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Thememaker's Toolkit / Re: corkscrewloop's Wallpapers
« on: Today at 03:07 PM »
These are nice patterns, but why go through all the trouble of making them TMT objects when you can just use the same textures with the 4m square billboard stuck onto the wall?

Those postcards look great, except for the typo in the 2nd one.

It's Renée, not Renee' :).  The accent is over the 2nd e, not behind the 3rd.  Use the Character Map app in Windows to get the proper spelling.  You can even past those characters into PC signs, like here:  {Renée Feu (Fire) is yours, Renée Fou (Crazy) is mine ;) }

I imagine you have to repaint the monorails frequently as their paint keeps getting blistered :)

Amazing! Beautiful work on the scenery. Can't wait for more!

Thank you very much!  Most of that scenery, of course, is going to be plowed under as the park is built :).

Glad to see you back writing on this forum (creative writing, not documentation writing). this is some great stuff here and glad to see you doing something with this land. Can't wait for more.

I agree, I can spin enough BS with writing to cover the inadequacies of my building ;)

I love the overgrown 'beaters' rusting away in the field. Are they to be preserved as part of the historic structure (like the septic tank)? :D

Even though I changed the backstory a bit, I'm playing this with the restrictions i put on the map for the 2018 Summer Pre-Contest (here's the original post).  So the only thing that has to stay on the map is the farmhouse, although it can be moved elsewhere on the map and spruced up.  However, the junk vehicles could find their way into queue scenery somewhere as that seems to be a thing with farm-themed parks in general ;).  I'm thinking of keeping the barn, too.  Gotta have a petting zoo in the kiddie area.

The electric substation looks all electric-y and substation-y.

Thanks!  I think it came out rather well.  I might blueprintize it after a few tweaks.

Not sure what's all included in the Entry Buildings area of your map. Ticket windows, stroller rentals and such?

Yeah, that's the idea.  Plus the all-important park entry gates and an info booth.  Then there'll be a pedestrian bridge over the highway.  Due to the Indian mound in this area, I might have to expand the entry area a bit, shrinking the parking lot a bit.  We'll have to see.  I think I'll build this area next, then make the parking lot fit it instead of the other way around like I've been doing.

With that exceedingly young retired NFL player's millions of dollars (and considerably fewer brain cells), Pharqueson Farms should turn out to be a wacky (and dangerous?) destination.

That's the idea.  I'm much better at satire than being serious ;)


Well, first, despite trying hard to prevent it, I've somehow manged to live long enough to become a cynical and jaded old bastard.  As a result, I can't help but view all creation as merely the sarcasm of the gods, intricately designed simply to mock any lifeform which has the urge to ask "why?', to teach them their proper place.

Second, I drink like it was still the Age of Reason.

Third, I already made the base map months ago in an unsuccessful bid to have it used in the 2018 SGW Summer Contest so haven't really done much yet :).

Hold on  - need to go get a cup of cocoa and cookies to read through this one.

Don't worry, nothing to see yet, if ever :)

EPISODE 1:  Infrastructure

US Highway 61, which runs (or at least used to run) up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Canada, has many nicknames along its length.  In various places, it's known as "Airline Highway", "the Blues Highway", "The Great River Road", and "Scenic Highway".  It has seen many momentous events, about which many songs have been written.  But this story takes place just off an obscure stretch of it near the SW corner of Mississippi, where the road is just called "Highway 61" or even just "61", and where large sections of it slide off the loess hillsides periodically.

Welcome to Pharqueson Farms.

Here, for a number of generations, the Pharqueson family scraped a meager but sufficient subsistence from the loess using a varying roster of cotton, corn (maize), beans, and scrub cattle.  Their proudest accomplishment was preventing their piece of loess from eroding too badly, which was the fate of most of their neighbors.  But then came WW2.  The 2 older brothers of who survived went to college on the GI Bill and never came back except for occasional visits.  The youngest brother missed out on this opportunity and was left to run the farm but his children were inspired by the visits of their "exotic" uncles to leave the farm by one means or another as soon as they were old enough.  Except for one who actually liked farming.  But nobody liked him so, after living long enough to acquire the moniker "Old Man Pharqueson", he died a childless bachelor and his surviving family members, now all city-slickers, wanted nothing from the old farm except their share of the money for selling it off.

