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Community Chat / Re: I'm still around, but... (Update 3-08-20)
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:00 AM »
Hope you feel better bud.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A small Christmas park
« on: December 16, 2019, 04:09 AM »
Looks great! Love the path with snow and the foot traffic effect on it!

Community Chat / Re: I'm still around, but...
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:31 AM »
Glad you are doing better! Rest and heal JB! Heart stuff is random sometimes.

Haunted train?

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Expo City 2.0 11.23.19
« on: November 24, 2019, 05:45 AM »
I just love that lounge you built! Very cool and hip looking! Looks like Tron.

Some really nice nighttime shots, Plokoon. The part of the Seaside Pier sign I like best is the rounded corners on the roof, with the neon pinstripes and the red recessed lighting. And the carousel looks especially inviting all lit up; makes you wanna climb those stairs to the upper tier.

^ Thanks JB, I'm glad you enjoy the night scenery! I loved how the sign came out as well, I messed with a few designs.

Loving that SP sign, and loving the lighting all round.  Exterior lighting is very time consuming and hard to get right, and I feel like you're doing that here.

Glad you enjoyed the lighting; I wanted a contrast between old fashioned and the neon modern pier and I feel like I achieved it. The toboggan lighting took awhile to get right, but it works finally haha!

Opening Day Part 6


^ Looking south at the pier, the neat coaster is calling my name for sure!

^ But first, lets go on the slide. Some neat views from the top. A closer view of the Toboggan coaster!

^ And down we go!

^ The Paratrooper is quite the thrill, I have never seen a ride like this yet!

^ Lurking in the back is some bumper cars. So far a lot of different selections of rides on this pier versus Pirate Reef Pier.

^ I saved the best for last! Time to ride the Toboggan!

^ This is a neat rollercoaster because it is steel, and very compact. It also has a vertical lift! Going up the lift hill echos inside the circular chamber.


^ Finally we pop up at the top and circle around the tower downwards!

^ Oh yeah, here is another groundbreaking ride of the future: The Zipper! What a crazy ride this is! Be sure not to eat any Boardwalk Café crab fries with seagull sauce before riding!  :no:

^ Finally the night and long day is over, we have explored both piers and I must say the boardwalk is on fire! With the addition of classics and modern rides Atlantic City's future is bright! I really can't wait to head back next season and see how they will top this one! Stay tuned for more updates!

Oh wow, that mine train is absolutely one of the coolest rides I've seen so far in Planet Coaster... Why you think? Well, when the train went up the hill I did not expect too much... it would be a short ride... Man was I wrong. Its simply amazing what you have put into this very compact design. A fantastic combination of themeing with a track layout that never feels boring and becomes surprisingly longer and longer - the longer that ride goes. This is it! Fantastic work! :)
And last but not least I love the western facade, it makes that ride so inviting! Amazing work!!!

^ Thanks so much Corkscrewloop! I appreciate your awesome compliment, I like how I felt like I tricked you guys into thinking it was short and it wasn't. Its all illusions really. The front façade rock is actually made up of tiny rock pieces, instead of large. That way It wouldn't waste space. That was a trick I used a lot actually. Glad you liked it!

Part 5

The sun started setting and soon the lights of the boardwalk came roaring to life with flashes of bright yellows and reds. The crowds seemed to get even larger as I walked around to soak it all in...

^ Pirate Ship looking as menacing as ever; sounds of a fog horn and wind can be heard inviting nearby to dare take a trip inside the hallowed halls.

^ The Roll O Plane still with long lines, this ride will be a success this summer for sure!

^ After some pizza at a new joint called Patricia's Meat, home to some good meatballs from what I hear from others! It was satisfying!

^ And soon our next target … wayyyy down there.

^ Its actually further then you may think but Seaside Pier here we come!

^ Here at last, the sign is very well done. This will be a landmark spot for sure in time...

^ One thing that is different from Pirate Reef is the modern and flashier feel. A lot of lights! We will have to wait until the next part to check out Riptide!

Until then...

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Expo City 2.0
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:46 AM »
Very Blade Runner like! Very intrigued!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Adventure World - WIP
« on: November 14, 2019, 08:23 AM »
Lovely architecture you have!

OMG a Toboggan!  :love:

Great work, Plokoon. Loving the Mine Ride, I can see a lot of work went into this. Cool station also, with those facades and the SGW references :)  :up:
Jungle Land is another favourite of mine, really liking the plants work there!

