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This new park is something I've been wanting to get out there. = )

As a Christmas Present to the RCT Community, I've decided to release an awesome park that you'll love!

The park has had a very eventful history, and I have documented it in full! 16 PARK FILES! Click here to get your hands on them!

-RCTMan12's B&M CTR Pack
-Wooden Coaster Cars by francescoaster It is available here!
-StationJimJr's PTC Wooden Coaster Cars
-Kinderly's Schwarzkopf CTR
-StationJimJr's Classic Wooden Coaster Cars
-zacharynolimits2's Arrow and Vekoma Corkscrew CTR available here
CFRs Required
-CFH Rides Kamikaze
-CFH Rides Samba Balloon
-CFH Rides Tea Cups
Custom Scenery Required
-AzoRCTMan's Light Set
-KLN's Framework Set
-OldSpice's Corkscrew Supports
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A new park from Wagi and citytrader!
« Last post by JB on Today at 12:50 PM »
I love the use of the murals with the small patches of 'real' terrain and landscaping in the foreground.
"Entering the Pacific Northwest". Now it's starting to look familiar to this Pacific Northwester (to Wagi, too!). Mountains, lots of evergreens, waterfalls, white-water rivers, and wildlife. Iconic western Oregon and Washington.
I like how the river rapids track goes through the Fort, not just drift by the front. Much more interesting this way.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A new park from Wagi and citytrader!
« Last post by citytrader on Today at 08:42 AM »
The slowness is mostly on my part! Work has been really intense this fall, and I just don't have the mental energy when I get home!

Anyway, after a few more twists and turns, you arrive at the Oregon territory!

A bear encounter;

Another view of the Yellowstone hot springs;

Entering the Pacific Northwest;

Arriving at Fort Clatsop in Oregon Territory!

The Hydration Deck (love that name!) is a really nice looking structure. The style matches the other buildings in the area but it has its own unique look. I guess if you ride the rapids ride you're guaranteed to get wet. If the rapids don't do it, the water cannons will!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Blast Point Resort - Xuropa IV - Hydration Deck
« Last post by Nemmie on Yesterday at 03:17 PM »
@Supernovae Thank you very much
@Cinestri0 Thanks. Very kind indeed.
@JB Thanks. You're right. There's no overhead lighting in this part of the park. It's all down low, mostly to give it a bit of atmosphere and not to interfere with the neon effects that is scattered around the area. If it makes it feel more sci-fi, then it's a bonus


At the side of the river sits the Hydration Deck. A place where you can walk through, sit and relax or totally soak the rapids riders with water cannons

I like the Viking tomb as part of the pre-show queue. (Or is it part of the post-show as you're exiting?)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A new park from Wagi and citytrader!
« Last post by wabigbear on Yesterday at 09:45 AM »
Thanks Nemmie! 

Yep, I've always loved the look of some of the huge landscapes of the American West that were painted back in the late 1800's/early 1900's, and felt they would blend better with some of the objects available in the game, which are a mixture of  very realistic textures along with some things that are a bit more Impressionistic.  Peeps would already know they aren't looking out over a real landscape, so the realism of a photo I felt wasn't totally necessary.  And I think Disney would be more likely to use painted vignettes (like they do on the backgrounds of the Disneyland Railroad dioramas) than photos.  Originally I built the ride with several buildings holding the vignettes inside, but hiding the building exteriors multiple times just didn't turn out right, so they are, in fact, open air sections of the ride with the painted billboard images on one or both sides which were easier to blend in with trees and rockwork.

Glad you like them! ;)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Sikes Lake Amusement Park - 1997 - Update #3
« Last post by Nemmie on Yesterday at 08:06 AM »
I have to say, I love the SLC. I can feel my ears rattling just looking at it. It looks very authentic.
The whole park has a nice cozy feel too.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A new park from Wagi and citytrader!
« Last post by Nemmie on Yesterday at 07:58 AM »
I know I commented on the billboards before, but I absolutely adore the painterly aesthetic you chose for the images, rather than a photo. I love the contrast they have with the realistic vegetation and rockwork next to them. It gives it a real whimsical and slightly old Hollywood film about them, that  give the whole look of the ride a warm, nostalgic feel.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Sikes Lake Amusement Park - 1997
« Last post by Cinestri0 on Yesterday at 06:54 AM »

Hello everyone, for this update I will show off the last two sections of the park; Ghost Town, and Germantown.

Ghost Town is in-between the Midway and Germantown. This is the Midway side entrance.

It is themed to an abandoned mining town, with abandoned-looking western style buildings.

It also has the park's second water ride; Goldrush River.

This ride is sure to get you soaked.

The Vekoma Boomerang is here as well, dubbed Goldstriker.

This area also has a very popular Huss Top Spin, Tornado.

And this is the second entrance to Ghost Town.

Germantown is the park's most popular section.

It contains the park's second most popular roller coaster; Red Baron. A bobsled roller coaster. This roller coaster is extremely low capacity, and on some days can see lines up to three hours long!

The area also contains a biergarten, an up-charge go-kart ride, the Autobahn, and a flat ride, Invader.

And finally, the section contains the park's second-newest roller coaster, Dragen Kastle.

The indoor roller coaster was the final roller coaster built before the sale to Premier Parks. It is a dark-themed family roller coaster that takes you through castle corridors until you get to the station.

The castle façade also looks awesome during the day!

That's all for this update!

For the next update I'll show some ins - and - outs of the park!

Thanks for reading.


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