Selling the place proved to be a problem. By now the land mostly grew weeds and the cattle had stomped the upper layers of loess into a concrete-like slab, so it was useless for most agricultural purposes.  But it was too far away from the nearest city, which itself was too small to have many jobs, to be attractive for residential development as a bedroom community.  This same lack of regional population also scuppered schemes for building an industrial park, a factory for Japanese cars, a nuclear power plant, or anything else useful.  Thus, eventually the property went up for auction and was purchased by an anonymous buyer for the pittance it actually was worth.

Most locals assumed the buyer was a rich lawyer or construction contractor from Natchez or Vicksburg, or even a Louisiana politician, who wanted a hunting camp to entertain important clients.  They expected that the fields, which had been laboriously cleared by hand so long ago, would soon return to forest.  This had happened to many old farms in the general area over the past couple of decades.

But the locals couldn't have been more wrong.  Their worst nightmare, so terrifying that it hadn't even formed a coherent thought in their minds yet, was about to come true.  Pharqueson Farms had been purchased by a former NFL #1 draft pick who had been forced into retirement at the age of 25 due to repeated concussions.  As he had hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteed money and only a fraction of his brain cells remaining,  and being too young to care, he thought it would be a good idea to build a theme park in this place.  And he also thought Bullethead Sweatshop Industries was the best contractor for the job.


Bullethead casually side-stepped several canebrake rattlesnakes and wished each one good hunting as he made his way across the nascent construction site.  None of them rattled at him, tacit admission that they knew he knew how to behave himself.  While Bullethead had never actually lived here, he'd spent way more time than he cared to admit about an hour's drive to the south down Highway 61, in an even more benighted place, so knew how to see snakes with his peripheral vision.  Glance down for snakes and wash-unders, take 2 steps rolling the foot on 2 axes so as to make no sound while glancing up to avoid widow-makers, poison ivy, thorns, and spider webs, glance down again, repeat, all the while keeping the other eye, the ears, and the nostrils looking everywhere else.  This was the essential rhythm of life as part of the food chain in this part of the world, even for the top predator.

As yet, the goings-on here were the responsibility of the local powers.  "Mister Ed" (MRED, Mississippi Rural Electrical District--a fictional entity but a sarcastic colloquialism) and MDOT (Mississippi Department of Transportation--a real thing) were taking care of the site preparation, upgrading both the local electrical grid and road network.  It would still be a while before BSI had anything to do itself, so Bullethead's battered and much-travelled trailer office hadn't yet been reclaimed from the Lake Planco junkyard, let alone towed down here.

To date, MDOT had widened MS 642 in front of the property to include turn lanes controlled by a traffic light.

And Mr. Ed had built the necessary 3-phase substation with 100% redundancy and on-site back-up generators, while upgrading the powerline to match.

There was even some preliminary work being done on the parking lot, but Bullethead paid it no mind.  He'd change all that soon enough.  Meanwhile, he mulled over his vague ideas of how to build a park here.  The topography, although mostly flat and open, would still pose challenges.  Not least of which was the need for a sewage plant as the local infrastructure had nothing of the sort for miles up or down State Highway 642.  Even the old Pharqueson farmhouse, which had been declared an historic structure that must be preserved, had used a septic tank (the green disk next to the propane tank--see 1st pic).

Still, some general ideas were already forming in Bullethead's addled brain.  He could already see the vague outlines of the park's areas and was already thinking of how he could work in his catalog of off-the-shelf coasters.

It was still too early, however, to move in Jaysef, Gergas, and Orbles.  They were still tying up loose ends in Nepal.  Hopefully, the police there had more important things to worry about, just as they did everywhere else.  But they'd be needed here soon.  Bullethead walked back to his rented 4WD pickup listening to the cackle of the crow spirits with his 3rd ear.   They were everywhere here and had been forever so they hadn't been attracted by this project.  Thus, their presence wasn't a bad omen, or even an omen at all.  Maybe.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« on: Yesterday at 01:10 PM »
I like how the look of the manor changes over time.  During the day, it looks quite inviting with its pastel colors and flowers all over, although the coffin-shaped windows might raise slight suspicions.  But then at night it looks quite different, very foreboding ;)

First off, you're definitely on the right track making each tower a separate building.  This is, in fact, the only real way right now to work around the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned mess they made of the 3D gizmo's relative axes in 1.10.  By making each one a building, you can at least have a consistent vertical axis when copying the tower and moving it down the track to the next position.

As to supporting your turn, I typically make custom supports from the top down.  When I copy the previous support, as I'm moving it, I raise or lower it as required so that its top intersects the track at the right altitude.  If it's a building, I can raise it by holding SHF and dragging it up or down.  This lets me get it centered on the track and rotated relative to the track to follow the curve.  Then I rebuild or adjust all the lower parts from there down to the ground.

