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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:42 PM »
@Lux:  Thank you very much!  But personally, I think the atmosphere smells of cow pasture :).

@JP:  Glad you like!  I can slap a few coasters in here fairly easily, the problem is making all the stuff in between, which takes imagination I lack.  But I trust that the moonshine spirits will eventually guide me towards something :)

Planet Coaster Blueprints / Re: Cherry Picker crane
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:32 PM »
Fantastic realism :)

But where I come from, a bucket on a jointed arm is called a man lift.  A cherry picker crane is a telescoping, not jointed, boom, and it ends in a pulley to lift things (because it's a crane) :D.

Wow, just when I thought you'd run out of ideas...  I really like the ones that look like birdfeeders :)

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Billboards? Some questions...
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:21 AM »
Also be sure that you're using an UN-lit billboard.  Many of them (all the screens) are lit, meaning they have an internal light that shines out through your image.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:30 PM »
No worries...they are well fed. :)

Ça c'est bon!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:55 PM »
Ah, les cocodries.  Moi, j'espère qu'ils ont mangent bien!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:44 PM »
By 'unique', I mean different, imaginative, and always entertaining. :)

Well, given that I'm the historical human norm with zero imagination while everybody else in this rarefied  atmosphere has decades of experience in park design, "different" and "unique",  in the context of SGW, are euphemisms for "wrong"  :D.  Which is totally OK with me as I know my place.  I'm just happy the doggerel I mix with my pics evokes the occasional chuckle  :up:

Very cool park! I see you labeled my lamp post, I was confused for a second why my name was in one of your screenshots.  ;D

It's my habit and custom to put signs on or near the Workshop items I use, to give credit to the authors.  As you have so many excellent lights and as I plan on using quite a few of them, I thought it best to give you credit up front :D.

BTW, do you like the acronym 'BALLS" for your various light packs?

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Arctic Hills (Sub-zero competition)
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:56 AM »
That's a beautiful, very tastefully done, show!  Nice music for it, too.  Also, good job of making the water show up in the dark ;)

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Spectre: The Phantom Factory
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:54 PM »
That's a tease alright ;)  Looks great!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:37 PM »
well you have your style, to adapt what you have seen and bring it into this game ;)

Well, if you say so.  I call it taking the easy way out ;)

I always love your parks. They're always so unique and there's always a nice bit of humor thrown in to boot.

Thank you very much!  If by 'unique' you mean 'wrong', then I must agree with you ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: February 05, 2019, 08:53 AM »
I'm a fan of not having everything brightly lit.  Especially for the realism of storm-ravaged 3rd World countries :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Silverwood Park (Not a Recreation)
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:29 PM »
Those are some nice buildings, some of them a bit technical.  But what I really like is the water mill, not just the nicely done mill race but also how you incorporated the raft ride into the spillway for the dam.  Cool idea I might have to steal someday.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:50 PM »
ah yeah! another bullethead story! your building style is so unique and your storys are even more! love it!

Glad you like.  But I don't have a "style", I just steal things.  The barn, the shotgun shack, and the farmhouse are all copied from examples near where I live.  Even the Indian mound museum I stole from one mound site or another I've visited.  Can't remember which (I've been to most n the Mississippi Valley).  And I'm pretty sure I've seen that bridge somewhere else before, too :)

Glad you're finally getting there!  The latest updates are excellent and I look forward to seeing the whole thing.  I'll put the champagne on ice now ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:03 PM »
nice update - lots to look at. I like the 'sign' building and the entry gate. Nice work.

Thanks!  I wasn't sure about the entrance and really I'm still not, but I think it's part of the park's persona now, so I'll probably leave it as-is ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 3: Entrance Plaza
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:25 AM »
Excellent writing, BH. I like how you tell us, the readers, what everything is and your reasons for doing it the way you did, through the dialog of your characters.

Thanks for the thorough look-see :).  The reason I do this is because I build crap and arrange it poorly.  But if I wrap it in buffoonery, maybe the readers will think the crap was an intentional joke and not view it as harshly ;).

