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Planet Coaster Community Board / Excitement via Coaster Triggers?
« on: April 08, 2022, 12:04 PM »
It seems like a coaster's Excitement can only be raised so much by triggered stuff -- once that limit is reached, adding more doesn't do anything to the Excitement rating.  Is there any info out there on the most E a coaster can get from triggers?

Planet Coaster Parks / Renewal at Oak Lake - Scenario
« on: March 22, 2022, 01:53 PM »
Renewal at Oak Lake - Scenario

Spring has sproinged -- good time to post a scenario about renewing an old park. This is a rework of Oak Island using the Grand Carousel from the Magnificent Rides Collection and Vintage & Studios DLCs in a customized City biome. Same objectives, but new research trees (everything either available or researchable). Please note this scenario starts with the park and the remaining facilities in it closed.  (Turned on all rides to avoid a glitch with the ride aging:  rides set to a Classic age in the Scenario Editor but closed when the scenario is first opened for play often won't retain their age past the first save, reverting to New on opening the saved game.)  As always, many thanks to the original art-devs!

This park thrilled the public for almost a century, but that was decades ago. Dangerously decaying, the city voted for restoration over bulldozing the place -- by a narrow margin. They've spruced things up a bit and allocated some funds, but you're expected to get things up and running, bringing in the crowds and the money, while preserving the site's heritage.

Planet Coaster Parks / Snowy Deep Scenario
« on: December 08, 2021, 01:18 PM »
Snowy Deep Scenario

What lies beneath an iconic gingerbread village and snowy landscape?  No crime, easy-to-please staff, super-cheap terrain sculpting?  All is not as it seems!

Reworked Festive Funlands with a chairlift up to the gingerbread village (requires the Magnificent Rides DLC), fresh research trees, and stripped-down objectives -- build a beautiful park in a winter wonderland, with a bit of a twist.  Please note this scenario starts with the park and everything in it closed.  Guest influx is balanced towards families, if that's not to your taste then adjust in the Scenario Editor before playing.  As always, many thanks to the original art-devs!

Happy December!

Not the Scenario, not a Sandbox -- I've just "finished" test-playing my Copperpot Orchards scenario (link below), and I want to upload the played park to the Steam Workshop . . . if there's currently a way to do this, I'm not finding it.  I've seen a tutorial (link below) that says hover your cursor over the save and an Upload option'll pop up, but that hasn't worked (it's from 2016).  I'm playing on Windows, and I've got a screenshot link below.  Any help?

How to upload parks to the Steam Workshop

Copperpot Orchards Scenario

Planet Coaster Community Board / Flat Ride Duration?
« on: October 02, 2021, 07:45 PM »
A few years ago there was a post (here or at a Frontier forum) saying something like the ideal flat-ride duration was (IIRC) 120 seconds, and giving an explanation of how it was best for whatever reasons.  Yeah, hard to get more vague than that, sorry.  Anybody here remember it?

Planet Coaster Parks / Copperpot Orchards Scenario
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:00 PM »
Copperpot Orchards Scenario

An autumn-themed re-rework of the Silversmith Manor scenario.  Happy Autumn Equinox!  (For those in the Northern Hemisphere.)  Requires the Vintage and Magnificent Rides DLCs.  Please note that the scenario starts with the park, all rides, and all facilities closed.  As always, many thanks to the original art-devs!

The Copperpot family is opening a theme park on their estate to tackle their runaway debts. Your job is to open a luxury bed'n'breakfast in the Manor, build a successful park on the grounds, and keep the place afloat, with just a few caveats . . . the Copperpots are rather old fashioned and prefer ‘traditional’ attractions, and the estate imposes a surcharge on any excavating to discourage changing the landscape (maybe to avoid annoying the monster in the basement more than necessary). Have fun!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Switch Scenery Items?
« on: September 19, 2021, 09:47 AM »
IIRC (I think I saw this in a vid about 2017) there's a one-click (or close) way to select a scenery item and replace it with a different one from the Scenery tab, in the same position/orientation as the original.  Can anyone tell me how, or did I dream this?   :confused:

Planet Coaster Community Board / Pride Colors for Kraken Fans
« on: June 27, 2021, 10:31 AM »
Quick FYI for players who want Pride flags for their park Krakens: the Seatle Krakens have put up team Pride jpgs, including a couple with tentacles!

Full sizes at the link, here's the cut-downs:

Happy Pride Month!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Best # of Hotel Rooms?
« on: June 21, 2021, 12:36 PM »
Anybody know (or have an opinion on):  what's the optimum number of rooms for a Hotel to have, either in general or per # of guests in the park? Any ideas?


Planet Coaster Community Board / Scenario Objectives Advice?
« on: April 25, 2020, 10:27 AM »
Coming back to PlanCo after quite a while, just finished an Adventure-pack (mainly) rework of the Pirate Battle scenario.  Was about to playtest when I realized I didn't have a real idea of what I wanted the Objectives to be, and even back when I was playing I didn't have a clear idea of how to put together a good medium-difficulty set of objectives.  Any thoughts?