So, with the tower in the proper position in the horizontal plane and its top at the right altitude, you next adjust the lengths of the vertical legs.  Either CTRL-X and pull down to make them reach the ground, or cut off extra pieces that are now below the ground because this tower is shorter than the last.  Then move the footers up or down as needed to be on the ground surface.  All this is no problem and you should be able to use relative axes.

Where you're likely to get seriously annoyed is that now you'll have to adjust all the crossbars up or down to match those on the next tower.  Here, you'll have to use WORLD axes to keep a consistent vertical axis.  Select all the crossbars, hit X, make sure you click "Use World Axes", and slide them up or down as needed, not worrying which way the horizontal axes are pointing because you're not going to move the parts in those directions.  Then, if you have to add more layers of crossbars, you'll select 1 set of them, hit CTRL-X, again make sure you're using world axis, and drag the copy straight up or down as needed.

I don't think the station is ugly.  It has the same tastefully restrained style as the rest of the park and looks quite good.  But as a result, it's very misleading, showing no sign of the madness inside.  If that's the effect you want, then great.  But if you'd prefer to make the outside hint at the inside, while still keeping it subdued, you might experiment with some subtle color changes.

For example, repaint the walls a gray shade similar to, but not the same as, the Galactic War queue next door.  Then do the white trim pieces in semi-pastel shades of the bright neon colors inside.  Maybe leave the window frames white (or make them a light gray or even yellow), do the eave trim in a light green or purple, and the vertical corner trim in a light blue similar to that of the drop tower in the background.  That sort of thing.  Just a suggestion.

Anyway, those laser targets inside are quite ingenious combinations of parts.  I'll have to steal that idea :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:59 PM »
Of course, if it was a puzzle, BH's "hideous" pagoda would be the first thing pieced together, because it's the most eye-catching feature.

Yeah.  That's exactly why it's hideous.  Even if its construction met the lowest rung of the quality standards generally expected at SGW, it's just too obvious a target.  It's an ideal reference point for shelling or bombing anything within several miles of it and, as it's the tallest thing in area, the enemy would use it as an observation post so it needs to be flattened on its own merits (but only after marking its location so it can still serve as a reference point after its destruction).   :euro:

Sorry, I'm having flashbacks.  Desert Storm started 28 years ago yesterday.  But old habits are hard to shake.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:40 AM »
Its almost scary to me sometimes when I see a spot in the game somewhere that hasn't been attended too and it bothers the crap out of me.

I'm the same way.  I can't stand open, monochrome ground.  Even if I have a large, open lawn, I at least airbrush it slightly with different textures over large and small spots just to break up the monotony.  Besides, there's always ant nests, inexplicable dead spots, etc.  If I plan to bury the ground under rocks and bush, then I airbrush it more thoroughly first.  And I really like to use lots of rocks and bushes.  I figure if I put enough of them, that's all people will see and they won't notice my crappy buildings :D

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Wonderful World of OZ!
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:33 AM »
Looks very nice! 

Have a good trip!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: January 18, 2019, 08:58 AM »
OK, actually, I was just hugging the shoreline. :)

Hehehe, well, happy coincidence it's right behind the hurricane ride.  Seriously, if piers aren't totally washed away, they end up all zig-zag like that due to the storm surge moving various pilings different amounts.  Like this:

Are you building a park BH?  That excites me, it's been awhile.

Well, the developer who bought the property wants some sort of park here but hasn't yet decided whether it will be an amusement park or an industrial park.  So right now, I'm just putting in the infrastructure that will support either option.  I'm widening the road (and making the resulting required adjustments to its drainage).  Soon I'll be massively upgrading and rerouting the power line, and installing a new substation sufficient to power a lot of 3-phase electric motors and a refrigerated warehouse.  Then I'll start building a parking lot.  By then, hopefully the developer will have come to a decision.

Also, is this the map you submitted for the summer challenge last year?  I always had this idea I wanted to go back to it and build a park on it, very midwestern pumpkin-farm vibe if I recall.

Yup, this is my Pharqueson Farms map.  I envision it as being on a back road a short distance off US Highway 61 within about 20 miles either side of Natchez, Mississippi, but if you think it looks like somewhere else, feel free to make it so :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:25 AM »
THX BH. Like I had mentioned earlier...I noticed that in real life parks the lighting is not all that bright at all...even really dark in I'm trying to go for that feel for now on unless I think more light is needed to be sure you can at least see the details in the screen captures.