Nothin' better than a good thick coat of lead paint to protect the wood from the elements. I suspect we'll be seeing some dead squirrels lying on the ground after succumbing to lead poisoning from gnawing on the posts.

We can only hope.  Those squirrels will no doubt get us sued for dropping pinecones on customers, stealing their lunches, and otherwise causing problems.

Hmm, I see the potential for a grass fire around that barbacoa pit. Looks like those fire hydrants will come in handy.

Yeah, not good to leave a fire unattended.  I guess the state parks system needs to hire an assistant for Ranger Rick.  The fire is low and makes more smoke than flame, though.

I like all the folksy billboards plastered on the barn. And how you set aside that little area for the Indian mound historical marker. Those Kerbals do pretty good work.

Kerbals are nothing if not industrious, but they have questionable tastes and less good sense ;).  Small, isolated Indian mounds like this one are a dime a dozen in this part of the world.  As such, the vast bulk of them get zero attention, especially as they're not very interesting compared to more complex sites.  But hey, if you're going to bring in tourists anyway, might as well point it out to them.

I see that your shotgun shack found a place in Pharqueson Farms after shyguy rejected it for his Cottage Contest. :P

The one that got shipped to California is still there as far as I know.  Maybe Shyguy donated it to a museum, but BSI certainly didn't haul it back :).  So this is a different one, one of many scattered about the area.  One of the possibilities under consideration for Pharqueson Farms is to make a hotel out of a cluster of them, which actually a thing hereabouts.  Probably run it as an Airbnb-type thing separate from the park proper.

The archway under the pedestrian bridge looks great. It adds a lot of visual interest. I like the sign above the bridge: "You just missed Pharqueson Farms..." And of course, ya gotta have the roadkill.

Thanks.  Getting peeps across the road was a puzzle.  And no Southern highway is complete without roadkill :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Wonderful World of OZ!
« on: February 03, 2019, 09:13 AM »
That better view of the Monte Leone really makes me appreciate that skin more.  It not being level, nor even on the same plane, really jacked up the level of difficulty in making it.  Kudos to 89James89.

I also see a neat trick I'll have to steal.  That shop roof in the right background of the crane game pic.  At first, I thought that was all built up, but now I think it's one of the square Vintage Pack spires rotated multiple times.  Brilliant idea :).

The restaurant looks pretty classy.  They probably wouldn't let me in :)


Bullethead unscrewed the rusty lid of his mason jar very carefully so as not to create a spark.  A couple of his childhood friends had met horrible deaths that way.  The dangerous flammable vapors quickly wafted away, leaving a delicious aroma hinting faintly of Prestone.  Bullethead's staff had also survived this daily survival test; they wore their usual expressions of relaxed tension, or maybe it was tense relaxation, he was never sure which.  Bullethead raised his jar:

"To the 1st part of the actual park!"  They all clinked jars and took moderately deep sips.  When their eyes focused again, Bullethead continued:  "So, show me what's been going on while I've been away."

Jaysef pulled out a couple of large glossies.  "This, Sir, is the entrance to the yet-to-be-built park from the parking lot.  We did our best to make it look all rustic and redneck, which depleted our stash of bad light bulbs.  We did, however, acquire a stash of vintage red lead paint for the sign supports, to make it look less like a modern construction.  The huge sign, complete with maintenance platforms, utterly dwarfs the actual ticket booths below, which we thought set the satirical tone we hope to maintain for the rest of the park."

"You might note, Sir," Jaysef continued, "the barn and silo adjacent to the gate.  We acquired that from another old farm nearby and moved it here.  We also took the historical habit of using rural barns as billboards to a ridiculous extreme, to give notice of the attractions we hope to build here eventually."  Producing another photo, Jaysef went on, "This particular barn serves as the shelter for our line of rental mobility devices.  We got a nice sponsorship deal from one of Fisherman's various 501c3's for this."

