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Planet Coaster Parks / ILLUSION - Horror Maze (by Zig-Zou)
« on: January 25, 2022, 09:56 AM »

Hello everyone =)
Here, in parallel with my dynamic motion, is a project that has never been done on Planet coaster because it is considered useless in an amusement park management game ... And yet it requires a lot of hours of play and a lot of creativity ! =)

Je me lance dans la conception d'un maze (parcours horreur a faire à pied). Mais pas n'importe quelle conception, car je reprend une attraction que j'ai conçu et imaginée de A à Z dans la vrai vie, pour le 1er parc horreur de France, la MAISON DU TOURMENT ?

If you’re interested, in this report we see quite the attraction ILLUSION (it’s a sleazy old cabaret with a predominant theme for magic inside):
For the needs of my job (in real life) I need to conceptualize in 3D the attractions I design. I have other tools than Planet coaster obviously, but I thought it was nice to design one of my attractions in the game. Exercise all the more difficult because everything is located in a very small space. So I won’t be able to make too complex decors, I really want no decors to exceed the top :

For the facade I think I make 2 versions. The one I designed in real and the one that was initially planned on paper? To make it easier for construction, I voluntarily removed the roof so I could see what I’m doing in it?
So you will be able to follow here the re-creation of an attraction that really saw the day. I hope you will like it :

Here, the route of my attraction ILLUSION (horror maze) is finished. I was already able to design the sets of the first room (the reception of the cabaret) and part of the show room (in the form of a small coffee/theatre room) :

​Two new rooms are taking shape in my horrific cabaret (horror maze). A local garbage room/electric safe and the café/theatre room. Apart from the trash room that I have improved a little compared to the decor that I was able to build in reality, all the rest transcribes exactly the original attraction of the MAISON DU TOURMENT :

Now, it is the turn of the office of the director of the cabaret (which moreover blew the brains out because he could no longer endorse all the mess of his establishment. The second room is a sort of prop room for cabaret artists :

Here, it’s the backstage next to the stage, with different stage equipment and set storage :

Always following scrupulously the plans of the original attraction of the MAISON DU TOURMENT =)
We will find a corridor/showers, a service corridor and a large bar:

Petit tour à présent dans la loge des artistes du cabaret et une salle d'entrainement dédiée à l'escapologie (l'art de s'évader tel Houdini) ?

We come to the end, with a thin corridor and going in peanuts?? You will also see an overview of the cabaret as it is at this stage of construction.

Continuation and end of my attraction. All the decoration inside my horror maze is finished. Remains to do the facade and it will be good.
For the second photo it is the laundry of the cabaret, where different washing machines overflow. In reality there was a very, very big foam machine, and it was really everywhere!!??? In the game I symbolized it with water effects. Which visually come closer to the foam?
I’m thinking of doing a little video afterwards with the soundtracks that were used at the attraction, really, as if you were there. Unfortunately there will not be the actors and the effects screamer or video mapping that there was in real. But for planet coaster it will be pretty good alread.

Hoping not to have lost you along the way with the many pictures and details on the different scenes of the attraction. To reward you for getting here,
I’ll show you the inside of my horrific cabaret with the lighting that goes with it =)

In the next episode, I will show you the façade of the attraction, which hides the tent/shed or is located the maze. But the version from the original artworks, not the one I was able to design in real life (which was good but still less advanced than originally planned in my plans) =)

I embark on the realization of a brand new creation. As some know and know me, I always like to test and imagine little developed concepts in PLANET Coaster and push the game to its darkest corners. This time I’m going to tackle a style of attraction that just doesn’t exist in planet coaster. It’s a Dynamic Motion Theatre =)

The stakes are therefore double, to give life to an attraction that is absolutely not possible to realize on planet coaster and to give life to it in video. So we will have to lure, find subterfuges, tricks to get to my ends. The difficulty also lies in the fact that there are very few existing attractions in real life. And real photos are very, very rare. We will therefore have to find what to build the attraction by keeping the maximum realism possible. Keeping the fun side of the game =)

For the moment, I have researched as much as I can to create a database of work. I have the theme in mind. First of all, I’m going to tackle the main system of attraction, which is the visitor platform motion. It is a disc of a tenth of meters in diameter, leaning slightly forward to offer a beautiful view to all visitors.