"The King has been kidnapped!  Princess Amelie was sailing to the rescue with a King's ransom when she was forced into port by a storm, at the tiny Kingdom colony of Pleasant Island.  But all too soon Captain Lockjaw heard of the Princess's plight and besieged the place.  Oh no!  > > >  Develop at least two themed areas, the idyllic colony and their pirate neighbors, preferably without spending the chest of ransom treasure.  And is there a Lost City of Gold?"

It starts with two coasters (the original High Seas and a Malice Unchained) and three flats (Teacups, Rocktapus, and Iron Claw).


Planet Coaster Rides / Corny Island PsychMoan - Zephyrus
« on: February 07, 2019, 11:10 AM »

Latest attempt at a Zephyrus version of the modern Coney Island Cyclone - Friction Multiplier of 0.5 recommended. EFN 7.15 4.94 1.26, no-path Prestige 702. Station building includes a 1st Aid & a Restroom, and an interior pathline with multiple potential path configurations (so I fenced off all the openings -- just delete the fencing in the openings you put your queue and exit path through). Everything in this is either Main Game or Vintage Pack. The three pieces (Corny Island PsychMoan coaster, Corny Island PsychMoan Station building, and Corny Island PsychMoan Lifthill building) load elevated, ground-level indicator is at the lifthill-base end.

Thanks to bkkryu01 for his near-accurate Coney Island Cyclone -- having an in-game reference made building a lot easier! My work on this is CC0 2019 KickAir8P Public Domain, please feel free to use it in your own workshop creations if you like.

Just heard something that may mean PlanCo's base (not caused by Toolkit content) frame-rate issues are being caused (at least in part) by needlessly inefficient texture handling that makes rendering of scenery-heavy parks much harder than it has to be, which was news to me.   :o   Disclaimer:  I'm not a game designer, I'm barely a 3D artist, but most of what I'm saying here is googleable (examples here, here, here, and here).

Bit of background:  in 3D game design getting the content to show up on the screen quickly and smoothly while spending minimal system resources is a primary consideration.  Every time the game program reads a texture file for a 3D object it costs system resources that could otherwise go to frame-rate -- it's therefor considered best-practice to reduce the number of times the program has to do that by putting the textures for multiple (sometimes all) 3D objects into a single big image file (often called a texture atlas) instead of a lot of smaller image files.  This is important in first-person shooter games where level creation is done by developers with an eye on system resources -- far more so in a game where players using lots of diverse scenery to make a beautiful park is much of the point.

The Frontier developers are professional game designers with decades of experience, so of course Planet Coaster's content was made using carefully optimized texture atlases for nearly all of it, right?  Right?

That's from a topic on the PlanCo forums here, the posts on texture atlases start here.  Hearsay, not clearly sourced (of course), and ambiguous, but (IMHO) disturbing nontheless.

How many guest can use single Restroom block at once?  A 1st Aid block?

Planet Coaster Parks / Grand Circuit Raceway Scenario
« on: September 08, 2018, 06:06 AM »
An unlocked and expanded version of the career Chief Beef's Raceway scenario with fresh research trees and objectives, tweaked terrains, some reworked buildings and decor, and the new stuff immediately available (anything not initially available is researchable).

Grand Circuit Raceway

The Grand Circuit Raceway was built on an old seafront racetrack to take advantage of the area's heritage.  But money issues arose during construction -- the resulting track has been deemed a disappointment by the public.  The recent fire gutting a neighborhood hasn't helped, especially since your soft-hearted partner bought it for development, saddling the park with the cost & cleanup.  And the hotel's famous flowerbeds have been killed by blight.  Can you realize the site’s potential?

  • Starter kart track bits near the lighthouse have been split from the city's kart track (which means occasional "not finished" notifications, sorry).
  • Guest traits at 100%, proportions tweaked.
  • L'hôtel Danielle is now a working hotel with decorated interior.
  • Coasters with standard car-swaps are together in the same research trees (when not available at startup).
There are some billboards in the park (one on the Entry Facilities Building, some Spooky Picture Frames in L'hôtel Danielle) -- if you want to use the images I intended for them they can be downloaded from my dropbox here.

Please note that the original scenario's scenery-heavy, this one's more so -- can bog down lighter computers.  Also, I don't speak French -- my apologies for any issues this has caused with new signage and labeling.

The scenery of Chief Beef's Raceway is arguably the best of the career scenarios, I've found it a joy to work with -- I'd like to thank the unknown art-devs who originally made this.

Uses the Vintage Pack, Studios Pack, and Spooky Pack.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Monte Carlo vs Planet Coaster?
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:35 PM »
The scenario Chief Beef's Raceway is based on Monte Carlo / Monaco and its auto-racing traditions -- some of the features seem to be derived from real-world equivalents, but I haven't been able to track them down.  Especially interested in église St. Martin, L'hôtel Danielle, and Jardin Felicity (is that the fountain or the street?), although info on anything else in there would also be appreciated.  Is that bell tower and church-like building (Building 115) based on something specific?  Is Fearn Hills based on a real neighborhood?  How 'bout Boulevard Eden?  That kind of thing.

Any help appreciated!

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