Bullethead mulled over the photos, occasionally sipping from his jar.  Eventually, he spoke.  "As much as I hate seeing us Southerners stereotyped, we're the only etho-social group it's still OK to satirize.  And satire sells.  So go for it.  We're here to make money, not friends.  But I have to ask....  Why did you all buy another barn when we already had one on-site?"

"Um, well, Sir," Jaysef replied, "we were planning on using the one here for the petting zoo.  Integrity of the locale and all that, Sir."

"I doubt any of the locals could afford the price of admission and the tourists won't know the difference.  But as long as we actually need 2 barns, I'm OK with it.  Besides, the one on-site lacks a silo and I like how that makes the entrance sign blend in a little.  OK, what's next?"

"Well, Sir," Gergas began, "once through the monstrous gate, customers will be greeted with this rather anti-climactic vista."

"We did, however," Gergas continued, "get a good deal from BBordewyk Atmospheric Lights, Lamps, and Sundries (aka BALLS) to provide illumination not just here but in the rest of the park as well.  They have many models to choose from and a number of the will work here, we think."

"Dammit, Gergas," Bullethead roared, "why does their company get a better acronym than ours?!?!?!?  Now I'll have to stay up all night thinking of something better for us."  Bullethead took a big slug from his jar.

"With all due respect, Sir", Jaysef interjected, "I think the BS part of our acronym is quite fitting and I doubt we could improve upon it."

"I guess you're right, Jaysef," Bullethead eventually agreed.  "Or maybe that's the moonshine talking.  Whatever.  We'll worry about that later.  On with the show!"

Gergas continued, "Sir, the centerpiece of the entrance plaza is this wonderfully restored, fully functional 1938 tractor.  It's on loan from the Wings & Strings Transport World museum."

"How much are we paying them for it?"  Bullethead demanded.

"Very little, actually, Sir," Gergas answered.  "Apparently they needed to free up some space for more awesome stuff, so as long as we don't break it....."

"That's always the catch, ain't it?"  Bullethead responded, and took another drink.  "Well, at least we put a fence around it.  But I worry about the locals wanting to try it out in a tractor pull.  Be sure it's locked down, battery removed, fuel tank drained, and all that.  OK, what's next?"

Gergas continued again.  "No entrance plaza is complete without some lockers, snackbar, and restrooms, Sir.  And we a good deal on a bunch of refurbished shotgun shacks, so we used one of them as the locker building.  And we got paid to remove an old farmhouse from another property that's being turned into a lay-down yard for a fracking operation, so we moved it here and used it for the obligatory snackbar and info kiosk."

Bullethead took another sip and considered the pictures for a while.  Eventually, he said, "Well, that's not quite the worst thing I've seen today.  I guess they'll do.  Next?"

Orbles now took up the tale.  "Sir, as you recall, there's that old Indian mound in this part of the property, which is owned by the state so we had to work around it.  We fenced it off and put up an historical marker."

"In addition, Sir," Orbles continued, "the state partnered with us to build a museum and interpretive center.  Shaped like, but rather bigger than, the sort of house the Indians lived in back in the day, it's all made of concrete, even the roof, instead of wattle-and-daub, cane, and palmetto leaves.  Modern fire codes and all that, Sir.  Ranger Rick sits out front ready to demonstrate flintknapping and making fire by friction, plus explaining the '3 Sisters' system and other indigenous agricultural methods.  The museum is surrounded by a small 'Indian garden' growing corn, squash, gourds, beans, tobacco, and sunflowers.  Inside, besides displays of pre-Columbian local culture, there's a shop that sells Indian tobacco, the other produce, smoked fish, and Ranger Rick's reproduction arrowheads.  As they're on our property, they pay rent and we get a cut of the shop's proceeds, Sir."

"Smoked fish?"  Bullethead asked.

"Yes, Sir," Orbles answered.  "The creek on the property, the headwaters of the Little Chunky River, is full of buffalo fish and will become more so once we build the dam.  DeadEyeDuck's Fishmarket has undertaken to catch and clean some of them for demonstrations of traditional cooking on the original BBQ, the 'barbacoa'."