Yeah, that's true about parks.  When I built the pagoda, though, I was trying to match the night views of Kathmandu.  The Nepalis really light that place up with pole-mounted floodlights all over the squares and big lights on the buildings themselves..  So that pagoda really sticks out in your park due to a culture clash :).  I wouldn't mind at all if you toned down its lights to match its surroundings if you think that would look better.  After all, your park isn't Kathmandu.

Anyway, I really like this whole area of the park and its details.  In that last pic, the pier being all zig-zagged from storm surge is a great touch ;)

Wow, a blast from the past, and better than ever :).  I look forward to more!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:48 PM »
Looks awesome as usual, Lux!  I'm eagerly anticipating release ;)

that's a Brit thing? Never knew that, in the midwest out in cornfields we called anything to do with signs or fencing a post minus telephone poles lol
yeah I did not have those until shyguy left the link.

Yeah, in the US, a post is anything about as tall as you are or less, and a pole is something considerably taller.  But it appears to be the opposite across the pond, at least as things are named in the game.

Anyway, if you have the go-cart ride, then you have all the traffic signs and their associated POLE.  IIRC, that was all a free update so you should have it.

How is part count actually counted? Does a huge in game piece count more than say the snowman pipe? or is it literally a 1:1 scale?

I'm pretty sure it's more about polygons and different textures than it is the actual number of parts, but as we can't measure either of the others, we use part count as a general guesstimate.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the loess belt along the east bank of the Mississippi River, stuff is happening at an old, worn-out farm recently sold at auction.  State Highway 642 has grown some turn lanes and an intersection that currently lead nowhere and the locals are already griping about the addition of a traffic light and the reduced speed limit there.

That bridge is fantastic!  Very realistic bracing there and the plank surface with heavy creosote is perfect ;).  It's like many of the bridges where I live.

And I really like the panorama with the Expo sticking up in the background.  I can imagine Mr. Wonder sitting high up in there gazing down at his serfs in Catfish Cove and cackling like Mr. Burns.  "Eexxxxcccellent!" :).

It's a sign POLE, not post.  I think that's a Brit thing.  But you found it.  It's the one on the right, white with black rings.

I recommend saving the cables for when you actually need bracing cables and using the poles otherwise.   Or, to reduce part count t, use the stuff in the building/wall/scaffolding tab

Fantastic lighting and scenery, Andrei!

Are there ANY pieces I can use that are more suitable for creating the bracing?

Besides the pieces mentioned by Wowman, there's also the traffic sign pole which I believe is in the stock game (came with the go-carts free update).  Unlike the rope and cable, the sign pole can be repainted.

2, This piece is stuck on a grid, but if i built outside of the "building" could this be able to be angled in any direction to line up with the lift?

There are 2 types of parts in the game:  gridded and non-gridded.  Non-gridded parts (such as all those mentioned here) can be rotated in any direction even if they are part of a "building" which has a grid.  When placing non-gridded parts, if you have "align to surface" and/or "align to center" checked, and you put the non-gridded part up against a previously existing gridded part, the non-gridded part will initially appear lined up with the grid.  And will remain so as you drag it over other existing gridded parts. 

However, if you hit X (to enter advanced move mode) prior to clicking to place the non-gridded part, you can then move the non-gridded part off the center of the gridded part and rotate it out of alignment with the surface.  If you click and place the non-gridded part first, just select it and hit X to do the same.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: [WIP] Frontier Farms
« on: January 17, 2019, 06:42 AM »
Ah, kk. Yeah then there will be the 2 woodies.

I forgot to mention, there are actually 2 things that make a coaster family-friendly.  #1 is the hard coding mentioned above, the other is fear rating.  Each group of peeps has a fear tolerance---they will not go on a ride with a fear rating > fear tolerance.  So even if you start with a family-capable coaster, you can still screw it up by making the fear too high.

IMHO, a fear rating if 3.5 is ideal for a "general purpose" coaster, like a big, expensive woodie.  This won't scare off the braver half of all families, plus is still going to attract the bulk of adults and most teens because that much fear will come with 5.5 - 6.0 excitement.  That's about the largest customer base possible so justifies its cost.  If you want a specifically kids-only coaster, you need fear down around 2.5 or less, which will keep excitement at 3 or less, and only the most timid half of families will ride it.  So only make cheap, tiny coasters this bland.

