Roller Coasters & Rides

REAL SIZE Schiff Wild Mouse (recreation) (None)102130B0
B.A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse recreation (early model version) (None)157200B0
B. A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse (recreation) (None)93170B0
Eagle - a Huss Troika inspired by Heide Park Soltau's former Huss corner *****270510B0
Condor (inspired by former Condor at Heide Park) (None)208520B0
MILLIVOLT - small 4k blueprint version of VOLT (None)198410B0
VOLT - Double Launch Coaster Inspired by HELIX (None)151420B0
PHOBIA (None)141360B0
The Screamer (None)465720B0
Celestial Inn, Rideskin and shops (None)386700B0
Crazy Barrel *****701900B0
Coney Island Thunderbolt (None)6651050B0
War of the Worlds: The Ride (None)6671000B0
Hurricane - portable coaster (None)572860B2
Splash Mountain *****9811790B0
Bats in the Belfry (None)335530B0
Phantom Manor (None)7062210B0
ATZTECOLYPSE - Intamin AG LSM Launch Coaster (None)9991520B0
Manta (None)7951150B0
The Burning -SW8/Wickerman (None)369620B0
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