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Thank you everyone! Checked the height it's in the 200ft markers, just looks a lot higher due to the lower buildings surrounding it!

Real life has got in the way the last few weeks (To say the least) But I've had some time to work on the park again recently so without further ado...

La Grill is the perfect woodland quick service restaurant offering a mixture of Pizza's, Chips and Mexican. I'm sure there'll be some deocrations around those shop windows soon enough.

How about the main event then? I've been working on the back half of the Hyper Coaster area, and as a result felt the area needed some form of water ride. Welcome to Splash Falls Rapids!

If anyone has an idea of how to get the in game water to track level please do let me know! Not a massive fan of the blue as it stands.

The park's tilt-n-whirl finally has a location.

And a full park overview! The more eager eyed of you may spot several new rides. More on those soon! Enjoy! :)

Thank you everyone!

Usually I wouldn't do MAJOR work in progress shots but I realise updates on the project have been a bit slow so I figured best to share what I do have, starting of course with the new hyper coaster!

The plan is to build the park around the coaster layout, which I am incredibly happy/proud of.

Of course not only that but I've been working on the new water front area. Here's a sneak peek of that too!

And to show you the scale, a park overview so far!

Nice integration of the new band stand. That coaster looks great!

Thank you! I'll show more of it soon! It's a huge layout, runs right along the back of the lake! Not worked out what I'll be doing there exactly yet!

BUT I have worked out a few bits past the gardens which I'm in love with, feel incredibly proud of how the park is turning out!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lakewood Park - Hop The Gaps!
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:05 PM »
The interior of the haunted house looks intriguing. Did you have any problems with the speed the ride picks up when going downhill and not having any brakes? All in all this park will benefit a lot from the vintage pack too i guess :)

It does slightly over speed more than I'd like, but not to the effect of ruining the ride, we could really do with a brake for it! haha.

Thank you everyone! :)

to show the park isn't dead, here's a small update, the gardens area is well under way (Just needing the edging of the path ways finishing) - and as you can see, the backdrop seems to have gained another signature attraction. More on that when I get to that part of the park of course!

Very creative! Love your haunted house scenes!

Maybe purple/blue light in the haunted house instead of yellow?

Thank you! I'll be sure to give it a try :)

This all looks delicious! I would love to see an overview of the park. Really well done!

Wish granted!  ;) (Apologies totally forgot to turn the UI off)

To give you an idea of what's going on here, the area in front of the wooden coaster is currently being transformed into a beautiful gardens area with a fountain centre area, the paddle steamer is actually a coffee shop. Over where you can see a Tilt n Whirl and the Roll o plane, they're in "storage" for a later date.

As you can tell I've also added a Hop The Gaps coaster, so here's a closer look at that.

Apologies on the slower updates, currently got a busy 2 weeks on but trying to find the time to build where I can!

Hi everyone! back again for another update - had a day spare today so I've actually managed to make the rest of the entire ghost train today, as well as a few mid way updates! Next up I'm looking to expand over towards the wooden coaster (With it's now fixed lift hill) and also add the lake, for Lakewood park!

Of course now to the interior of the ghost train! (sign to come soon)

Phew! I hope you all enjoy!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lakewood Park - The beginning!
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:41 PM »
Promising so far! Great lighting work on the entrance arch. Might I suggest you crop your images as to not see the game controls. Looking forward to more pictures!

Excuse it for this time, it's something I'll get onto after this update!

Thanks for the welcome back everyone!

Just a quick teaser of the work in progress midway.

I'll admit I used the workshop for the dodgems, it's identical to what I planned myself. The rest is of course my own thing though!

I shall be editing the lift hill of the coaster as from this angle it looks all wrong! The midway does feature game stalls as well as a work in progress classic ghost train!  :w00t:

Hey everyone! A few of you may remember me as Sr3d from way back on the old forum and the days of RCT3 and CSO (Feels so long ago!) Thought I'd get involved again!  ;)

Today I've started on a brand new park called Lakewood Park, taking inspiration from all over I wanted to make this into it's own unique park with a vibrant atmosphere. At current the entrance is the main focus, as you can probably tell! Spent many hours on the main building but I think it paid off!  :D

Anyway enough of the chat, here's a pic  ;)

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