists :

Here, it’s the backstage next to the stage, with different stage equipment and set storage :

Always following scrupulously the plans of the original attraction of the MAISON DU TOURMENT =)
We will find a corridor/showers, a service corridor and a large bar:

Petit tour à présent dans la loge des artistes du cabaret et une salle d'entrainement dédiée à l'escapologie (l'art de s'évader tel Houdini) ?

We come to the end, with a thin corridor and going in peanuts?? You will also see an overview of the cabaret as it is at this stage of construction.

Continuation and end of my attraction. All the decoration inside my horror maze is finished. Remains to do the facade and it will be good.
For the second photo it is the laundry of the cabaret, where different washing machines overflow. In reality there was a very, very big foam machine, and it was really everywhere!!??? In the game I symbolized it with water effects. Which visually come closer to the foam?
I’m thinking of doing a little video afterwards with the soundtracks that were used at the attraction, really, as if you were there. Unfortunately there will not be the actors and the effects screamer or video mapping that there was in real. But for planet coaster it will be pretty good alread.

Hoping not to have lost you along the way with the many pictures and details on the different scenes of the attraction. To reward you for getting here,
I’ll show you the inside of my horrific cabaret with the lighting that goes with it =)

In the next episode, I will show you the façade of the attraction, which hides the tent/shed or is located the maze. But the version from the original artworks, not the one I was able to design in real life (which was good but still less advanced than originally planned in my plans) =)

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Rapture 1959 - A Bioshock Story
« on: September 13, 2021, 04:22 AM »
Wow the atmosphere in the different photos is really good. I love your scenery so much  :love:

Good evening everyone, new for tonight  :)
The main hall is complete with the physical decorations present in the building of the attraction. All the rest will be set only in video (which are not around the platform).

I made a very short video by turning the camera 360 degrees. It’s really just to show you what it looks like for now:

I still have a huge job to finish. I’d say I’m at 60% of the end of construction. The editing will take time too, I think. I would love to do some offride views to use in the pre-show videos of the attraction.

Hello everyone, today I attacked the -3 level of my giant elevator for kinematics in the introduction of the attraction. Here’s what it’s like. Here, we screw people to extract special DNA  ;D

Good evening to all  :)

I advance at a good pace of cruise on the construction of the sets for the cinematic, opening when the attraction will start. I am in 2 out of 3 rooms (maybe 4). The camera will pass very briefly from top to bottom, because the camera will go down like an elevator. So I still made you some pictures so you can still look at the scenery quietly  ;)

Édit : Vue exclusive de la construction. Ce que vous voyez la, vous ne le verrez pas dans la vidéo 😛  Il y a sur la photo les 2 premières salles que j'ai conçu. Je voudrais bien en faire encore 1 voir 2. Ça ferait vraiment un effet sympa je pense.

I really like the way you design dilapidated walls, it’s realistic. Still nice pictures. I have a pleasure to discover each time your new updates  :)

I discover your park, and frankly, it’s really beautiful and realistic. The sky on the very first photos ... it’s so real like that. And a lot of detail in the staff rooms. Really great work.

Come on, now show us the attractions  :w00t:

Wow that teaser is awesome. Short and makes you to want more. Cinematography and editing is superb. Fits perfectly to the music, the atmosphere you´ve created is stunning. If the final video is this quality it will be mind blowing. You are very talented in producing videos. The presented scenes are very detailed as you can see in the previous updates.

Thank you very much  :D I love doing pretty dynamic video editing. I do a lot of work in my profession, and it’s a pleasure to continue doing it for leisure, with Planet coaster.

super late response but I Work at Wings Over Washington as an operator/attendant. I really wish PlanCo made motion simulators in the game honestly. i'm also really curious how you're gonna move the platform or screen to make this work like the real attraction would

Thanks for your reply =) I tested a little trick that seems to work rather well. You’re not the first person to question how it works. And it encourages me to make a little making of once the final video is finished I think. In the meantime, it will remain secret for a little while  :)

I’ve finally seen fit to show you more. And since I’ve gotten back to it this week, I can give you a little bit of an overview. I removed the central platform motion to clear our view ... for now (and it’s more convenient for me in construction mode.

