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Bountiful Farms has a whole range of critters - horse, mules, donkeys, cows, bulls, pigs and chickens, so the fertilizer is plentiful and fresh!  Watch where you step...

However visitor's to Aunt Tilly's Bountiful Farms Country Buffet do not add to the manure pile...

Hank the barber working late...that's Tootsie McGregor getting a haircut because she's too cheap to use the Beauty Salon upstairs by the doctor's office.  Good thing she doesn't mind a short boyish bob during the summer, and it IS the current fashion...

While the soda fountain at Woolworth's stays open until late - 7.30 PM! - for those young couples courting...

I wanna know what kind of fertilizer that farmer uses.

Pure 100% BS! 

Community Chat / Re: Happy Birthday Jonnyears!
« on: July 01, 2022, 01:11 PM »
SEVEN??? 8|

Well, I do hope this time you invested in a better brand of super-glue to attach them and trimmed them to a more believable length?  Having a smattering of 18 inch hairs springing forth from you neckline only to land in your soup is rather off-putting, even if your Grindr 'date' was open-minded...

Yes, I still exist!  Or at least someone with access to my account and my sharp repartee does... 

Admittedly I've slowed down, hence why your birthday on the 28th doesn't earn a response until the first of July now.  I suppose it must be much like people sending their regrets to invitations you send well after the date of the event, so something you are familiar with I'm sure.

It's truly wonderful to hear from you again Mr. Ears!  Do they allow you access to a computer often at the Home, or is it just a yearly special occasion on your birthday?

Well, now I'm left to ponder which three accusations you deny, which ones you admit to, and what the Police records actually say... 

But first! 

I'm off to find those four posts on this forum you claim have popped up since last year...  :mellow:

The Suffragettes look surprisingly true-to-life. A well thought-out scene that tells the story at a glance.

Thanks!  Those are based on the ideas for the figures Fisherman originally did, I just narrowed the skirts to match the style during this time period and added hats, signs and banners.

"And no caption needed for this iconic scene". Ah yes. The erection of the scaffolding to begin construction on the Empire State Building. An iconic moment, indeed.

Huh?  Here I thought this was the placement of the cornerstone of the Great Pyramid, but either would seem 'iconic' in Citytrader's memory I guess...

The Japan Pavillion is wonderful, with highly detailed landscaping. I love the iconic shot of the arched bridge reflected in the water.

Thanks JB!

The bench Rich has the Japan Pavilion close to the edge of what appears on that bench, where in reality (PC reality anyways...) more of the park exists just past it.  Here's a screen that shows a glimpse of how it flows together into the next area...

And this from the opposite direction.  You can see the lakeside path that leads past The Pike area of the fair and connects with the Colonial areas in the background...

The fairgrounds is actually quite large around the central lagoon...

These night-time shots show the size...

In this last screen you can see a glimpse of several historical vignettes at far right that can be viewed from the parks steam trains...much like the diorama's found at Disneyland (but without a roof...)

Which brings up an interesting paradox: Mickey was in Disney's Fantasia, yet he wouldn't be 'born' until 1928. This Exposition is set in 1904... hmm.

I use the same excuse as to why Mr Toad's Wild Ride, which was set in the early 1900's, or Mickey's Philharmagic, set in the current time, exist in a Medieval Fantasyland themed to the 1500's or so.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  ;D

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Fantasyland 1964
« on: June 08, 2022, 03:00 PM »
I kinda recall you working on this ages ago, but you've really taken it up a few notches with the additions! 

Great observation JB!

I'm guessing (and it's only a guess...) that one of the reasons for the height is because it looks like the engine is underneath the floor straddling the rear axle?  I've only seen this photo of it, so not sure...

Yep, the Alps are indeed cutouts.  Surprisingly similar to what they used at the actual fair in 1904!

And yes, they are available in the Workshop...

The Autobus is modeled on one they actually had at the fair...well, as close as I could make it anyways...

I didn't try to replicate too many actual fair buildings, they were huge and very ornate, but hopefully you'll get a feel for the real thing on a smaller scale...

Also used a number of buildings from the Workshop, either whole (like the Siam Pavilion or Grand Carousel building), or parts of (like the rotundas on the sides of the central arch...).

Actually most of The Pike was Rich's work in this section, I just filled in a few spots!

While this is not a 'totally faithful recreation' of the buildings of the 1904 Fair, hopefully we've been able to create something in the same style. 

This was a fun, yet challenging, part of the park to create...

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A new park from Wagi and citytrader!
« on: February 19, 2022, 06:29 AM »
I think the food court and the whole 1849 area is one of my favorites on this bench, Rich did a great job keeping the scale rather intimate but with some great placement of buildings (as opposed to my usual crawling sprawl...).  Of course he was also limited to what space was left after my "oh I think we should have a small area by the Lewis and Clark ride dedicated to Native Americans - just a small scene in a little corner I think..." moment.

And our chicken nuggets are FRESH here at Disney's America Park!