The platform motion is already taking shape. It has a 60th seat and all equipped with lapbar to avoid that visitors run away during the tour and that they can hang on because, it will move well  ;D

I had to spend 5 hours designing this platform, it was a nice mess but it’s okay for now. I placed only identical characters in it. Then I’ll change and put women in it and change the colors of the clothes to avoid it being too robot made in the chain  ;D

Edit: I made some improvements:
-Added lapbar closure on the ends of the seat rows.
-Add cylinders to move the assembly.
-Addition of safety barriers.
-Added seat numbers on the platform like some attractions like the Terror Tower. Numbers that will be on the ground also in the queue to save time to the operators of the attraction.

Come on, I’ll keep going  :)

Fireworks Shows / Hysteria - Night Club (video clip online)
« on: December 14, 2020, 05:12 AM »
Hello everyone  :D

3rd PLANET COASTER project for Zig-Zou. And it’s a non-essential establishment that I’m about to open  ;D  but in the game it’s okay there’s no Corona Virus  :P
As implied in my previous creation MAGNIFICA (if you missed it this way =>,21671.0.html) I wanted to test the light/video mix in the game and even more push the lights. For this I opted to build a big discotheque, which could suddenly let me loose on lighting and video. The name of the project? HYSTERIA - NIGHT CLUB!!

I started this project about a week ago, which will allow you to have a quick view of the progress of the construction until today. I had already done this kind of project on RCT3 at the time, and to symbolize the dancers I had used the robot arms as "Dance with the robots" at Futuroscope (france)  :)

I was able to test something else in the game to divert the basic objects again. It’s to make curved video screens. Simply by duplicating a TV or giant screen (depending on the desired size) and gluing them (using the complex placement) to make a very wide band. With the same film on all TV, the visual seems to take the whole curved area and the result is very nice. Another technique I was able to test. It is the fact of using fifteen lyre with a different angle to make a laser effect with very wide beam and making a wave effect for example. And yes it is possible but you really have to hack the game For screens, you obviously have to convert wmw in the format supported by planet coaster and have a visual where the connections are not seen from tv to tv, so to have the most homogeneous result possible.

So I anticipate before you see it. I opted for decors and furniture lacquered white/grey/glossy black, so that it can hang the effects of light, as in reality. So exit walls with too marked texture.

Let’s go. First step, installation of part of the lighting equipment:

Construction of a necessary ceiling for the disco, then the creation of scenery around the DJ (curved led screen) and the creation of space all around the area where will be the DJ.
All the furniture for the moment is handmade by me, nothing comes from the workshop  ;)

Creation of a custom bar for the establishment, with making benches and coffee tables:

The bar is finished, as well as the seats in proximity. This space is taking more and more shape There are already visitors sitting. They are animatronics of the DLC studio if you ask yourself the question. At least I’m sure they stay in place  :lol: Next step build mezzanines !!

The entrance of the establishment, overlooking the large room. The lockers are on the left, and the bouncers are watching !!

The continuation of the next episode  :)

Fireworks Shows / [MAGNIFICA] A new firework show (video online)
« on: November 25, 2020, 12:27 PM »
Hello everyone  :)

I recently set myself a new goal, to design a sound/light show. I would really like to use the water jets of the game but really I was extremely disappointed with the night rendering of these. Even by illuminating them from below, from above nothing does anything, the water does not take the color and therefore not the light, it is quite annoying. So I will try to do something more with pyrotechnics and light, including some animations. Nothing to do with my previous dark-ride "City of Fire". And this is exactly what I wanted to do, not to repeat the same style of thing and continue to have fun on things that the players of the game almost never do (it’s very rare anyway) :)

As a starting point I set out on the creation of a large lake, with a show visible to 360° visitors to the park. My sources of inspiration? Yes necessarily I base myself on what already exists, that I liked and that will inspire me a little later. It is the show "Epcot forever" at Epcot center at Disney world (Orlando) and "Aquanura" at Efteling that are in this kind of configuration.