So I have not yet worked on the lighting of the new elements. I still think about how to animate each scene as much as possible. Certainly with a voice-over accompaniment and some special effects and ride-events Tomorrow I attack a part that will go on the giant curved screen to give a cinematic impression. Visitors will move on the platform motion but will face a screen for this cinematic. The video will serve as a transition between two passages of physical scenery  ;)

I hope you’re following me because it seems clear to me  ;D

Edit : Today I present to you the 1st scene of the cinematic which will be projected on the screen of my motion theater (between two scenes of real scenery). This is the very first room visible once the attraction is running, it is at level 0 in the building. Sen will follow different rooms or the camera will pass very briefly to reach level -14, or the we will start again on real scenery in the building of the attraction.

The sets I do for cinematics are built on another map, so as not to overload the one of attraction. And by using a cinematic video to project on the screen of the attraction, it allows to win a crazy place while giving an impression of gigantism to the whole.

The continuation of the next episode  :)

The exterior lighting entering the coaster tunnel, it’s really beautiful  ;)

[TRAILER 1] Genetics Research

Discover now the very first trailer of G.R. This should allow you to wisely wait for me to finish this attraction. My schedule changes and I have to adapt to continue planetcoaster

Hello everyone  ;D

Wow I love the realistic touch of the ride. The queue is amazing, the depth is superb. I have to explore the queue on my own - hopefully in the workshop. There must be so many details that you cannot see in the pictures. The scenery is fantastic, so many broken things. So nice that you´ve seperated into 1st row and so on. The logo is great and the genetics sign as well. You spend a lot of time designing that. And it looks great. The lighting fits perfectly as well, a dark and cold atmosphere. What will happen in this mysterious company? Interesting storyline. In addition to that I like the overview picture. I am a huge fan of something like that.

Thank's RCT D, Your comment makes me super happy and pushes me to continue. It’s very motivating. I’m glad to know that you like it. Indeed I love working on the depth of the decors, it contributes to the realism of the whole. This is what I also like in real parks, I am very attentive to the scenery in amusement parks. Immersion is the most important in an inner attraction  :)

Fresh news of my attraction. the decorations around the rotating platform take shape, I finished 2 new spaces with lighting. Something you won’t see, but I’m getting pretty good on the soundtrack and voice over telling you the story of the attraction. Soon I will tackle the visuals that I will put on different TV and screens. For now it is fixed, but I would really like that at the end there are moving visuals  :)

Planet coaster remains pretty static visually at the level of the decors, so we must give life to them with as much element as possible, whether with animatronics, video effects, special effects and light effects. That’s what I’m going to try to do the best I can.
Once again I spoil all the decors. So if you want to keep the surprise until the end do not watch my different posts before the publication of the final video   :n00b:

I like the changes of direction, the forward passages, in short everything that is in principle not possible to do in the game. The whole is harmonious. Little love for the passage with the animated knights  :)

Thank's Wowmanrct, I'm having fun  :up:

First light setting and special effects. From today I will work on the programming of lights and the creation of the soundtrack. Because to have synchro effects with the sound you already have to have a pre-defined sound track. And to do this I will create one from A to Z  :)

For now the lighting is white, then I will change the colors a little. The for now it’s just to see the location of the projectors and see how the sets reflect the light. There will be fewer photos in the coming days, because the programming is not very "visual" unfortunately. And like that, you will still have a small surprise effect when watching the video  :) If you want to keep the surprise of the attraction. Don’t look at my pictures anymore, For others, don’t change anything  ;D

Well, I just finished all the lighting up of the line. It was tedious and I had to be meticulous to highlight the interesting elements and keep in the shadows what it is less. I’m finally gonna be able to really tackle the attraction in the next few days  ;)

I did a little photo montage explaining where I’m at right now. The main building housing the attraction will have to change as it no longer corresponds to what I had originally planned. For example, the queue has been shortened and the path changed. You will find the location of the future souvenir shop of the attraction. And the location of the different scenes  :)