"I can smell it from here," said Bullethead, inhaling deeply.  "I do like me some traditional cooking!  And we really didn't have much use for that corner anyway, so good initiative.  But I'm worried about all the US fire codes and other regulations.  That's not our strong suit as we usually work in the developing world.  How are we  on that front?"

"Quite well, actually, Sir," Gergas responded.  "As you can see here, Sir, we made the park service road around the rear of the entrance plaza suitable as a fire department access road.  All the buildings are sprinklered and our water tower and pumps give us plenty of pressure.  Here you can see the road and hydrants behind all the buildings, plus one of the pumps to ensure the hydrants all exceed 1500gpm.  The local fire marshal was quite impressed as this is all so far ahead of what's been traditional hereabouts."

"Well, if the fire marshal's happy, I'm happy," Bullethead considered.  "But that's something we'll have to keep an eye on throughout.  So what's that big thing beside the pump?"

"That, Sir," Jaysef replied, "is the pedestrian bridge across State Highway 642.  It connects the entrance plaze to what will, eventually, be the real park area.  We actually had to build this first of all in the best place, then shape the rest of the entrance plaza around it.  As you can see, Sir, we decorated the elevator towers on each end as faux dovecotes while trying to make the rest of the structure resemble an old, rustic, covered bridge.  Not that there were ever any such things around here, Sir, but we're playing to the ignorance of yankee tourists.  Why disillusion them?"

"I like your thinking, Jaysef," Bullethead said.  He took another sip from his jar.  "Anything else?"

"No, Sir," Jaysef replied.  "Just the overview of the entrance plaza.  The parking lot is still on hold pending completion of the salvage archaeology.  Seems there was a small Indian village surrounding the mound, which apparently was the residence of the local chief.  The archaeologists finished the part closest to the mound first, of course, or we wouldn't have been able to build anything yet, Sir.  Agreeing to build the museum hurried things along there, too."

"Very good, gentlemen,"  Bullethead answered.  "I think we're off to a reasonably good start.  We'll press on with what's supposed to be on the other end of that bridge to nowhere.  Let them sift for arrowheads in the pasture all they want.  Until we actually have attractions across the road, there's no point having a parking lot.  Meeting adjourned."

Which coaster are you messing with, specifically?

Anyway, launchers have a target speed.  You have to select the launcher segments and change that to the desired speed.  Also jack the acceleration up (remembering 10m/s^2 is about 1G).  But even with the acceleration jacked up, getting decently high speeds requires a long launcher.  If you don't build the launcher long enough, you'll never reach the desired speed even if you've set everything correctly.

i think i had an idea and picture in my mind. lets see how it growths!

Good to see that you've renewed your acquaintance with the Muses :).  The coaster looks fun.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:13 AM »
Canyon Runner is the only coaster where the station's empty for a significant time.  Maybe it needs a 3rd train?

As to the tunnel clearance, I have the same sort of issue sometimes.  I normally have auto-tunnel turned off so when I do use it, I turn it right back off again.  So the tunnels start out OK, but if I then go back and smooth or otherwise change the track, the track moves relative to the existing tunnel, without the terrain changing to match.  For example, if I have a tunnel at the bottom of a big drop, smoothing that section of the track tends to raise the bottom of the dip, so the ceiling of the tunnel becomes too low.  It looks like that's the sort of thing that happened here.

I really enjoyed Satan's Hollow AND Prospect Peak.  Satan's Hollow especially, because it's such a different ride depending on the time of day.  At night, it's all scary and spooky.  In daylight, however, it's like a really twisted Tunnel of Love or Valentine's Day thing due to how the colors work.  I thought that was brilliant as I've had a lot of bad romantic experiences :).  But yeah, the timing of the triggers is off (especially the portcullis at the start of Satan's Hollow).  Unfortunately, that's the result of some strange design decision--trigger delays and durations are a function of FPS for some reason.  Thus, triggers you set up early in the park's development get thrown off as you continue to add to the park.  I've gotten to where I just don't do a lot of triggers anymore because of this.