So first step, build an artificial lake with a good big concrete slab to fix all the systems that will be used for the show.
Place large aisles large enough to accommodate large numbers of visitors around without saturation (assuming Covid does not exist in planet coaster  :P )

Second step, hide the paths of the game to homogenize the whole, and build a wall all around the lake. This part has been excessively long to do because nothing is right, so I spent several hours just on it. Both for the wall and the floor that is affixed right next to it  :)

Third step, set up the sound system to "cover" the entire area where visitors will be in spectator during the show and to make background music the rest of the day in the park. The stand is also used for the hanging of lyre (robotic projectors) that will serve in the show, and as lighting of the area before and after the show  ;)

Go for a little night view to see :)

4th step, make a small advance on the lake to welcome even more spectators. This gives more details to the whole and brings "volume" around the lake. I know that europaparc makes this kind of "footbridge" for Christmas shows on the lake near the attraction Arthur  ;)

I took the opportunity to start to thematize this area to better integrate it with the rest. The footbridge was unfortunately not functional (and yes I hesitated for a long time between the paths in stairs of the game and those in element of decors), for the practical side it is simply decorative but still gives an idea of what it can give in truth. So the characters standing on it are the automata of the dcl studio. A sign that does not deceive ... visitors never have a 80cm bar in the butt in Planet coaster. Or else we are not told everything  ;D

Good morning to you all  :D

Confinement or not I let myself be tempted a few weeks ago by the return to video games, universe that I had abandoned for almost 10 years since I stopped RCT3 permanently. At the time I had really abused this game where I had made about fifty creation, of which a good pair in video I tested the limits of the game by pushing some concept of attraction in the form of a mini film with a storyline and a particular attention to video editing.

So as said just above, the relapse was done a few months ago when I discovered Parkitect and Roller coaster tycoon world, yes I felt a lot of fun to make the different scenarios of the games, with a certain nostalgia rct3.

But the creation itself did not interest me because I know how long it takes but I do not really have time for myself. In 2016 I had downloaded to steam the beta version of planet coaster, at the time there were not yet visitors in the park, and I could not make the scenarios.

Here’s the little story, now, let’s talk to the present  :D

I confess to being totally excited by Planet coaster, both on the realism of possible sets, and on the design part of the coaster. The scenarios are cool, but what I prefer and what I really miss is to create not parks but attractions, aesthetically beautiful to make nice videos. Surfing on Youtube (for many hours  :P ) I was amazed at what was possible to do with the game, the possibilities are crazy  :o This really made me envi to get back to it. So even though the design looks a lot harder than in rct3 (exit ground grids and limited placements ...) I really take that as a new challenge  ::)

What I would like to do right now is really dark-ride, because that’s what I like the most about the coasters in the parks, but the coasters in planet coaster, everyone in fact, too many people even while the dark-ride is a bit left out. What I would like to try now is to use trackless technology for dark-ride as in Efteling, Disney for Ratatouille, ... Another challenge, managing the dark-ride lighting very accurately, something I didn’t do too much in the past under rct3. The still planet coaster offers a really awesome tool on top  :love:

The first source of inspiration, the magical or dark stories, the dark-ride transform at Universal studio Orlando, Spiderman at Island of adventure in Orlando, Symbolica at Efteling to name a few:) I’m going to do some tests in sandbox mode in the next few days to get back on track with this new game and see how to put my ideas into the game. The goal is really to share the backdrop of my future creations. Something I did not do in the past or I delivered my creations without any stage point. I hope I don’t pick myself up, seeing the beautiful creations blooming all over the world. There are a lot of creators who do a fabulous job with this game, I’m amazed  :w00t:

