Thememaker's Toolkit Items

Ancient Egypt Set (None)1730B0
Water Slide Set (None)1640B0
Metal Barrier (None)800B0
Jurassic Collection (None)1110B0
High Striker (None)2160B0
Generic Trash Bin (None)1930B0
Shirt Rack & Shirt Collection 1 & 2 (None)3080B0
Adventure - Crate 01 (animated) (None)2440B0
Trash Bin (Generic) (None)2540B0
Handicap Parking Sign (None)2350B0
Japanese Stone Lantern (2) (None)2240B0
Modern Wooden Furniture Set (None)5150B0
Tactile Path Panel (None)3360B0
Shade Covers (None)3960B0
Wheelie Bin (Closed & Open) (None)1920B0
Disney Ticket Reader (None)3420B0
Cash Register / Till (None)3130B0
Wheelchair (None)1820B0
Pallet Lifting Truck (None)1740B0
Small, Medium and Large Sized Lockers (None)2530B0
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