I'll be revisiting Palisade Park for years to come, I'm sure.  There are so many good construction techniques to steal in there ;).  But I eagerly look forward to your next project.

Fireworks Shows / Re: Sky of wonders [World of wonder's show]
« on: February 01, 2019, 07:45 PM »
That was quite an enjoyable show.  I enjoyed the interplay of the music and the lights on the buildings, and how the pyrotechnics gradually built up over time.  Also, how the music mostly drowned out the sounds of the mortars firing and the bursts of the shells.  As somebody whose been on the wrong end of too many mortars and airbursts, I appreciate that when there's more to see than the aerial explosions ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Society Park [Parkmap Released]
« on: February 01, 2019, 07:16 PM »
Outstanding map!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Wonderful World of OZ!
« on: February 01, 2019, 07:03 PM »
But then, you could also buy weed and sex in that park so take it for what it's worth :P

Well, now that I think about it, Quarantine Island had ayahuasca on tap and was a key port for human trafficking, but those seem to be more socially acceptable than good ol' tobacco these days.  QI also made its own brand of cigars but they weren't anywhere near as popular as the other things.

Ha ha! Actually, the original RCT3 version of the park had a tobacco shop with a wooden Indian and everything!

That's brilliant!  Thanks for showing this ancient history ;).

I'll see what I can do about the weed and the sex.

Dorothy was more into the poppy than the herb.  And then the flying monkeys showed up..................

Anyway, that's an awesome main street collection there!  Can't believe nobody's yet made a TMT barber pole, though.  Hopefully one will come out before the end of this project, so you can stick it in there.  Or maybe use one of the spiral candy things in the interim.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: February 01, 2019, 06:46 PM »
It all looks great in how intricately you've arranged everything, keeping the clutter level on the cool side--enough to invite exploration, but not so much that it looks dangerous to anybody who's life experiences have NOT made them alert for adverse tactical situations :)

It also raises a philosophical question about scenery design in general, regarding wrecked examples of the vehicles the customers will be riding in.  My own preference for things like jungle boats is to have the station area show the hazards along the way with taxidermied examples of the larger appetites in the river, plus some native weaponry and some broken oars or life preservers with bite marks on them.  This gives the riders the impression that there will be excitement but the hazards can be overcome with a modicum of daring, so as to lure them into a false sense of security.  But then the narration is that a boat has gone missing so the riders are out of rescue its crew.  It's only later in the ride, around the bend from the station, at the height of the crisis with the local wildlife and/or cannibal tribe, that riders see the wrecked boat just like their own, with animatronic victims drowning in whirlpools, being eaten by cocodries, and/or shot full of poison arrows.  This shatters their sense of security and makes them feel grateful to have survived to the end of the ride.

Alternatively, you can show the wrecked boat at the station.  To me, OT1H this might make potential riders say "Nope  The summer-hire kids driving these boats are too stoned to do so safely."  But OTOH, some might see that as a lure and go for it expecting more excitement than the ride might actually offer.

Anyway, that's my take on it.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: [WIP] Sherwood Forest
« on: February 01, 2019, 06:12 PM »
Many thanks for your extended reply Bullethead! Thats information i can and will use to my advantage. Much appreciated  "bows"

What, you actually read that?!?!?!? :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« on: February 01, 2019, 06:00 PM »
OK, Lux, I FINALLY got a chance to give this monumental park a proper walkthrough....

First off, before getting into specifics, let me just say, "HOLY SHIT!!!"  It looks SOOO much better in person than in your pics :).  I each time I thought I'd seen the most magnificent thing ever, I turned a corner and there was something even better.  You have such a unique style here.  It looks like nothing else in the world, yet has recognizable bits still playing to certain universal themes.  It's like Louisiana cooking.  It's got the best elements from every culture ever to have been marooned here (which is just about all of them globally, poor bastards), all mixed together with some local produce and a twisted je ne sais quoi, plus a dash of voodoo.