It’s so realistic, the paths, the edges of the attractions, the many details that make up your attractions.
I’m really a fan  :love:

Hello  :)

I like how you worked the DNA double-helix design into the entrance sign, the sculpture to the right of the entrance, and your logo. :) 

Thank you very much. I was forced to design them with the solid color volumetric shapes of the game. Because I’m not good at 3D modeling and I’ve never used the planet coaster toolmaker. So I try to reproduce as much as possible using only the elements present in the game. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s much more complicated and it takes time  ;)

The last room in the queue was not revealed to you. You will be able to discover it right now.
Here, the spectators will also have a small animation as a pre-show. Several video effects will be included, including a projection of shadows simulating an incessant flue of factory workers behind a semi-transparent wall, and in front of a part of the film crew coming to do a report on the GENETICS RESEARCH factory  :n00b:

Hello  :D

That´s a great and amazing idea. I love that you are creating such fresh and new rides. Never seen something like that and very interesting that it´s inspired by a Dynamic Attractions concept. I love that you always try to create something outside the box. The theming is by the way as well stunning. You have to time so many effects that must be a lot of work. I am very interested in this.

I am of an unconventional nature in life. And if I can do it differently I do it. Thank you for your support. I’m honored to see that you like what I do on planet coaster, and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest just as much  :) It’s gonna take a lot of work. I hope the result will be up to your expectations  ;)

as someone who works at a Dynamic Attractions flying theater, this is super cool and i'm really curious to see how this will work on the technical side

Oh, but that’s great, so what attraction are you working on? I have a friend who also works on the Volétarium in Europa-park. A very good experience in managing visitors before dispatch into the attraction.

The name is finally revealed, my new creation will be called GENETICS RESEARCH, leaving you to speculate for the general theme of my attraction type "Dynamic motion theâter". I had fun making a promotional visual of the attraction  :n00b:

I just finished the facade of the attraction. The building actually contains the queue and allows, with the perspective, to completely hide the largest part of the attraction building. Genetics.Research is a company located in the heart of the redwood forest, far from prying eyes! Visitors visit this factory to accompany a team of reporters. The opportunity to discover the working methods of this somewhat ... mysterious company!  :up:

Hello  :D

The time has come to present one of the scenes of the simulator. The one if is in real scenery and will not be projected on the screen. I will be able to fit normally 3 scenes possibly see 4 around the mobile platform containing spectators  :)

This scene will contain several special effects and light like a stuntshow. One of my sources of inspiration is Terminator 2-3D (former attraction at Universal studio Orlando). What I really like about planet coaster is the effects management, the lighting that can be very advanced, and it really kicks me to test it every time (besides in each of my last creations there are quite a lot of effects managed by the effect controller of the game)  :)

To keep a little surprise I will not publish too many photos of interior decorations of the "finished" ride. But like this photo you will still see the scenery "under construction". The attraction now has a name, and the Storyline well defined. I will present you the name in the next days with a visual and facade of the building  ;)

There will soon be one built in France, in the park of the futuroscope, and I know that there is also one in Dubai. In Dubai it is only a 360° projection. It is currently open  ::)

As said earlier, it is the entire loading area before entering my dynamic motion theater that comes to life. This area is now complete.

I still have a locker space for the queue and 2 small transition corridors between the two big venues (including the pre-show with the green screens).

For the moment I’m not involved in the lighting, I’ll do it all of a sudden at the end. I only build in broad daylight for now I have easier  :)

Edit: I just finished the room just before the one that will allow to board in the attraction. There is an airlock with automatic doors. This keeps people in a room with audio as a pre-show, so as not to interfere and keep people attentive before moving forward.

So there’s just the locker area, but I’m still thinking about how I’m going to do it. Maybe that’s how Arthur at Europa-park. At least in the configuration, I’m not going to copy. It also lacks the small rounded corridor that follows the first big pre-show room (with green screens). I can see the end of it, I’m keen to attack the attraction itself. I’m getting tired of staying only in the queue ha ha  ;D

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