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Finally, I proudly present the onride video of Mt. Wahnsinn, my B&M Hypercoaster, after way more time than it should have taken to build this, but at least I got some experience from it  ;D
I hope you all enjoy and please give me some feedback!

Welcome Center / Re: Hi lads
« on: August 09, 2017, 07:30 AM »
Welcome to SGW! There are plenty of theme park nerds on here so I'm sure you'll have a great time  ;D

Forest is done. Finally...

If you're interested, here is the topic.


That queue looks nice. I really like the sign too! It's always the little touches that really make a project and these has a lot.
Only thing I'm not so sure about is the colour of the queue sign. I like the sign, but I think it looks too...roady(?). Maybe a white or grey may be more fitting?
Thanks! I don't really get what you mean by roady. I guess you're talking about the sign with the mountain in it? Haven't changed it yet in this episode because I didn't really know what you mean, because that one already is grey.

And here is finally the last episode for this project! In a few days I'll upload a POV with some cinematics to end this project and after that I'll obviously start a new one.

As always, here is the timelapse video with me talking about what I'm doing (or trying to do) and about this and future projects in general:

And again, I have some screenies of what I built:

I hope you liked it! Please give me some feedback!  ;D

Spoiler (hover to show)
Is that Rudi's elephant? Or did you make one yourself based on his?
I must say your use of billboards in this area is pretty good  ;D

Also: Everything you add to your boat set is amazing, Bullethead! Although it might not have taken as long as the other parts of the set, these boats look very good and realistic!

Community Chat / Re: What are you listening to? (Music)
« on: July 29, 2017, 02:23 AM »
Found this song recently and I'm addicted to it. She has such a beautiful voice and together with that bass and the other synths and guitar this song has a really unique vibe to it. I'd recommend everybody to listen to this.

Looks pretty good to me.  If you think it's boring, I suggest installing a roof deck or at least some battens on the undersides of the sloped roof tiles.  This would make the interior much more realistic, plus would making the view inside more interesting.
Yeah I had already been thinking about that, but I just couldn't think of anything to do with it as I still don't know where to find a lot of the pieces. Thanks for the help!

Nice building, Remnantboy! I like it how you managed to make an interesting looking building with only one window.

I just worked on my first station interior. It's still a bit boring and I'm not too sure if I'll keep the ingame posters, but it's something.
(btw the flags are gonna change because they make no sense at the moment  :P )

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Society Park [Update 7]
« on: July 25, 2017, 02:47 AM »
Nice compact coaster. I love it how the lifthill goes through the looping!

Community Chat / Re: Where in the World are You?
« on: July 24, 2017, 02:15 PM »
I live in the Netherlands, although I live closer to Brusseles than to Amsterdam, closer to Phantasialand than to the Efteling.
I live pretty much right in the center between Brussels and Amsterdam, which means that Efteling is not far away for me at all, but I haven't been there for over 2 years  :(  I should really visit it again because I haven't even seen Baron yet.

Also, have fun in Oslo!  ;D

I placed trees. Lots and lots of trees. Even with the copy paste tool we have it's a pretty boring task, but I hope it'll work eventually.

Welcome Center / Re: Hey from (another) dutch person :D
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:59 AM »
Welcome, fellow Dutchman!

It must be annoying sometimes to be colourblind. I remember I once had a conversation with a colourblind person who made a great wooden coaster in RCT3, but he made it green because he didn't see much difference between that and an actual brown-ish wooden colour.

I hope that even with your colourblindness you'll be able to create some amazing stuff on here (and judging from your Amsterdam backyard coaster I'm sure you will)

Anyway, have a great time here!

Sorry, no story this time lol
Spoiler (hover to show)

NO WAY.  :o [size=78%] That building IS art deco. I love art deco so much and I love this building as much as I love the style, because this building IS art deco! imo you have won again, but you have some very tough competition![/size]

I also really like the simplicity of CoasterPaul and Zap's entry. It is probably more belivable than SPR and Adfo's entry to be in a theme park, but I love both entries.

Anyway I don't think I'm going to finish a lot of the challenges because I have quite a lot of other hobbies and I already have another PC project I really want to finish, but it's fun to watch these entries anyway.

Love the new haunted house! That night shot is amazing!  ;D

Just started making a new song. One of the hardest things is to come up with your own style and making it stand out and not sound like another Chainsmokers copy. That's why I love blending all kinds of different stuff together to make something new.

If you're interested, here's my latest (released) remix:
Spoiler (hover to show)
(I have a lot of different projects but only a few get released because the other ones either suck or I have a lack of inspiration)

That car is so amazing! You should make a vehicle pack with Nemmie  :yes:
Also, love the coaster layout. Can't wait for the POV!

 :w00t:  Those umbrellas!!! And those chairs!!!  :love:

I love the new smaller metal signs.... But I wish we had even smaller signs.  Heck... I wish we had smaller versions of lots of things in the game.   Everything seems disproportionately large compared to the peeps.    Giant 12 foot doorways and stuff... Hmmmph
...Or an observation tower as tall as a skyscraper...