2nd, about those buses I said were overlapped.  I figured that out.  You used animatronic instead of static buses  for the outer 2 in the row of 4, so when the park loaded they played their animation even though set to activate only on trigger.  As it's my habit and custom to pause the game as soon as the interface loads, I stopped them in mid-animation, at which point they were in strange positions.  But unpausing the game brought them to their proper place.

Now, on to specific points...

Things I especially liked:

*  SCENERY!!!!!!!  Your talent for building really cool stuff in general.  The integration of dirt and vegetation with buildings, your mastery of the far extremes of radial symmetry, your imaginative use of parts like windmill blades and the "Misc. Signs".
*  Favorite coasters in order of preference from ride experience:  Raju, Palisade Cyclone, Red Devil
*  That fountain made of scads of jester statues, so their hands linked---disturbingly cool :)
*  The numerous brilliant waterfalls, especially the one behind Palisade Hotel (and that hotel itself)
*  The use of the tall square spire for the roof of the hat shop, so it looks like a giant witch's hat.
*  The great scenery around Prospect Peak
*  That clifftop castle-ish thing at the top of the Valkyrie lift
*  That tangled windmill fountain
*  The ride scenery of the Palisade Funhouse
*  That carousel like a fancy cake

Things that could be tweaked

*  Most of the coasters have excessive Gs, often deliberately so due to outside banking of the turns.  I'm not a huge fan of that but if that's how you like them, then don't mind me ;)
*  The head clearance in the caves and tunnels for the dive coaster and canyon runner is often too little, resulting in real chopping of heads.
*  The Canyon Runner could do with a 2nd train.
*  The Palisade Funhouse has quite a few places on and near the station where the rafters intrude into the ride space from about waist level on up.

Question: which online bookshop sells your background story?  :D
I find it fabulous! Really enjoying the story progress. Would like to see more :)

Thanks ;)

As to the background story, it's just real life where I live (an hour or 2 down US Hwy 61 from where I imagine this park to be).  Up until the War Between the States, this region was actually about the richest place in the whole US.  It remained fairly prosperous, although on a downhill slide, until the early 1900s.  Then a series of disasters, such as the boll weevil, the Great Flood of 1927, and the Great Depression impoverished the region completely.  Then WW2 came and very few of that generation returned.  Some died but most got an education out of it and left for greener pastures.   If they ever came back, it was when they retired, and then they just wanted hunting camps, not farms.  As the sole industry of the area had previously been agriculture, this pretty much eliminated the last vestiges of the regional economy.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Animated billboards and lasers?
« on: February 01, 2019, 09:47 AM »
the game blew me away yesterday night. I will get all extension packs asap. woah
thanks for the help

No problem.

I forgot to mention that triggered billboards can have 2 different images/videos on them, one for their "off" state and the other for their triggered state.  So for instance, the coaster doors that are also billboards.  You can have it display 1 image/video while closed, then another as it opens.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Animated billboards and lasers?
« on: February 01, 2019, 06:15 AM »
Yes to both.  However, your selections will be limited if you don't get some of the DLCs.  MOST of the billboard coaster doors (doors that can be triggered to open and close when the coaster approaches) are in the Studios pack IIRC.

To find the billboards, do the following:
1.  When you have either the building or scenery editor open, click on the "More Filters" button above the part icons.
2.  From the pop-up list, expand "Properties".
3.  From the list of properties, pick "Billboard".

NOTE:  Some billboards are in the building tab, others in scenery, so you might have to check both places.  Also note you can also select properties like "triggerable", "editable text", etc.

A "billboard" in PC is a piece that you can make display a still JPG or a video clip.  You have to save these files in your Documents\Frontier Development\Planet Coaster\User Media folder.  BE SURE to use a naming convention on these files, like your initials, then an abbreviation for the park's name, and then the actual file descriptor.  That way, it's easier for both you and the others to know which files go with which park.

Anyway, once you have the files in the folder, you click on the billboard piece and select the file.

As to lasers, they're in the Scenery/SFX tab.  There are some that came with the base game (I don't think they're called "lasers" but they work for that), others are in DLCs.

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