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Planet Coaster Rides / Re: VEKOMA Next Gen | Upload STEAM
« on: June 11, 2022, 08:50 AM »
This looks incredible!!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: ILLUSION - Horror Maze (by Zig-Zou)
« on: January 27, 2022, 06:03 PM »
I loved that video!!!  You are correct... I made haunt facades for Kaleidoscope Piers' Halloween event but they did not have interiors. This is amazing, inspiring work.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: ILLUSION - Horror Maze (by Zig-Zou)
« on: January 27, 2022, 03:57 AM »
This is INCREDIBLE!  I've always wanted to try making a walk-through haunted house in Planco.  This is AWESOME!

OMG that looks FANTASTIC!

This looks soooooooo good!!

Thank you so much for that, Warcat!

Thanks, Plokoon111!  That ballroom is WolfTenor's baby!  Ha ha!

Thank you, Wowmanrct!

Thank you, ImaginerJeremy.   ;)  And thank you so much for taking those awesome screenshots for us!   B)

Aww... Thank you, JB! I'm so glad you appreciate all our hard work.

And thanks, citytrader! I can assure you that most of what you see now will survive.  ;)

Rose Lake Park 1930 - 1939 is here!

This park map represents the fifth chapter of the journey chronicling the life of Rose Lake Park from its humble beginnings as a picnic grove at the end of a trolley line near Peepsburgh in the heart of Plancovania, to the world renown destination amusement park it is today. The 1930s proved to be a challenging decade for Rose Lake, with the Great Depression ravaging the country, and the Rose River valley flood of 1935 severely damaging much of the low-lying areas of the park. But, as Rose Lake always does, it overcame and emerged stronger and more successful than before. The discovery of a massive cave system beneath the southwest corner of the park brought the park back from near financial ruin when the founders began charging a small fee for cavern tours. By 1939, Rose Lake Caverns had become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northeastern United States. With its subterranean lake stocked with blind fish (which can be explored via glass-bottom boat tours), and innovative underground funicular ride to bring guests from the end of the tour back up to the surface, the Caverns remain a truly fascinating attraction to this day. Also added during this decade were the pleasurable Auto Rally ride from Traver Engineering, the brand-new Flying Eagles, and the first-generation Eyerly Octopus (built for the project by RedLine682). A glorious new Art Deco boathouse was built on Rose Lake, where guests could rent elegant wooden speedboats and have a drink on the upper deck at the swanky Sir Montague’s Boathouse Bar. Guests could stay the night at the new Rose Lake Cabins, offering breathtaking views of the lake. Transportation from the park improved with all new trolley cars and city buses from Peepsburgh. And the crown jewel of the decade was the truly magnificent Rose Lake Ballroom, occupying the former Bruin Auditorium show space, turning the building into a destination in its own right. Explore the park to find all of these exciting additions plus many more surprises!  Be sure to grab the billboard images and sound files.  Links are on the workshop page.

Episode 5, part 2 video: 

Cave Tour instructions: The tour begins in the Caverns gift shop. Follow the path down. Along the path are several rooms. Each room contains a plaque with a hidden sequencer in it. Click on the sequencer to hear the tour spiel for that room (voiced by our own WolfTenor). Note that the sequencer in the Aubergine room needs to be cycled through once before it will work correctly because of the lighting effects in that room (Planco is weird).

Note: Peeps will walk through the cave tour if you open the park, as long as you open the ride called "Rose Lake Caverns Tour." The tour path is actually its queue path.

Thank you, Cody. That was a very sweet comment.

Thanks for the feedback!  Antialiasing has always been a problem on my computer but it's bad even when I don't use Reshade so I don't know...

Thanks, Plokoon111!!

Thank you so much, JB!  It's always great to read your comments.  :)

Welcome to part one of the fifth episode of the journey of Rose Lake Park! 

Join Wolf Tenor, MattDownes, and me as we explore map 5 of our project.  In this episode, we take a look at Matt's new speedboats, the gorgeous art deco boathouse and Sir Montague's Boathouse Bar.  We get a peek at the Swan Pavilion's new production, and check out the all-new Sky Rockets ride on the Boardwalk.  We see the new flat rides in Comet Plaza, including Redline682's spot-on custom Eyerly Octopus.  We explore the Rose Lake Cabins, and we check out the fantastic Auto Rally ride, based on Kennywood's Auto Race.  And, then we finish up the video inside WolfTenor's magnificent Rose Lake Ballroom!

Map 5 should be ready for download on the Steam Workshop next week.

In the mean time, Map 4 can be downloaded here on the workshop:

Also, follow the zany back-stories of our park founders and staff as we move through the decades here on our blog (PG-13):


1930s speedboats by MattDownes:

Art Deco boathouse and bar by MattDownes, WolfTenor, and Fisherman:

New Sky Rockets ride on the Boardwalk (replaced the Flying Gondolas, by Fisherman)

Eyerly first-generation Octopus, by RedLine682:

Rose Lake Cabins by MattDownes, Lookout tower by Fisherman:

Auto Rally ride by MattDownes and Fisherman:

Bruin Auditorium renovation and Rose Lake Ballroom, by Wolf Tenor and Fisherman:

Thanks for looking!

Planet Coaster Parks / Rose Lake Park - 1930-1939: 1935 Flood
« on: July 20, 2021, 11:44 AM »
In 1935, the Rose River valley flooded following a week of heavy rains.  Although Rose Lake Park suffered much damage in the low-lying areas of the park, the park staff were able to rebuild and the park recovered over the next 4 years, emerging more successful than ever.

Absolutely incredible work there!  Not just the theming, but the rides themselves look fantastic too!

Looks fantastic!!

Thanks, guys!

Thanks, guys!  And yup!  A tour of the caverns is planned... And the peeps love it!  ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Rig - 15 x 15 mini park
« on: January 31, 2021, 08:35 AM »
This looks FANTASTIC!  Really cool idea!

Been a minute, huh?  We're still working on things.  Below are the first shots (here) from the 1939 map in the works.  Lots more to come over the coming weeks!

The all-new Sky Rockets ride has replaced the old Flying Gondolas on the Boardwalk:

RedLine682 has made us a wonderful custom Eyerly Octopus fake ride...perfect for the era:

And something special was discovered beneath the park during the 30s!  Check it out!

And our newest member of the team, MattDownes has made us some amazing stuff (including the funicular and glass-bottom cave boats above).  Here are some gorgeous speedboats he made for tours around the lake (wait till you see his Art Deco Boathouse!):

Matt's new trolley cars:

And here are a few beauty shots from around the park...just because I discoverd ReShade and have been experimenting with it:

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Harry Potter Gringotts Coaster
« on: January 09, 2021, 06:40 AM »
I'm excited!

WOW, Zig-Zou!!  This is the best ride I have ever seen in any game!  Ha ha!  It is so immersive!  It feels like a real ride!  And I could not tell where the screens were.  You incorporated them so seamlessly.  Very inspiring!  Will you be making a behind-the-scenes video?  Will you release the park file?  I would LOVE to see how the track layout looks from above.

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Gringotts Coaster
« on: December 29, 2020, 08:25 AM »
This looks FANTASTIC!  Can't wait to see more!

Thanks, cure13!  We're busy working on the 1930s map!   ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Halton Hills Park - WIP - By Shiftzie
« on: November 12, 2020, 02:48 PM »
You amaze me.  Mad skills.  Looking fantastic.

Oh I'm loving this!

My guess...a log flume.  Could be wrong tho'   :P

I LOVE IT!!   :D

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