^ Glad you like it Elch! It isn't functional, since I couldn't find a small track that had a vertical lift hill sadly.  :'(
Glad you like the rides as well! They are a passion for sure, they take quite awhile to make.

I love that so much.  Just like my notebooks!  Ha ha!

^ I would love to see your notebook drawings, believe it or not when I was 5 to 8 years old I used to draw amusement parks and darkrides from memory when I would go to the boardwalk, park or fairs. I would make the layout of the darkrides, how it would look from the front and back with realistic detail. It really explains why I'm good at these kind of things in a way.

I love seeing the behind the scenes thought process of putting ideas on paper before building them...  really wish I could do that.  I just throw stuff onto the screen and see what sticks :P

I like seeing the real-life inspiration pictures too... you really nailed both of those attractions!

^ Thanks JP! Sometimes I do that approach, but usually I have an idea that I am trying to do. A lot of time I have inspiration but sometimes I wing it. Thanks man! Never rode those two actually, the ship was knocked down in 86, 6 years before I was born, and the Mine Ride's track now exists in Knoebels as the Black Diamond! I have yet to ride it, never went on its old version.

Opening Day Part 4

Finally a best of picture tour of the Mine Ride! So you can really study the details!

^ After finally climbing up the chain lift through a cavern you get to the top of the ride!

^ After the first drop and turn you go back in, but this time it is darker! The timbers give you the illusion of losing control. A Bill Tracy special for sure, as he built this year's attraction!

^ After a few scenes of horror, we almost crash into another mine cart!

^ The bat scene really makes riders uncompfurtable...

^ The wood work design in the ride is done in a way to throw you off as you speed on by. Most wood is from old pallets kept around the park...

^ We aren't alone apparently, this lost miner is only looking for help, hopefully those barrels don't tip over on us!

^ Open walls help riders to get to the emergency exits with ease if there is ever a need to evacuate.

^ One last shot into the park's night time skyline!

Join for the next update when we visit Seaside Pier!

What is your favorite scene?

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Fabuland 1985: Grand Reopening Day
« on: November 13, 2019, 03:25 AM »
I love the layout! It flows very well and makes sense; I also love the park map for guests to see. Wonderful simple but working theme you have! Great job!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Oakshade Park
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:36 PM »
I love the highway sign! Very realistic!

very nice ride. I love the tight surroundings and the speed is perfect. Like a coaster dark ride. Very cool

^ Thanks! It was tough, I had to use the track with wheels because the mine carts would stall out. It was a tedious process but eventually it all worked out in the end!

That was a really fun ride. It reminds me a little of the Mine Train ride at Knott's Berry Farm, but with more thrills. And I like the western town facade (and my estate :P).
Excellent job.

^ Thanks! Yeah it is similar to that but I didn't base it off of that. Glad you like your estate!  ;D

Hey, you made a video!  And it's the mine train!  And it turned out really well!

That's a great ride... felt very real-life realistic, and it amazed me how long it was given the small footprint you have to work with in a pier environment.  Great use of lighting, (I liked the siren effect at the beginning), and when the lights themselves were visible they looked like they belonged there.  The theming throughout kept my interest, and the facade is again very real-life 2D realistic for an attraction like this.  I don't think I've ever used the swinging mine carts but this project had definetely opened my eyes to them.

But in much more important news...  I HAVE A SHED!  wooo hooo!!!! 

^ Yeah it is bigger then it looks, and I didn't cheat (By going under the pier, like some people used to go underground to hide a small facade.) Thank god for the track tools and the ability to make things close! Rct3 made it harder then it needed to be. This is like heaven for me when I make layouts haha. I'm glad it has that feel, that was what I was going for. I wanted regular mine carts that didn't tilt like that, but that was I had to use that looked like what I needed. Its a bit unrealistic for what kind of trains were available back then but I will let that slide haha. I do want to see what you make with them for sure!

What a great ride! :)  The façade looks even better than I had imagined. The western town reminds me of Disneyland's Rainbow Ridge (now extinct). As we enter the mine, I like the row of rickety support beams angled every-which-way (except straight). I love how the ride is a mix of slow and fast sections. Also a mix of genres; old west, rustic, and spooky. I enjoyed the spooky areas the best (and I think you enjoyed making the spooky areas the best ;)).

