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Title: Cedar point/kings island reviews
Post by: kylr23 on August 09, 2017, 03:58 PM
Recently I've decided to take a vacation and go to cedar point/kings island.
I'm staying at castaway bay by ceder point, which grants m early entry :D!! Anyways I'll review everything as it comes.
Castaway bay:
Castaway bay is a resort with a indoor water park? I've opted in for a 3 day park/water park pass with breakfast.
Water park isn't bad 3 slides, wave pool,kids water playground, water coaster. Fun little place

Breakfast buffet: is s over priced thing for what is Essensaly is a continental breakfast. Lottery the don't know free anything that isn't included in a free breakfast at a normal hotel

More to be added soon
Title: Re: Cedar point/kings island reviews
Post by: kylr23 on August 09, 2017, 05:35 PM
Cedar Point/Cedar shores

So Ive went to cedar point on sunday and Monday (maybe this Thursday or Friday depending on if my sunburn pain goes down) Went into the park at 9:00 as part of the early entry program.
Keep in mind I opted in for a fastpass systel which will run you at $80 For your basic one. or 108 FOr a pluse pass which includes Mullenium, maverick, Gate keeper, Valravn ext.

The park was well kept and somewhat clean I noticed a few cobwebs, or a bunch of honets near a soda fountain. But nothing they can do about that.

Ive been on eveyr rollercoaster and several flat rides. Im somewhat majory underhwelemd by the rides there at Ceder point. Im talking about the rollercoasters of course, They were fun once (minuse a few exceptions) After repeated riding I found them...Dull. Yeah I know right!

Ill talk about each ride in Unision

Gatekeeper: My first wing coaster ride. It was somewhat forceless and dull. I don't know why but I been on the left side, ride side inside outside. And the experience is just Bland. The elements where nice and all but I didn't find it that fun.

Valravn: Is just basicly like eveyr other drop ride Ive ridden sherika at B.G.T and found it fun, Valraven is just a taller verosn of that with no water breaks. It was just Bland. Hence its nick name Blandraven.

Millennium force:I was shocked to see how forceless in the back this ride was. Really I was like, really hardly any air time at all. But in the middle it was a better experience. So Yeah, been on this befor its a enjoyable ride overall.

Maveric: This ride is isnane, I live the g put onto this ride, I love the speed, and turns eveyrhting about this ride is awesome. So much so its now ranked at my #1 coaster kicking Wicked cyclone down to 2.

Germini: Fun little racer, Red train sucks because it kept losing XD

Magnum xl: Was not fun, but painful as all heck. I don't know how its possible but It kinda hurt my crotch a bit. Owie

Top thrill dragster: Some of you may be surprised to find that I don't find this ride that good despite the hype, Despite the speed and hight. Its fun in its own right but I just don't like it that much.

Corckscrew: Madatory credit. Why did I bother?

Wicked Twister: First inverted impulse coaster: Fun ride in its own right but again didnt quite do it for me.

Blue streak: A oldie but goodie. It was fun!

Rapter: A nice suspended coaster but honestly I prefur Montu over Rapter.

Ceder creak express(runaway minetrainride) This one was rough as all heck. Did not like it at all.

Iron dragon (vr) Stupid, stupid, stupid! This vr crap got to go, Unless there is sound to it Im never doing a vr ride again  :sneaky:

Flat rides

Pipescream: Fun half pip coaster

Maxair: Firs ride of that type for me: Really fun and crazy. I love it!

Scremaing eagle: First proper swing ride Again really crazy and fun

windseeker: Is better then the one at S.f I like the design of the chairs and the structure of it better.

Luminosity: Is a night show/stage show. It was interesting to say the lest.