Queue set up. I've seen some rides in PC that have small lines, the other parks that have realistic long lines and are still filled up... HOW!? Teach me!

In general, long, full queues are a BAD THING in PC whether you play sandbox or for money.  They are a sign of poor park balance and really hose up overall peep flow.  If you play for money, the hosed peep flow costs you a lot of money.  If you just want to watch your park run with peeps everywhere and no major congestion, you won't get that if you have long, full queues.

I find that about 15 minutes is the absolute maximum queue time you ever want in the game:  8-10 minutes is better, 5-6 minutes better still.  I can explain why later (it will take a while as it requires a long dissertation on many aspects of peep behavior).  But if you want to screw up your park by having "realistic" long, full queues, here's how to do it:

For a queue of a given length X, its fullness depends on 3 factors:

#1:  The ride's popularity compared to other rides in the park.  This is a combination of a) its fear rating, which determines how much of the peep population will consider riding it, and b) the ride's prestige compared to that of the other rides in the park.

#2:  The total number of peeps in the park compared to a) the physical area you gave them to spread out in, and b) the number of other possible destinations (rides and shops) they have to choose from.  The number of peeps in the park is a direct function of park rating, which is based on the number of attractions, their prestige, and overall park scenery.  Basically, the more stuff in the park, the higher its rating, so the more peeps will enter, but more stuff requires more space.

#3:  The ride's throughput compared to its attractiveness, which determines how fast peeps arrive at the queue entrance.  The higher the throughput, the less likely it is that peeps will arrive faster than they leave.

So, to really jam up a queue, you need the following:

A.  Build a ride that allows nearly all peeps to ride.  This is best accomplished with a kid-friendly coaster or track ride with a fear of 3.4 - 3.5, although a no-kids ride with the same fear will work.

B.  Give the ride notably the best prestige in the park.  Prestige goes in tiers of about 600 (0-600, 600-1200, 1200+).  Within each tier, rides are about equally attractive but higher tiers totally trump lower tiers.  It's quite hard to build a coaster with more than 1200 prestige unless it's some mile-long giga but it's pretty easy with a highly pimped track ride due to their excitement buff.  So make the a single 1200+ ride and make sure nothing else in the park exceeds about 1000.

C.  Give the ride a low throughput.  For a coaster, this means running fewer and/or shorter trains, giving them excessive load times from inefficient station design and wait-time settings, etc.  But don't have them sit on the brake run or that will ruin the excitement and thus lower the prestige.  For track rides, use way more cars/logs/rafts than you really need, to create traffic jams heading into the station.  Because track rides have an excitement buff, this won't reduce prestige very much.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: LunaWood! Collab Park
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:30 PM »
Custom old-school Arrow supports!  Yay!  I'm really starting to feel inadequate for not having done that myself yet ;)

Woooow, this egyptian one looks more like a map in COD than a theme park :D

Or Fallout New Vegas ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: January 16, 2019, 05:42 PM »
The lighting here looks much better than at that hideous pagoda ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Wonderful World of OZ!
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:45 PM »
Thanks for the info :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: [WIP] Frontier Farms
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:42 PM »
Yup, kids can ride woodies (all of them) and the hybrids, plus all the ones in the family section and a few in the "Other Steel" section.

As to what will choke your computer, that depends on your computer.  IIRC, you just got a new hotrod so you should be able to go big.

Prior to 1.9, what bogged folks down was the number of peeps in the park, not the amount of rides or scenery.  Peeps are constantly making AI decisions so the more peeps you have, the more CPU load.  Most folks could build parks with 200,000 parts or more no problem, but if they left even 100 peeps in, they'd choke.  Others, with more CPU, could handle both 200,000 parts and a few thousand peeps.

Since 1.9, the game started touching parts of people's systems that it hadn't messed with before, so suddenly parks that were working fine for them before now had very bad FPS.  There are apparently a number of different causes for this.  Other folks noticed no problems and some folks have had such problems resolved either by the 1.10 patch or tech support tickets.  YMMV.

I recommend finding out what your limits are up front, before starting something you might not be able to finish.  So go download some of the biggest, fanciest parks you can find on the workshop (this parks topic is a good place to find candidates), run them, and see what happens.  Most of them will be closed to start with (as a favor to folks limited by CPU).  So once you decided you can handle the graphics, open the park up and see how many peeps you can tolerate in it.

Wow, Redhair, that fake train passing by is BRILLIANT!

KingSwasi, The Emirates have some very impressive theme parks, but then there are things like FantazyLand in Egypt..... :D

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