Miscellaneous Objects & Buildings

The Christmas Shop (None)1610B0
Functional Restaurant (None)5180B0
BH's Boat Set (None)187190B0
White Van Fleet (None)164220B0
Deco Font (None)202270B0
Pumpkinheads (None)171300B0
Disneyland Keelboat "Bertha-Mae" ****237320B0
Disneyland Keelboat "Gullywhumper" ****262370B0
Skeeball Alleys *****327380B1
iFLY Indoor Skydiving attraction (None)369400B0
Classic Pinball Machines (None)347430B0
Toll Booths (None)407450B0
rental stroller, scooter, and wheelchair ****463480B0
Duck Tours amphibious vehicle (None)318480B0
Bunny Collection (None)362500B0
Double Turnstile *****276510B1
FASCINATION (None)341520B0
Planconia Festival *****364580B0
Ice Machine (None)300580B0
Anubis Restaurant (None)373640B0
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