Lots of classic dark ride concepts here- the lights that come on as you enter the scene, the glow-in-the-dark bats, etc., the skeletons (gotta have skeletons!), and the soundtrack. Is that an actual dark ride soundtrack? As far as finding the gold nugget... not sure. I thought I saw something that looked like a gold nugget on top of the crate just before entering the spiral tunnel; but that could've been just about anything. :n00b:

Nice job on this, Plokoon.

^ Thanks! I made the corridor beams like that on purpose to make it disorienting and unsafe looking. They were a must for the mine theme, they are repeated when necessary. I didn't know about that Disney ride, I will have to check that out JB! I tried to stick with classic darkride effects, mainly Bill Tracy like. I few from the Mine Ride from RCT3 were adapted for this one, like the mine train coming towards you scene. That reminds me though, I forgot to add the falling barrels effect! I know I had that one in the old version. (I can always add haha.) The bats were an interesting one, I wanted just glowing red light dots on the wall that could blink, but that would do. I really tried to keep the story flowing, without randomness, I feel like I achieved it hopefully! I will admit the light timing was tedious, I built the effects going backwards from the bottom up (Because it would be hard to build when things are built in the way!) and so everytime I put a  trigger I would have to trace it through the whole layout, and some scenes had a couple of triggers. The soundtrack is a combination of different darkride sounds put together, I wanted it to feel real life. Like the echoed rooms as you enter.

I'd love to see the track layout of the Mine Ride.  It is so wonderfully compact.  I couldn't believe how long the ride was and just so jam-packed with amazing scenes and effects.  Just fantastic.

^ You asked and you will receive! Thats a lot coming from you, the dude who made a park sized Ghost Mine, with awesome ghost miners ect. I really could have used them in this haha.

And here are some of my influence! You will notice for sure.  ;)

Hmm maybe a Enterprise? Wild mouse? Thst would be my guess. Lakeview Falls has one hell of a drop! Looks tall! Great update, I'm enjoying the story so far!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Oakshade Park
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:19 PM »
Interesting ticket booth building!

I'm getting more and more intrigued by the Mine ride. I look forward to seeing the finished attraction.

^ Thanks! Soon all will be revealed!

Quote: "I do like the randomness of dinosaurs! Like a lost world of sorts JB  :D"

Oh, I agree Plokoon. Nearly all my (RCT3) parks (or scenarios I've played) have some sort of jungle cruise type of ride filled with dinosaurs. I love the idea of it. :)

^ Haha, yeah that is true! You gotta have fun and mix it up a bit sometimes!

Opening Day: Part 2

As we begin to get to the back of the park we discover more!

^ The Scrambler was moved back on the new deck addition of the pier.

^ Enter Mine Ride! This years newest and boldest attraction to quench thrill seekers and the adventurers at heart! Boasting 3 drops through a desert and a mine, will you be able to solve the mysteries of the lost miners searching for a golden nugget?

^ You begin in an old western town before you set your sites to the Golden Valley where other prospectors hope to find gold!

^ The front is the money shot as you can see the mine carts coming in and out of the mountain.

^ The top is interesting as it is outside, a lot of western scenes.

^ A camp site can be seen at the top as well.

Now its your turn to check out the ride! And more!   :) :up: Will you solve the mystery?

Creators Note: I actually have been working on this ride since last year believe it or not when this park wasn't active. I would pick at it and dabble with it, eventually I finished and couldn't wait to show it off. If anyone remembers the Mine Ride from RCT3 Pirate Reef, there was a lot of space limitations, and it had a smaller blue print. It was very compact, and shorter. This version is really the true vision of how I forsee the ride. Can anyone figure out the inspiration? Eventually I will post some inspiration pictures one of these months and you guys will totally get it! So I hope you guys enjoy the ride, there are some things I actually fixed after I made the video, so I am aware of a few issues here and there. Also this really fits my obsession with fitting things and rides into small spaces and making it work haha.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: November 08, 2019, 07:14 PM »
Great update for sure! The land gives me a Wonder world vibe which is great!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Future World 1899 -Starting Again....Again
« on: November 08, 2019, 07:21 AM »
This looks amazing! Lovely architecture!

