Roller Coasters & Rides

Intamin Sarajevo Bobsled (recreation) (None)6830B0
Ribbon - B&M Flying Coaster (None)83120B0
Katapult - Gerstlauer Skyfly insp. by Hansa Park (None)272410B0
XLR-8 Astroworld (recreation) (None)388570B0
Haunted Mansion (None)404560B0
Oni - Arrow Looping Coaster (None)252240B0
RAMPANT - a small RMC inspired by Untamed (None)231240B0
The Whip (None)233320B0
Black Widow (None)2832650B0
REAL SIZE Schiff Wild Mouse (recreation) (None)391680B0
B.A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse recreation (early model version) (None)401910B0
B. A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse (recreation) (None)226450B0
Eagle - a Huss Troika inspired by Heide Park Soltau's former Huss corner *****4971100B0
Condor (inspired by former Condor at Heide Park) (None)6112800B0
MILLIVOLT - small 4k blueprint version of VOLT (None)5892490B0
VOLT - Double Launch Coaster Inspired by HELIX (None)4632070B0
PHOBIA (None)5642580B0
The Screamer (None)6181000B0
Celestial Inn, Rideskin and shops (None)545870B0
Crazy Barrel *****9311120B0
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