Welcome Center / Re: Long time no see
« on: January 31, 2022, 06:13 AM »

Good to hear from you!  I'm not sure how you got to be quite a bit older while I remain the same age I always was!   :whistling:

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: missing custom songs
« on: January 18, 2022, 01:51 PM »
Ah, okay, gotcha! 

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: missing custom songs
« on: January 17, 2022, 02:27 PM »
There's a YouTube video with all the in-game ride music (I'm not sure if it includes anything added in the expansions...), but might help identify some of the file names if you still have them saved to onedrive...


Did we really use all this stuff?  :P

This is just OUR stuff we used, just think of all the other TMTK stuff we downloaded!   8|

The link to the Google Drive folder with the zipped Disney America Park TMTK files can be found here...

There are also some blueprints we'll share and we'll be posting those here shortly as well...

Set W-Z

52 Items, 6.7MB

TMTK Items with names starting with"W", "X", "Y" or "Z"

Washington Inn Sign, Washington Banner, Washington Decal, Waterfall Texture Walls, Waterfall Static decals, Walt Disney Studios Banners, Westinghouse Pavilion Murals, NY World's Fair Book, NY World's Fair Murals, 1904 Fair Whirlpool Sign, Willie's Chicken Shack Neon Sign, Women's Vote Signs, Wonder Bakery NYWF Signs, wooden bench, Assorted Vintage Woolworth Signs, 1939 NYWF Flag, NYWF Pennant, Wright Bros. Flyer parts, Yankee Doodle Mickey Album Cover

Night time

Completed Wright Bros Flyer...based in part on SketchBook model, creator unknown

DA Set T - V

47 Items, 7.7MB

Seven items to recreate 1939 NY World's Fair Trylon, Tea Crates, Vintage Texaco Signs, The Pearl Neon Sign, Tile Dome Roof - 1/4 Octogon , Toy Soldier Sign, DA Trashcan Cover, Two Sisters Restaurant Signs - Lit, UK Coats of Arms decals, Uncle Sam Sign, ISA Banner - Large, USArmy AirForce Logo decals, USSR Coat of Arms decals, USSteel decal - Lit, Vaudeville Poster, Verticl Hotel Sign - Lit, Victory Field Decals, Assorted Victory Garden Posters, Vintage Coca-Cola Neon Signs - Lit, Vintage Coke Sign, VooDoo Club Sign decal - Lit

Night time

Completed Trylon with Archer figure for size comparison.  Takes some work to get lined up properly, I'll upload a blueprint of the completed Trylon for ease of use...

The 1/4 Octagon Tile dome matches in-game textures fairly well, created to use on my recreation of the original Walt Disney Studios Building, may not sure any other purpose...

DA Set S

37 Items, 4.9MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "S"

Yes, we're getting close to the end!  I feel like I'm channeling OSUDenny from the old RCT3 days, he was such a prolific creator!

Recolorable Seahorse Decal, Recolorable Seahorse Decal - Lit, Seaside Promenade Sign, Assorted Historical and National Flags, Recolorable Shell Decal - Lit, Shimmer Curtain wall, Singer Sign, Sleepy Hollow Carved Sign, Smith Store Sign, Snow White Billboard, Sorcerer Mickey cutout, Spain Coat of Arms decal, Stitchery Banner, St Louis Fair Billboard, St Louis Fair Flag, Assorted Sufferage Banners, Vintage Surgeon Sign, Sweden Coat of Arms decal, Assorted Synchronized Swimmer Decals, Swiss Coat of Arms Sign,

Night time

DA Set R

15 Items, 2.8MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "R"

NYWF Railroad Poster, R and D Drugs Neon Sign, Railway Express Diamond Sign-Large, Railway Express Diamond Sign-Small, REA Sign-Large-Part A, REA Sign-Large-Part B, REA Sign-Small, Restaurant-Cafe Neon Sign, Restaurant Neon Sign, Ring Of Fire-Ring, Ring Of Fire-Flames, Riverboat Billboard, Betsy Ross Flag - Large, Betsy Ross Flag - Small, Vintage Rum/Gin Sign

Night time

Circus Ring of Fire...


DA Set 0-Q

30 Items, 5.6MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "O", "P", or "Q"

Vintage Oysters sign, Palm Reader sign, Neon Pam Reader signs, Assorted National Flags, Disney On Parade Sign, DA Park Map sign, DA Park Map display, Patriot Inn Sign, Pawnbroker sign, Philadelphia Banner, New York Fair Photo Spot parts, Pies Neon Sign, Disney Pin Board, Pinocchio Billboard, Po Boys Neon Sign, Polish Coat of Arms, Pond Water Base tile, Portuguese Tile wall, Produce sign, Quonset Hut End Wall Plain, Quonset Hut End Wall Shop, Quonset Hut Roof.

Quonset Hut textures match Citytrader's Hanger Wall Set

Night time

Quonset Hut examples...