That mountain in the background of the first shot reminds me of Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro. (sort of a random comment, huh?). The peeps really like your park, judging from the crowd in the 'late afternoon' shot. And I like how the angled support beams in the Mine Ride are set into the rock, like they're really supporting something. Speaking of support- That one cactus floating on the side of the Mine Ride rock looks like it need a little. ;)  Although, I suppose that's the sort of theming one might see in a pier park like this. I mean, if yer gonna have Stegosaurs, lions, and giant scorpions in Jungle Land; then why not floating cacti? :P

^ I'd like to think the cactus is bolted to the mountain façade, it is actually sunken next to it. But I do like the randomness of dinosaurs! Like a lost world of sorts JB  :D

I'm afraid I don't know what K.E.N stands for. :-\
And "Seagull syrup"? I don't even wanna ask. :P
Looking forward to seeing more (Mine Ride, Mine Ride, Mine Ride. :D)

^ The 3 letter name is the 3 letters of my first, middle and last initials. Okay Mine ride? Don't you worry about that one.  ;)

Crab fries actually sounds good, and now I'm kind of hungry...

I'm liking all that pathwork that you've laid out on the beach...  will there be attractions down there too?

I'll just chime in and help JB a bit...  [whispers] mine ride, mine ride mine ride...  :P

^ Yeah now I made myself hungry as well! The path work was meant to have people on the beach to give off that scene of a live beach but no one wants to go and get sandy and I don't blame them haha. Okay some fan faire!

Opening Day: Part 2

We continue on with the sights and sounds on Pirate Reef Pier where there is plenty of fun to be had!

^ The sky diver is new this year and is adding some thrill on the pier! So far it is bringing in the crowds!

^ The Monster is also a new addition, something fun for the families! Here at the pier there is a balanced selection of rides for all age groups!

^ Looking behind at the late afternoon skies.

^ Jungle Land is busier then ever it seems, I decided to wait through it...

^ I can see the new Mine Ride attraction up in the distance!

^ A man is about to get eaten by that croc!

^ Mine Ride's façade blends in well with the Jungle Land theming!

More soon.... And a surprise you don't want to miss in the upcoming updates...  ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Fabuland: The beginning
« on: November 07, 2019, 03:27 AM »
Looks like a rehabilitation park! Digging the story so far!

No problem man; your work is inspiring. And it always has a fun whimsical charm when you updated! I was hoping this would be a timeline type park, so here's hoping it continues!

It's great to see a Toboggan rollercoaster ride. Just about every State and County fair had them back in the late 1960s to '80s. There wasn't much to them but they were exciting to look at. :)  The new pier park looks like it'll be fun; I think I see a Paratrooper ride (and it's one that has the hydraulic up & down lift.)

^ Thanks! It is a non functional ride due to a straight track portion with no chain life unfortunately. But it looks pretty haha. I remember one I tried to make in RCT3 back in 2005 and it was horrible! It was one of the first pier parks I did and I had it featured.

Those Toboggan coasters always freaked me out just looking at them when I was a kid.  They looked so rickety.  I have never ridden one.  The new pier is looking great!!!

^ Thanks! I rode one as my first big boy coaster in 2003 with my dad at Trimpers Rides in Ocean City MD, they got rid of it back in 2010 though. It was a painful back breaking ride when you hit those hills at the bottom. It didn't help that there was no seat or restraints really. Its almost as if they took the Zipper cart and put wheels on it!


It is that time again! The smell of sea salt, sea birds and I see rides! Laughter and banter can be heard as we headed onto the boards. I couldn't wait to check out the new pier and the new rides! Parking was actually pretty crowded, you could blame the new condos and more boardwalk shops added. But it is for the best as it is the gas that these piers require! I couldn't help but notice a few billboards advertising Pirate Reef Pier, and the new Mine Ride! I bet it will live up to expectations!

^ The skyline is active, and I can hear the excitement of riders from afar...

^ It was starting to get crowded, we went in right after opening at 11AM.

^ The Pirate Ship K.E.N. stands proud, still as popular as ever with the kids. One of the best funhouses on the New Jersey Coast for sure...

^ Looking behind you can see how much the boardwalk has changed in 3 years; progress...

^ Silver Bullet was a fun ride as always. The Boardwalk Café is a happening place, we had some lunch there. The crab fries are to die for! Try them in the Seagull syrup!

^ The Meteor opened pretty late, a few test runs but now it is time to ride it!