I will integrate 6 screens in the scenic route to give more depth to the scenery without eating a crazy place. For this, the videos I will use will be made in Planet-Coaster also but elsewhere on the map, I will make the scenes and sets that I want to put on the screens and I will film from left to right or from right to left to synchronize the movement with that of the dark-ride once in place so it doesn’t swear. Once the video is done for each scene, I will integrate it directly into the video editing by doing "chrominance inlay" via my software Sonyvegaspro 13

I started this project three weeks ago, so I’m going to show you the images in chronological order  :yes:

Here is the station and the first 30 meters of the dark-ride. Seen from above, this is what it gives for now. Concerning the rail of the dark-ride  :)

This is the loading dock. Note that I have installed smoke effects in the piping like the launch area of Blue-Fire in Europappark. I couldn’t deactivate the effect when I took the photos. Probably because its effects are not yet set in relation to the attraction  :)

Let’s continue with the continuation of my dark-ride, in an urban atmosphere  ::)

Here is the installation of the first screen of the attraction. For now I work only on setting up the sets, I will do the lighting and setting of the animatronics at the last moment  ::)

Creation of the second screen, or this time, it will integrate behind two large hangar doors that will open at the last moment, revealing the decor that I will integrate on it  :)

I spent the afternoon there and I miss half of this scene. Right now, there is only the left side. Here’s what it looks like, from the inside where I built the sets, and the outside, seen from the dark-ride with the inlay behind the big removable hangar doors  ;)

The next scene in construction  :up:

The 2 new rooms almost closed. I was able to make the first light tests. And the least we can say is that it is a treat. My pc is rowing to death but it is so kiffant and especially sharp, much more than RCT3 where the lighting was more or less slimy everywhere on the sets. The it is precise, we have real black areas, the depth in the whole, it is really nice this game, I love :drool: To me to do well now the lighting, it will be a first for me, finally a short first because this creation is the very first I do on Planet Coaster, I discover all the possibilities of the game  :love:

I also tested some video, integrating 3/4 TV and screen in my decor. At night with a pretty nice light, it’s harmonious I find. Test conclusive. To see what it looks like you’ll still have to wait, and to do so, here is another series of photos of the last room realized for the moment  :)

I will soon work on the identity of my dark-ride by finding it a name (if you have an idea), and a small logo. The storyline, I do it while building my sets, I imagine as I go along. A very different way of doing what I usually do in "real", we will see at the end what it gives  :up:

Here’s the attraction line.
So here, no beef park, a small queue, composed of 3 large themed corridors. 2 of the 3 are already done, and I will introduce them to you now.

View of the area I have yet to make of the queue and the first decorated corridor  ;)

Access to the 3rd corridor by a small staircase that goes down and goes up immediately. A dark-ride rail goes over it is for this:

And third corridor leading directly to the boarding platform of my attraction  ::)

On the tv I will certainly make a small video with either the safety instructions, or some video of the inside of the attraction, as a kind of teasing of what awaits the visitors. You probably noticed, there is on one of the corridors of the queue a single rider file, I made a special route in the line to eu.

Today I will continue the dark-ride in itself. See you soon  :up:
Time for the photos:

Welcome Center / Hello, Zig-Zou is Back
« on: April 20, 2020, 01:28 PM »
Good morning to you all  ;)

My name is Zig-Zou. I signed up for the forum 15 years ago. At the time I was playing at RCT3 and I had to stop in 2011 when I started my professional career.

Today my work is directly linked to my passion as I am a scenographer designer for amusement parks. Illusionist artist too. I also opened my own horrific leisure park, the first of its kind in France. When I don’t work I travel the world through amusement parks. These universes are my life, I love it so much that I live for it!

Since the confinement in France, I offered myself planet coaster and I immediately got a taste for it.
In the coming days I will present what I am currently doing with the game.

In the meantime, if you are interested, here are some links.

Some of my last creations rct3 10 years ago:

My amusement park website:

The facebook page of my creations for «real» theme parks:

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