DA Set M-N

45 Items, 9MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "M" or "N"

Magna Carta sign, Mercantile Sign Decal, Assorted Historical and National Flags, Mexican Coat of Arms, Mexican Mural, Assorted Large Mickey Mouse Short Posters, Lit Mickey Mouse Movie Screens, Mickey Victory Field Logo, Eight Part Mountain Backdrop, Mural Decal, Music Neon Sign, Nantucket Sign, Neon Fluer, New Orleans Coffee Signs, New York World's Fair items and Lit Sign Decal


DA Set Liberty Torch

4 Items, 802KB

Four objects that recreate the arms and torch from the Statue of Liberty.  NOTE:  These items feature heavier than normal LOD's to help the torch remain visible from such distance.  Based on SketchUp model by unknown artist.  Not re-colorable.

DA Set I-L

24 Items, 6.6MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "I" through "L"

Assorted Historical and National flags, Jazz Gumbo Neon, Colonial signage, Kingdom of Egypt Coat of Arms, Kingdom of Italy signage, Assorted New Orleans signs, Large Disney Character Font Signs, Statue of Liberty Signage, Louisiana Pacific Expo signage, Lucy's Chicken Neon sign


DA Set G-H

24 Items, 5.6MB

TMTK Items with names starting with "G" or "H"...

Assorted historical and National flags, Riverboat Gamblers sign, glass block wall - off-grid (matches Citytraders glass block wall set...), Large GM decal, Gold Eagle plaques, Gold Incan Shield, assorted banners, USA Great Seat decal, New Orleans Billboard, Groceries sign, Hanger roof pieces (match Citytraders Hanger Walls set...), Hat (fit on stationary female figure), assorted feathers for hat, Hills Bros Art, Hills Bros Ad decal, House of VooDoo sign, Hughes Rocketeer Sign.


DA Set E-F

24 items, 6.8MB

TMTK items with names starting with the letter "E"...or "F"!

Various American Eagle signs, "Eat Here" Neon signs, Assorted National flags, Elektro Sign, Erie Harp shield, assorted 1939 New York World's Fair signs and logos, Farmer's Market signs, FDR Posters, Feltmans Menus, New Orleans Fleur Signage, FORD decal, Ford signs, Ford V-8 Signs, French Liberty Painting, French Republic Coat of Arms, French tapestry, Fresh Fish Neon sign


DA Set D

24 items, 6.2MB

TMTK items beginning with the letter "D"

Disney America flag, Disney WWII Posters, Disney cartoon clouds and sun, Disney Studios signs, Art Deco murals (3 parts), Dr Pepper brick wall sign, Dr. Pepper sign, Doctor Office signs, Dentist Office signs, Dry Goods Store decal, quarter Dome piece, Disney plush and ceramic cut-outs for store shelf displays


Poster detail and plush cut-outs

Quarter-Dome piece.  It's far from perfect, but we used it on the bench with added ribs that covered the bloopers...

DA Set C

64 Items, 14.4MB

TMTK items beginning with the letter "C"

Assorted Cafe signs, Canada signs, Canada murals, Old Canadian flag and Coat of Arms, Carnival Wheel, assorted 1930/40 signage, Chernabog cutout,assorted Circus signs, banners, posters, cutouts, circus ring, clown car, assorted New Orleans signage, assorted colonial signs, Coca-Cola logo cutout, Coca-Cola brick wall, Communications Pavilion murals, assorted crates, assorted historical and national flags, crossed USA flags.

Select objects at night...

There is also four wall pieces (one meter wide, two meter wide, left and right one meter angles), based on Vampiro's wide stripe wall set and used with his kind permission and sharing of his textures.  They are not an exact match, but sure worked for our project...thanks Vampiro!

There's a special piece I made, it's a clown cannon, and there is a pair of clown legs that fit down inside...

Blueprints of the assembled cannon with clown and decorations, as well as the clown car with lights have been released in the Workshop...

DA Set B

58 items, 12.3 MB  (download link to follow, currently available in the Workshop...)

TMTK Items that have names starting with the letter "B"!

Assorted banners, Barber Shop Poles (previously released), 1939 Beechnut Circus signs, assorted historical, British Colonial and national flags, assorted "Brazil Block" walls, Brazil 1939 Coat of Arms, assorted murals by Brazilian artists, Brazil posters, British Empire signage, British Lion decals, BYOWF (Build You Own World's Fair) game box...

Some pieces at night...

Trying to wiggle out of any blame, huh?   ;D

DA Set A

34 Items, 7 MB  (download link to follow...again, individual files are currently available from the Workshop...)

These are items with names that start with the letter "A" (duh...)

Set includes several multi-section cutouts to create an Alp Mountain backdrop, assorted signage from Colonial and 1930/40 periods, assorted historical and National flags, Assorted Art Deco style trims, Automat walls, Aztec Mural, Aquacade Sign, small aquarium block

Several pieces at night...

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