…….More soon...…….

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope FEARS! Now open! Video!!
« on: November 04, 2019, 04:44 AM »
Good ideas you have about making the park lagless. I'm taking copious notes; even though lag in my park is none so far thankfully.

Wow I missed this park Austin! Nice to see some returns here in the forum. Beautiful update, very realistic. I loved Charleston Gardens as well. (It was my competition back then 😉 haha) keep it up!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Oakshade Park
« on: November 03, 2019, 03:28 PM »
Good start so far! I like the last picture angle shot!

I just love that secret cave hidden paradise vibe you got going on!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Highland Lakes - Progress 11/1/2019
« on: November 02, 2019, 11:46 AM »
It's so cool to see your still around Kidfox! Your work and influence has been very inspiring to me over the years. This just adds onto your legacy! Love the warehouse district, nice architecture, playful but just right. I love the skyline in general as well!

We were talking about video vs. photos to display rides; this attraction is an example where I'd love to see the video.  Compact dark rides like this are very interesting to see the layout, placement of theming, lighting, etc.  And since this is probably a fast paced coaster, that makes it all the more interesting.  But I definitely understand you have to do what works for you, and making videos is (often) a pain.

Anyway, great to see that earlier tease with the rockwork coming together now.  I love the added realism of the unthemed back of the building with the escape doors and fire exits, and it's great to see the buildings along the surrounding streets coming up.  An exciting place to own a condo, for sure!

^ Thanks JP! I actually will possibly make a video for this because its really a detailed and long ride and I don't want you guys to miss out on that aspect of it! Also I want the sound to be old fashioned as well which is a challenge at times but I have a few ideas. Yeah that is a important aspect of the darkride that is important is realism, how it looks from the behind. A lot of darkrides are just a wooden shell frame, or a steel corrugated bldg, canvas tied to sheet metal and other applications. And of course you need emergency exits and short cut doors with in the ride. Yeah some good deals on condos for sure! Get them while they last!

I'm chomping at the bit to see the inside of the mine-themed dark ride. And I agree with JP about seeing the unthemed side of the ride; it's always interesting to see how the magic is done. I remember seeing an image on the Gorillas Don't Blog site (posted sometime in 2015) that showed the 1980s remodel of Disneyland's Fantasyland. One of the dark rides (don't remember which) had its facade completely stripped away revealing that the ride building was just a typical corrugated steel barn type of structure; something you would store your tractor in. But then, when its all completed, voila! Magic!

^ Thanks JB, glad you are excited! I am thrilled about how this turned out, and it is realized better then what this ride looked like back in RCT3. Yeah its crazy how well you can hide the ordinary and make it feel and look special and epic.

Believe it or not as a 5 or 6 year old kid I used to draw amusement parks and darkrides, and would pay attention to small details. Like what does the back of a darkride look like? I used to be able to tell how long the ride would be or if it went upstairs by looking at the back before I even see the facade. Same with coasters, I used to draw layouts ect.


I hope you guys enjoy this day (If you partake in it.) I'll be dressing up as Michael Myers and scaring the kids, its been a tradition for many years so far.

1965 Winter Construction Update

Continued from last update...

^ Looking north we see the new pier, and it is a amusement pier! I also noticed a towering radio mast; apparently a new radio station is broadcasting called 96.5 The Ocean Beat.

^ Obviously I can't get in but there is a flurry of activity going on, preparations for next month's grand opening...

^ The pier isn't afraid to broadcast itself. It looks like this is called Seaside Pier; a fancy sign I would say.

^ A quick glance and I see a giant slide called Riptide, and a few other interesting amusements.

^ Walking along the pier; what is this? It looks like a steel rollercoaster! Very compact and small, but looking thrilling! The pier so far looks off to a good start in terms of some headliner rides.

^ I also noticed a Zipper ride; I heard about this contraction with caged cars from a friend in the industry it is intense. So far I counted 5 rides, compared to 15 over at Pirate Reef Pier but with less rides they have some unique offers!

Alright guys time to head back home; the next time I come back it will be opening day! See you guys then!

Community Chat / Re: Which SGW member do you miss?
« on: October 31, 2019, 05:58 AM »
I'm still alive! I check in from time to time. I wish I still had time to play the game...I really miss it sometimes. Perhaps one of these days I'll open it back up.

 :w00t: :o

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