Actually, wouldn't a 3m grid have been more realistic for making stuff suit the height of the guests? Because a lot of stuff that's 4m in PC would barely be 3m irl. (Small ticket booths, normal walls, etc.)

zyned it looks so cool with those billboards integrated! Can't wait for a video of the show! Let's hope your pc doesn't die while making it.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Greenhead Park
« on: July 06, 2017, 05:01 AM »
I really like the fact that you've chosen to make the path curve a bit at one side of the parking lot with those patches of foliage in between. Also, I really like the realistic feel to it.

Ok here's my try...

As you can see, the reopening of the boomerang coaster drew quite a big crowd. It has been renamed to Backfire and the supports recoloured to a nicer looking white. (btw sorry for my terrible photoshop skills on the logo  :sweat: )

The coaster station also got redesigned and the whole coaster got a new theme. (I tried to go for an Australian Colonial theme because boomerang is an aboriginal word... but it's very hard to tell the difference between Australian and American colonial themes)

The reopening of the coaster was also a good opportunity to show off the new lighting they gave the coaster because guests had been complaining about the visibility at night for quite a while.

And last, an overview picture of all of the changes to the coaster.

Looks like you have a very good chance of winning again, mineraljunction! But the competition is tough! I can't imagine how hard it must be to judge all these awesome entries!  :o

As always, instant like! Please don't tell me this is going to be a 50s style post apocalyptic theme, because I love that kind of stuff! I think I'm addicted to this thread!  ;D
I am very interested to see what you'll do with the park next time

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Magical Symbolic Park
« on: June 29, 2017, 01:10 PM »
Looks interesting, although we can't really see a lot yet. I really dig your style with the photo editing. Makes it look very professional.
(btw are those Efteling lamp posts? Is that a blueprint or did you make them yourself?)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Whitworth Park est. 1989
« on: June 29, 2017, 01:07 PM »
I really like the sign and rusic theme for Rolling Timber! Although we don't really get to see much of the ride, it looks pretty interesting.
One thing I would say is that it looks rather unnatural in the 3rd pic that all of those bushes are exactly the same. Just grab a few and randomly rotate them and lower some of them and this problem is solved.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Peony Park (1982: Pac Man Fever)
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:18 AM »
Oh my, that arcade! It looks like it comes straight from Tron. The lighting and all the scenery is so good.
Also, I really love that last picture. It just makes it look like a really realistic park.


They fixed some of the stuff we were complaining about!  ;D

i never watch the Frontier Streams, i dont know but alwayse when i watch the streams for me it looks childish, so much bla bla and not really showing the new stuff, or just kiddie style (sry that iam that harsh) i watched the first streams back in the days (haha) but after that i quit watching them..
Well you must realise that they want to attract as big of an audience as possible, not only SGW coaster nerds  :P
I am sure there are many people out there who just build the most ridiculous rides with as much fire and fireworks around it as possible and that's also what makes this game so great, you can choose how you want to play it. You don't have to follow the rules and go 100% realistic, but if you want to, you can do that as well.

With their streams I think they try to please as many people as possible, but of course you can't always please everybody. I think it's already quite special that they stream like this and have such a connection with the community. I've honestly never experienced a connection like this between devs of a game and the community. Many publishers and developers (I'm looking at you, Paradox) could learn something from the way frontier interacts with their audience and listens to what they want.

Woohoo curved screen!

Spoiler (hover to show)

Yes it works perfectly, and yes it's as nasty as it sounds. Sorry for the dull and crooky border, tho.

It's really easy to make: Copy, paste, rotate, pull (with related axis), repeat.
That's such a neat idea! I'm sure I'll make some Imax theatres using that technique eventually. The only problem is that the guests don't see billboards as an attraction, so nobody would come into a building just to watch a screen, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Also, do you think it would be possible to make 180 or 360 degrees screens like in the Simpsons ride at Universal? Or would you have to split the video up into multiple different videos and use that technique multiple times? I haven't really tried too much yet with the screens because I'm very busy learning for tests at the moment.

One thing I just noticed while playing around with the billboard flags is that you have to be very careful with videos! They may crash your game. I had 4 flags with a video of a waving flag on them (which looks quite good I think) but my fps dropped from 60 to 1 whenever I wanted to look at them. So don't make your videos very high resolution or very long!

Edit: Only happens if you use multiple different videos. Not if you use the same video on all flags.

Planet Coaster Blueprints / Re: BH's Boat Set
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:17 PM »
 :o You have outdone yourself once again sir... I'm speechless...

Didn't RCT3 also have an issue with not playing some mp3 files? Haven't played it in a really long time but I think I recall something like that. And I have no answer for your question unfortunately. Haven't tried out custom SFX yet as I've only worked on one and a half project since I got the game  :sweat:

¡Ay caramba! All of these are amazing! Love the back story and logo, Ruby and Mr!
[/size]I don't think I will be able to build a whole entrance tomorrow, but my vacation starts in a few days so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do the next couple of challenges.

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